Best Ergonomic Training Online Courses You Should Know

Best Ergonomic Training Online Courses You Should Know

|Nov 5, 2022

Would you like to increase productivity? Costs and claims for health care be reduced? A good ergonomic training course may be of benefit to you. Many of us work long, sometimes arduous hours at our desks as professionals. Sitting for long periods of time commonly leads to hunched shoulders, protruding necks, and inactive glutes and hamstrings. It may even be possible to develop permanent musculoskeletal problems due to poor ergonomics over time. 

By practicing proper ergonomic techniques, you can alleviate these symptoms. By utilizing proper office design and working techniques, ergonomics can improve efficiency and comfort in a work environment. There are different types of office ergonomic training courses available. Many universities offer programs to help you become a fully certified ergonomics specialist, but that's overkill unless you plan to go into the field. We can also take advantage of online ergonomic training for employees courses that are affordable and can be completed in a short time if our goal is just to improve our health and productivity at work.

Training In Ergonomics Is Important For Several Reasons

Training In Ergonomics Is Important For Several Reasons

The most common (and most costly) workplace injuries are those caused by excessive exertion and repetitive motions. There are many types of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), including cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) and repetitive motion injuries (RMIs) 

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Shoulder injuries caused by rotator cuff tears
  • Epicondylitis (affecting the elbow area)
  • Pain in the fingers when triggered
  • Back injuries and muscle strains

Ergonomics For Manufacturing

Ergonomics For Manufacturing

This Ergonomics for Manufacturing Online Training focuses on the signs and symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders, along with ergonomic risk factors like "is sitting cross-legged bad?" and other things and the causes that contribute to them. This course will teach you how to apply ergonomic principles at work in order to reduce injuries and increase productivity. If you're looking to improve employee performance at your workplace while caring about your employees, this course is a perfect choice as it shows you how to improve ergonomics. 

According to the CDC, most work-related musculoskeletal injuries occur in manufacturing jobs. Always ensure that the ergonomic awareness training course complies with OSHA 29 CFR Part 1910.900 training requirements! When lifting, pulling, pushing, or bending while at work, learn how to avoid injuries. Ergonomic training aims to teach you how to handle all these common tasks safely while maximizing productivity and preventing injuries. The following are some of the most common MSDs: 

  • Injuries caused by repetitive strain
  • Arthritis
  • Pain in the back and neck
  • Tendonitis
  • Tears
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Back Pain
  • Hernia

Workstation Improvement Ergonomics

Workstation Improvement Ergonomics

It is common for 9-to-5 office workers to suffer from ergonomic disorders. Fortunately, implementing several safety solutions in your workplace is possible. You can provide your employees with tools for improving their performance, but they can also improve their performance on their own if they receive adequate training:

Equipment and tools that can be redesigned

The optimal level of comfort and functionality can be achieved by modifying chairs, desks, keyboards, and other equipment. Space should be able to be adjusted so that employees can make the most of their environment. Tall employees will need a different standing desk or office chair height than those who are short to prevent back pain or other MSDs.

Positions and motions that can be substituted

The same position for an extended period of time strains your body, even if you follow ergonomic best practices. Employees with adequate breaks to stretch and relax will help them maintain a healthy posture and motion during the day.

Maintain a clean and clear workspace

Maintain a clean and clear workspace

When a workspace is kept neat, it makes it easier to navigate, reduces hazards, and improves office morale, reducing stress and showing you how to provide enough space for standing desk exercise.

Office Ergonomic Assessments Training

The ergonomic setups in your office might not be assessed if you work in a large office, especially if you work from home. The other time, you or your team may not be able to identify what is ergonomic or not. Instead, you can hire someone or designate someone to be your office's "chief ergonomic officer!" You can assist them with ergonomic training courses. 

It is designed for individuals who experience discomfort in their daily work activities, affecting their ability to perform them. As part of this ergonomic training assessment, we will provide you with a report and a link to our online stretches for the official course. A follow-up with the employee is usually recommended for an additional fee in order to ensure that suggestions have been effective. These are some of the areas of expertise that you cover:

Assessments criteria

As a team, you will learn how to conduct individual and group assessments, and audits will enable you to ensure every member performs to their maximum potential. An ergonomic assessment includes individual reports, group recommendations, and strategies for staging and prioritizing short-term and long-term ergonomic improvements.

Design guidelines for workplaces

Our staff can assist your facility planners and managers in selecting branded office furniture and equipment by developing a set of design guidelines for your organization. We will custom design guidelines based on your business' nature (e.g., general office environment, call center, reception) and the processes in place to acquire new equipment based on the CSA Ergonomics Standard.

Checklists and recommendations for office equipment

Checklists and recommendations for office equipment

Checklists and recommendations for office equipment will help you decide when buying office furniture or accessories. These checklists will help narrow down your choices to those ergonomic products that will be most effective for improving comfort and safety in your office, given the wide array of ergonomic products available today. 

Online Remote Work Courses

Get the most out of your remote office by setting up your workstation correctly, adjusting it to your needs, and getting the most out of it. All of these training measures are cost-effective and last at least 30 minutes. Topics include adjusting your own workstation, office ergonomics, stretching for the office, and many more!

Remote Ergonomics Coaching

We offer one-on-one coaching sessions with ergonomists to help you do better at your remote workstation and stay healthy at home.

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