5 Best Adjustable Desk Legs of 2022 (Reviews)
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5 Best Adjustable Desk Legs of 2022 (Reviews)

AutonomousAutonomous | Jun 30, 2021

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There has been ample debate on the benefits of a standing desk with adjustable height desk legs. While researchers have varying viewpoints, there are no major harmful effects.

What is an Office Standing Desk?

An office standing desk takes care of your overall health as you move from inactivity to active. As you change positions between sitting and standing, your body has movements. As your body changes positions, muscles loosen up and take new positions, increasing blood flow. Medical research shows the benefits ranging from improved metabolism, reduced aches and pains, and more.

What is an Office Standing Desk?

There are three main types of office standing desks based on how the height is adjusted.  While the initial models had legs that had to be adjusted with screws/nuts and bolts, the revised version has a cranking shaft just as you crank open a garage door or a storage unit.

The latest in the series is standing desks with electric adjustable desk legs. Electric motors power these.  Working smoothly and efficiently, they raise the desk’s height or lower it, thus making the legs adjustable. Some even have a pre-programmable feature, offering you four pre-adjustable heights for your convenience.

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Give Best Adjustable Desk Legs of 2022

While you have many choices, it is best to go with sturdy frames and smooth operating mechanisms apart from good customer service.

Here is our list of the five best adjustable desk legs for 2022.

1. SmartDesk Core

sd core

A work desk that understands your need to move fast and yet give you a smooth operation is the SmartDesk Core. Specially designed, it offers you high comfort. Unlike many in the market, it has been designed with dual electric motors, which have only a single electric motor. Dual motors give you a smooth movement as they are synchronized for easier movement on either side of the table. As you press the button, you can raise the desk height between a low of 29.4 inches to a high of 48 inches. Feel free to pre-program up to four settings for your comfort. No need to clear the desk as you raise it or lower it. Just ensure that there are no breakables.

Making it a prime choice, the SmartDesk Core is available in a range of six different colors to choose from. You can opt for the regular size tabletop (53" W x 29" D x 1” H) or an XL size (70.5" Wx 30" D x 1"H). The sturdy solid steel frames support a maximum weight of 265 pounds.

With a SmartDesk Core, you are assured of a smooth movement, every time, any time.

2. SmartDesk Pro

This elegantly designed ergonomic electric standing desk, the SmartDesk Pro, is your desk for all matters. Huddle around the desk as you review a document or have an impromptu meeting with your colleagues. Else raise it to stand and work for your good health.

The sturdy solid steel frames host adjustable legs that work hard so that you can keep standing for your well-being.  Raise the height from 26.2 inches to 52 inches with four programmable settings at a speed of 2.3 inches per second. The latest version has upgraded dual electric motors that work at a low hum with 40 dB noise levels.

sd pro

The SmartDesk Pro beats most standing desks as its frames take on a payload of three hundred and ten pounds. This desk is designed in six different colors, offering you a choice. Awesome, isn’t it?

With a seven-year warranty on offer, it makes an ideal pick!

3. SmartDesk Frame

Offering you a choice of three different frames, the SmartDesk Frame is powered by silent electric motors that are work power horses. If you are left wondering how to make adjustable table legs, don’t be worried. These motors raise the sturdy and solid steel leg frames at an amazing speed of 2.3 inches per second. Yes, you heard it right; it is per second.

sd frame

As you select the required weight capacity, you can choose from a range of desktops in regular or XL size.  If you are looking for an L-shaped standing desk frame, your search ends here. 

The best part is that the SmartDesk Frame can turn your existing desktop into a smart table by installing this easy-to-use frame. Don't forget that you can pay over some time to fit your budget.  You can see our review on how to install the diy adjustable desk legs.

4. Action Club Metal Office Leg Set

The sleek and strong table leg set is Action Club 28 inches, which is the maximum height it offers. They are provided with built-in levelers for your ease that you can adjust for even height across the four legs. The only con is that the maximum height offered by these adjustable legs for standing desk, is twenty-eight inches.


The legs are quite sturdy as they can take a weight of two hundred twenty pounds. Installation is easy, and you do not need any heavy machinery or tools. These heavy-duty table legs are available at economical prices.

5. Jarvis Standing Desk

The Jarvis adjustable desk legs are being offered by the retailer, Fully.  Operating this standing desk is easy with an up or a down arrow button. You can set it up for four different programmable heights. The desk moves at 1.3 inches per second with noise levels of 60 dB. This may not be very pleasant for a few folks when they are trying to concentrate at work.


The adjustable desk legs can be adjusted between 26.5″ and 45.75”, without the top height. The fifteen-years warranty offered on the frame, moving parts, and electronics, is a viable option. The electric motors that power it are available in many versions.  You can choose between desktop sizes and colors. It carries a payload of three hundred fifty pounds.


Our final verdict goes to the SmartDesk Pro and the SmartDesk Core as they offer you the best adjustable legs for standing desk and range of height. The noise levels are a mere hum compared to the others in the market. You will love it as you use it. You just can’t miss it!

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