AvoChair - Eco Friendly Ergonomic Office Chairs
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Clean, functional ergonomics. Inspired by nature and built to care for it.

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• Adjustable height, armrest, back tilt and tension

• Elastomeric mesh back and seat

• Sturdy diecast aluminum alloy base

• Supports up to 250 lbs

• Manufactured from recycled materials

2-year warranty

• Pay over time with Affirm: $28/mo


Don't see the answer to your question?

Is the seat made of cushion or mesh?
The AvoChair's seat is made of mesh for breathability, gentle touch and embracing tension.
Does the AvoChair have a lumbar support?
Even though AvoChair does not offer a particular cushion/ part called lumbar support, this eco-friendly office chair is designed with a delicate, elegant back curve that holds and supports your posture nicely.
What body height range does the AvoChair support?
Our environmentally friendly office chair - AvoChair, supports the body height range from  4.9 ft to up to 5.75 ft thanks to the height adjustable feature.
How much the AvoChair's backrest can tilt?
This eco-friendly desk chair can tilt as much as 25 degrees. You have as many spaces as you want to ạdjust.
Heard you say AvoChair is an eco-friendly office chair, why?
Hi, we call AvoChair an environmentally friendly office chair because it gets UL 2818 - 2013 Gold Standard for Chemical Emissions for Building Materials, Finishes and Furnishings, which means the chair is manufactured from recycled materials, nearly all of the components are 100% recyclable.

An Eco-friendly Office Chair

AvoChair is a sleek and functional ergonomic office chair. Its clean, minimal, flowing lines are inspired by nature and thoughtfully constructed with health in mind. It combines the manmade and the organic, for a modern sitting solution that promotes healthy posture.

Comfy and Curvy

AvoChair’s airy elastomeric mesh back offers a great deal of spinal support as well as comfort. Its design concept was to remove any hard edges, resulting in a gentle waterfall style roll-off at the front and soft ellipsoid arm pads.

Personalized Positioning Experience

The minimally designed AvoChair contains a sophisticated mechanism built into its sturdy diecast aluminum alloy base. It allows you to lock in your preferences to find the perfect reclining tension, arm position and seat height.

Environmentally Friendly

The AvoChair is inspired by nature and built to care for it. The eco-friendly chair is manufactured from recycled materials where possible, and can be easily broken down into its component parts, nearly all of which are 100% recyclable.