The Best Remote Work Hacks For Productivity
Hybrid Working

The Best Remote Work Hacks For Productivity

AutonomousAutonomous | Jun 20, 2021

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For the past year, the Covid 19 pandemic has created many disruptions in normal people's lives. One of them is forcing people to work from home. Many people felt that working from home would reduce their workload, but the hybrid work model turned out to be the opposite. As time passed by, people started to face many challenges. But the remote work hacks and work from home hacks will allow you to achieve the required productivity.

Take gaps

take gap

The common misconception is that if you take a break, it will affect your productivity. Instead, take proper breaks to ensure the right amount of productivity. Many researches have revealed that employees who take frequent breaks between long hours of work have proved to be more efficient.

There are a lot of companies that follow the Pomodoro Technique. According to this technique, an employee needs to focus on 25 minutes of work, after which they have a 5 minutes break. Again after a 5 minutes break, they concentrate on another 25-minute work. By this technique, the employees not only work for about 6 hours efficiently but also have a 1-hour interval.

Studies have revealed that these breaks are necessary remote work hacks to retain a calm mind among employees. Continuous overworking can lead to a steep decrease in the productivity of the employees.

Wear the right clothes

Wear the right clothes

When you used to go to the office, you would wear perfect ironed & crisped formal wear. Isn't it? But with the hybrid workplace culture, all of us have tossed off those dressing etiquettes. The misconception remains that since people are working from home, they can wear anything and everything at work. Starting from nightgowns to bunny PJs!

What hybrid workforce doesn’t understand is that putting on one’s office clothes plays a psychological role. Once you wear your formals, you will get into "office mode" and end your work on time. The more relaxed attire you have, the lazier you will feel, and the more time-consuming your work will be. So, one of the easy remote work tips is wearing the right dress.

Keep your workstation clean

Keep your workstation clean

If asked whether the workstation one works on is clean or not, 7 out of every ten people will say no. If you are looking for remote work hacks that will increase your productivity, then start by cleaning up your station. Messier the station, the lesser one can concentrate. Take a day out from your schedule and deep clean the entire area. Instead of keeping the charts lying around, keep them in a holder; you can categorize them as per importance.

Next, you can start by putting all the documents into files/folders sequentially. Try to keep all your stationery at a particular place and try to keep a bin by the side of your workplace. Once you have cleaned the entire area, you will notice that you can focus on your work better. A cleaner station is one of the good hybrid work hacks which can also help you to find the right thing at the right time; thus saving you the time of fishing around and completing your work fast.

Correct workstation

Correct workstation

8 out of 10 people do their "office work" sitting on the sofa/bed. Since these are the most relaxing places, one ends up doing the work by lying or sitting in awkward positions. This not only slows down your normal speed but also is harmful to your posture. One of the remote work hacks is to select a suitable desk and ergonomic chair for yourself. Even if your room is small, you can get a different kind of standing desk as per your requirement.

The main reason why one should go for a standing desk as its height is adjustable. Once you have acquired a suitable desk for yourself, pair it with an ergonomic chair. Make sure that your chair has an armrest, backrest, and headrest. The headrest will prevent you from bending your neck for hours. The ergonomic chair's design ensures that not only can one do hours of work comfortably but also improves posture. So by improving your workstation, you can improve your efficiency too.

Turn all notifications off

Turn all notifications off

Isn’t it irritating when in between your telegram/WhatsApp keeps popping notifications? Of course, it is! This continuous popping of notifications not only causes disturbances but also distracts you. So if you don't want your work to get hampered/productivity to go down, then shut them off. There might be times when for some work-related purpose, you can't turn off the app altogether. But you can surely turn off the notification sound and the popping up of the message. Instead of sending an important message via WhatsApp, try to call or mail the concerned person about it.

Install distractions limit apps


Almost everyone gets distracted while working. And since most of the people are engaged in hybrid remote work, the chances and the means of getting distracted is high. There are numerous sites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Netflix etc., where people love to spend time. To ensure that you don't end up spending crucial working hours on these sites, install distractions and limit apps. Remote work hacks with apps like Freedom, LeechBlock, SelfControl, and others help you to limit such distracting apps; thus allowing you to focus on your work and efficiently meet all the deadlines.

Work smartly

Work smartly

Have you ever noticed that when you are working remotely, work seems to be never-ending? The reason being unlike office hours, there are no specific hours for remote work. Almost every other person ends up working extra hours when working remotely. One must remember that one can produce high-quality work not by working continuously but by hybrid working smartly. That means one should know when to walk back from work. One should set up a strict schedule which will prevent them from working extra hours.

If you follow these remote work hacks diligently, then you will produce productive work. Always try to work in an intelligent way and keep in mind to change the settings at your convenience.

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