Crafting Your Ideal Corner Desk: DIY White Corner Desk with Hutch
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Crafting Your Ideal Corner Desk: DIY White Corner Desk with Hutch

|Oct 15, 2023

You may get a ready-made white corner desk with a hutch for your home corner and office from the furniture market; however, it won’t serve you well, since DIY desks are made specifically and accurately for your room corner. For that reason, we have come up with the most innovative corner desk ideas for you to build, but before that, let's understand the steps involved in crafting the white computer desk with hutch and drawers properly.

Steps to Build Your Custom White Corner Desk with Hutch

1. Measure the Available Space

The first step is to measure the total space available in your room corner. The more space you have, the bigger desk you will be able to accommodate. After you have measured the length, width, and height of the wall, you can move to the design stage.

Measure the Available Space - white corner desk with hutch

2. Select the Right Design

Selecting the right design that fits your room corner is essential for proper crafting. During this stage, you can allot space to every single component you need in your white computer desk with hutch and drawers, such as shelves, drawers, table tops, etc. Make sure to plan your design smartly, or choose one of the most innovative designs listed in this article below.

3. Check Your Budget

Before you step into the market to buy the components of your desk, make sure you plan a budget for your desk. Each component is going to cost you a certain amount of money, but what you will need to focus on the most is the material of the components. Some of the most common materials are aluminum, steel, and wood.

4. Get the Surface of the Desk

The surface of the L-shaped corner desk with a hutch is where you will be placing most of your stuff, so that’s where you need to put most of your money. While selecting the surface of your desk, keep an eye out for a material that has a solid core and is strong enough to hold multiple screens. The most common choice for table tops is wood, which is usually around 1 inch thick and anywhere around 24 to 36 inches wide.

Get the Surface of the Desk

5. Get the Legs of Your Desk

Legs define the overall durability of your table. You can install around four to five legs to your table for support. However, the number of legs depends on the drawers and shelves you will be installing above. The more shelves and drawers you install, the stronger base it would require.

6. Choose the Right-sized Drawers

Choosing the right-sized drawers for your desk is crucial to keep everything in its place. The ones looking to add shelves can buy extra material for the tabletop and use it to build the shelves as well.

Choose the Right-sized Drawers

7. Prepare the Surface

Preparing the surface of the desk involves cutting it in size according to the space available. Cut the material in a rectangular shape while setting the right width and length. For people who want a white L-shaped corner desk with a hutch can cut the surface into two different or same-sized rectangles.

8. Create a Hutch

After attaching the surface to the wall, you can jump to the hutch. Hutch can be created by cutting equal-sized boxes with the help of the material you used for the surface. Attaching the boxes to the wall in a sequence is where your design choice comes in. The shape you choose for the shelves and the way you place them above the surface require a creative mind.

9. Start to Assemble and Attach the Legs

Once everything is in its place, start to assemble things by connecting them with one another. Put legs on each corner of your desk to make it more stable and durable.

10. Place Your Equipment

Now that your corner desk setup is complete, place all your equipment – monitor, keyboard, files, etc. Keep everything organized to make it look more attractive and cleaner.

Place Your Equipment

Design Options for White Corner Desk with a Hutch

Steel Tubes Corner Desk

Steel tubes corner desk is for the ones who want to adjust their corner desk in limited space. The top of your desk will be crafted with high-quality wood, whereas the desk legs and the bottom support will be all steel. You can choose between a variety of colors for the steel setup.

Rustic L-shaped Desk

Rustic L-shaped desk, as the name suggests, is a design that looks like rusted wood. The texture makes the whole setup look absolutely stunning. However, make sure to keep the tabletop in rustic wood texture, standing on pure white legs above a dark wooden floor. Make the hutch design a mixture of rustic wood and white for the best appearance.

Butcher Block Corner Desk

The butcher block corner desk is ideal for gamers who want to plug in multiple screens for an immersive view. The L-shaped butcher desk looks more traditional with its light brown wooden texture and pure black legs. The legs of the desk are made of metal, whereas the surface and shelves are all made of wood.

Design Options for White Corner Desk with a Hutch

DIY Corner Shelving Desk

If you want ample storage space on your small white corner desk with a hutch, this is the best option you can go for. The desk is made in an L-shape with 7-8 wide shelves attached to the silver metal frame. One side of the "L" covers the desk, whereas the other side is allotted to the shelves.

Corner Desk with Drawers

A corner desk with a lot of drawers would compromise a bit of leg room but allow you to have extra space for things you don't want to keep in the open. All you need to build such a workstation is some plywood, wooden boards, pocket hole screws, and drawer slides.

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