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Can Recliners Hurt Your Neck? The Secret Truth
Work Wellness

Can Recliners Hurt Your Neck? The Secret Truth

|Feb 13, 2022

One complaint that patients commonly complain about in our office is recurring neck pain after watching TV or napping in a recliner. This article presents several reasons for this complaint and some recommendations for preventing it by using the best recliners for neck and back pain. 

Why Does Neck Pain Occur When Sitting in Your Recliner Chair?

It is possible to develop back pain when you sit too long in a recliner. If you fall asleep on the couch with a pillow pushing or flexing your head forward, lying back in a recliner while using your laptop, reading, or taking a nap produces the same injury mechanism. Even after a few minutes of remaining in the same position, your neck muscles become strained by the awkward position.

So, the big question is - are recliners bad for your neck? A muscular strain is created, superimposed on previous or ongoing neck problems that may have caused the discomfort. Stretch your arm straight out before you while holding a 2-pound weight. The muscles don't hurt for a short time, but after they have been unable to rest or change position for too long, they begin to hurt. Your neck muscles are stretched when your head is pushed forward in the chair, and your neck muscles are being stretched.

There are a variety of recliner chairs that are comfortable for a certain body type and height. However, they are designed only for a very narrow population segment and not for the general population. As a result, the head is forced forward, resulting in a stiff neck. When viewed from the side, the spine's normal curve (also called a military neck) gradually disappears. In poor posture, the symptoms can be exacerbated if the spine is not healthy unless you use the best recliner for neck and back pain.

Why Does Neck Pain Occur When Sitting in Your Recliner Chair?

Your Neck Works Differently in a Recliner and in a Normal Chair

Sitting in a standard chair puts minimal pressure on the neck because you look straight ahead. It is common for people to hyperextend their necks while watching TV or reading a book in a recliner chair. This results in shoulder pain, stiff necks, and headaches.

Changing to a normal chair where you sit up straight in a recliner may help alleviate your neck, shoulder, back, and headache pain if you regularly sit in a recliner. Your neck muscles are responsible for controlling and supporting your bones. When you don't take the stress off the muscles first, it's no use forcing bones back.

If you want to change how you sit and stand for the better, it won't happen overnight and will require conscious effort at first. In any case, these steps should be helpful:

  • What position are your ears concerning your shoulders? What is the position of your shoulders? Are they rounded or pulled back?
  • Try this standing desk exercise: ensure that your back and back of the head are flush against the wall when you stand against a wall. For at least one minute, hold this pose.
  • A massage ball can relieve tension in your neck and tight muscles at the base of your skull.
  • Take about 30 seconds to stretch your neck and sides. Three times should be enough to feel the stretch.
  • Make sure your neck is braced. In addition to helping to heal injuries, it can also relieve pain and decrease stress while improving posture! Appropriate office accessories like our keyboard and mouse tray could help you take the strain off your neck.
  • Get some guidance on stretches and exercises you can do at home from a chiropractor or massage therapist if you have difficulty relieving tension.

Your Neck Works Differently in a Recliner and in a Normal Chair

Neck braces can indeed help stabilize your neck and prevent painful movement, but they aren't permanent solutions. 

  • Instead of sleeping on your side or stomach, sleep on your back
  • Better pillows are worth the investment
  • Exercising and stretching your neck will help
  • You can relieve stress and loosen muscle knots by getting a relaxing massage.
  • Keep the PC screen at eye level when you sit down and adjust your chair.

10 Best Recliners for Neck Pain

A common feature of many chairs is the ability to recline and raise the head and neck. Although they provide a lot of comfort, some worry that long periods of sitting in a chair can cause neck pain.

Using a chair that is specifically made to support the spine and neck can help ease neck pain. Below, you’ll find a list of the top recliners for neck pain that have been reviewed and found to be effective. Are you prepared to find your ideal match? How about we jump right into neck recliner reviews?

1. AmazeCov Headrest Pillow

The AmazeCov Headrest Pillow is a great investment for your neck and head. A detachable inner lining of fluffy, silky pearl cotton completes its multipurpose design. This cushion is perfect for couches, massage chairs, and recliners because of its ergonomic shape, which provides maximum comfort and support.

Customers appreciate the color and quality of this body positioner. According to them, it's easy to adjust to any position they like, looks great, and is really comfortable.

2. VCOMSOFT Adjustable Neck Pillow For Recliner

If you are seeking a supportive cushion for your neck that is both comfortable and adjustable, we strongly suggest the VCOMSOFT Soft Neck cushion. Proper alignment is encouraged, and tension is reduced. Additionally, the pillow's high-quality fabrics provide a plush, comfortable feel and guarantee a pampered work experience. We had a wonderful experience, and the VCOMSOFT soft neck pillow truly alleviated our neck ache after using it.

3. Bowerbird  Leather Recliner Head Pillow

With the Bowerbird leather neck recliner pillow, you can relax in unparalleled comfort while also relieving tension in your neck. For maximum muscular relaxation, its ergonomic shape is ideal. The pillow’s high-density premium blown fiber filling and top-grain leather exterior make it both supportive and pliable.

The recliner’s flexibility, aesthetics, and support are customer favorites. In addition to looking great with their leather sofas, they say it’s the best recliner for back pain and neck pain.

4. Ashomeli Large Lift Recliner

The real leather used to construct this recliner guarantees both long life and maximum relaxation. Ashomeli provides high-quality goods at a reasonable price (between $569 and $599), their neck recliner reduce tension and strain on your back muscles, ease aches in your neck, and let your body rest all at once. Due to its 350-pound weight capacity, it works for a variety of body shapes.

Some buyers have noted that it fits snugly over a chair and offers sufficient support for the neck while being hard enough to avoid discomfort.

5. Anjhome Massage Recliner

Designed with your comfort and relaxation in mind, the Anjhome Massage Recliner is highly customizable and ideal for those who suffer from chronic neck pain.

The combination of its sturdy construction and premium materials gives it a 300-pound weight capacity. Its adjustable headrests and neck support are great features for relieving neck pain. Additionally, this chair has excellent lumbar support. If you’re seeking a solution that helps alleviate strain on your neck, the Anjhome Massage Recliner might be an excellent pick!

6. Inzoy Cozy Recliner

As we sank into the INZOY Cozy Recliner, the luxurious padding was the first thing that caught our attention. It was like stepping into a warm embrace; after a long day, it became our favorite area instantly. Anyone seeking to relax or ease neck strain will find this a welcome addition, thanks to the relaxing swivel action and gently rocking motion. The stability and comfort it provides are bonuses for some, while others love the neck recliner support.

7. Red Barrel Studio® Swivel Recliner

We discovered that the Red Barrel Studio® Swivel Recliner's heated seats and massaging waves provided a pleasant respite from our neck strain and a full-body massage after we settled down. The swivel and rocking motions make it more comfortable, and it requires no tools for assembly.

Customers are pleased by the swivel recliner's high quality and comfort, and how well it supports the head and neck.

8. Sokoro Recliner Pillow

Those of us who suffer from chronic neck pain can really benefit from the Sokoro Recliner Pillow's enhanced comfort. Its ergonomic shape perfectly supports our neck, relieving the typical pain that comes from sitting for long periods. However, it has worked just as well in car seats and office chairs. You can adjust the neck support to your liking. The fact that it can be machine-washed easily is one of the greatest things we have discovered, as now it can be used for a variety of seating situations.

9. Hombys Recliner Neck Pillow

When it comes to relieving neck pain, this Hombys recliner is the best recliner for neck pain. It offers unparalleled comfort and personalized support, and we couldn't be happier with it. Thanks to the plush, adjustable fabric of this neck pillow, we were able to get into a really comfortable position while sitting. Long periods of sitting won't hurt as much because of the memory foam that molds to the contours of the neck. Its versatile design with an adjustable strap makes it a must-have for both home and workplace needs.

10. VCOMSOFT Neck Pillow

When it comes to reducing neck pain, we strongly recommend the VCOMSOFT Neck Pillow. Its under the neck, bone-shaped design fits snugly and offers great support. The strap is adjustable so that you can set it to the perfect height for any chair or sofa. The pillow's high-quality polyester filling and gentle, skin-friendly Sherpa fabric make it the best recliner for neck pain for long durations of use.


Ergonomic design, neck and back support, and high-quality materials are important factors to consider while shopping for a chair to alleviate neck pain. Finding the perfect chair can do wonders for relieving pain and making you feel more relaxed. Think about what your body requires and how it will fit into your daily life while making your selection—no need to let the ache in your neck stop you. Please read our reviews of the 10 best recliners for neck pain and choose the one that's right for you to start living a comfortable and pain-free life now.

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