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Cool Black Office Supplies & Accessories

|Apr 3, 2022

As part of maintaining an efficient office, ensuring every employee has access to the right tools is essential. Office supplies are one resource that the entire office uses, even if it can be difficult to choose the most useful ones. But how can you avoid a mess in the supply room when everyone needs access to it? Purchasing black office supplies may appear to be relatively straightforward.

In addition to pens, pencils, and paper, a stapler, matte black office supplies, and staples are required. You know from experience that a short list of black office desk accessories items quickly turns into a long one if you have spent any time in an office.

You quickly discover you'll need even more office items, even black mesh office supplies than you initially imagined once you identify one must-have item! This practical post includes a list of common office supplies used worldwide. So put your feet up on your adjustable footrest and start browsing through. We’ve chosen to list only black items as these can fit into any ergonomic desk setup at home.

1. Matias Ergonomic PC Keyboard

Matias Ergonomic PC Keyboard black office supplies

The Matias Programmable ErgoPro Keyboard for PC provides a variety of keyboard adjustments to improve the health and ergonomics of typists. It's easy to find the right angle and position with a center tent, 4.5° of negative tilt, and separate left and right sides. 

You can support the way you work by setting up custom shortcuts on the fly. Adding software isn't necessary. The Quiet-Click mechanical switches from Matthias are quiet and durable enough for office use. There is no need to disturb your colleagues.

It's premium bonded lycra gel palm supports, and laser-etched sculpted keycaps promote serious typing comfort and speed. The preset keyboard shortcuts consist of dedicated keys for various functions arranged in a more organized manner.

2. Deskr CanyonCaps

Our top-selling design, the CanyonCap, is inspired by our topographic Canyon design. Constructed from durable, beautiful, long-last materials, the CanyonCap is long-lasting, beautiful, and durable. Various levels of elevation are illustrated on these black and white base sets. Keycaps made of PBT are the toughest materials available: they are dye-sublimated, heat and chemical resistant.

A Cherry profile keycap is perfect for a smooth and comfortable typing experience if you prefer low-profile keycaps with a dim bass-filled sound. You can install any standard 60% keyboard, 65% keyboard, and even most 75% keyboards with our keycaps.

3. Portfolio Briefcase from Urban Onion

Portfolio Briefcase from Urban Onion black office supplies

It has fifteen pockets, plus a designated pocket for TileTM, for convenience and easy access, including pockets for business cards, SD, MicroSD, and SIM cards. On the outside, it has two quick-access magnetic pockets, with internal dividers that work with Easy Lock settings. In addition, shockproof Hard Shells provide an extra layer of durability and protection if your briefcase is dropped or torn. Commuters and travelers are protected from the weather by a waterproof zipper and waterproof nylon exterior.  

4. Birchwood Monitor Stand from Enkel

This is one of the interesting black office supplies. Designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind, Enkel Studios provides high-quality pieces. You'll enjoy the aesthetics and functionality of the Birch Wood Monitor Stand in your workspace. An ergonomic viewing height can be achieved by raising the monitor.

There is a lot of storage space beneath the monitor on this stand to tuck your keyboard or iPad away. With the Birchwood Laptop Stand, you can raise your monitor to a comfortable viewing angle that will benefit your back and shoulders. It is finished with non-scented protective oil and cork protective feet to prevent scratches on your desk.

5. UTS-1 Invisible Wireless Charger from Kew Labs

UTS-1 Invisible Wireless Charger from Kew Labs

With this wireless charger, you can charge surfaces between 0.39 and 0.66 inches or 10mm-17mm thick. To ensure universal compatibility with all phones, including MagSafe iPhones, it is designed to be installed on thick surfaces of 0.39"-0.66" (10-17mm).

With the UTS-1 charger, you get Kew Lab's patented Intelligent Power CommunicationTM (IPC), a system that effectively communicates between the phone and the charger to enable efficient charging. You can make your desk more minimal and free up the space for more important things by doing this. The wireless charging desk pad can even be connected by the daisy chain using the adapter and connector cable kit that allows for daisy-chaining. It keeps wires within reach so that you don’t have to reach over to get them – something that comes in handy when you have a bad back. Another thing that comes in handy for bad backs is the lumbar support pillow. If you’re uncomfortable because it's too hot, get the Cooling Gel Seat Cushion.

6. Lexon's Wireless Power Bank

This is one of the must-have black office supplies you should know. Wirelessly or through any USB-A or USB-C cable, the 5000 mAh Power Bank can be used. You will be able to charge confidently with an elegant design, a powerful thermal management system, and durable construction.

Lexon's Wireless Power Bank features elegant lines in black or white that look beautiful and dissipate heat to maintain your battery's lifespan. Designed to last, this power bank is constructed from durable polycarbonate that remains matte black or white even after extended use. Our site features a wireless charger & UV cleaner from Lexon too.

This USB-C charging adapter supports Quick Charge 3.0, which can charge most phones within three hours. In addition, most smartphone cases will allow you to charge wirelessly up to 3 mm thick. The power banks are Qi-certified work with smartphones that support the technology. Certification of conformity is also included along with Quick Charge 3.0 and certification of conformity.

7. Device Wall Charger Unit from MyCharging Station

Device Wall Charger Unit from MyCharging Station

All your devices can be powered and organized in one place through this black office supply. In addition to connecting directly to the three-prong down outlet, it includes screws for improved strength and can hold up to ten pounds. In addition, your devices will be able to receive 48W total of charging with this 4-port USB hub.

The Type-C port can charge your laptop or fast-charge your phone or iPad up to 45W when used as a stand-alone port. In addition, your Qi-enabled phone can be charged wirelessly with this 10W Wireless Charging Pad. Finally, we have added surge protection to protect all your devices with the two power outlets.

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