Discovering these Motorized Standing Desk Parts to Upgrade
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Discovering these Motorized Standing Desk Parts to Upgrade

|Oct 6, 2021

After you decide to build your motorized standing desk, you have to figure out which parts you will need for the installation. This motorized standing desk will be a bit different from your average work desk. For this reason, we have provided a list of the parts of motorized standing desks.

Common Motorized Standing Desk Parts

Standing Desk Frame

Standing Desk Frame as standing desk part

This is one of the crucial electric height adjustable desk parts. You can find many desk frames for your motorized standing desk. However, to keep it stylish, you can opt for a modern and sleek finished standing desk frame.

It must weigh around 220 pounds so as to carry all essential items on your motorized standing desk. It must also have a futuristic style of digital control panel like smart LED display and programmable two memory settings.

Motorized System

The motorized system is one of the vital motorized standing desk parts that can help to reset the standing desk. It enables you to transition from a position of sitting to standing. The function of the electric motor system is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Some of the features of the motorized system must include a lifting column in the form of housing motor column system or base lift.


Keypad as standing desk part

The keypad is another integral part of a DIY standing desk. There must be a keypad to control the lifting and motor system of your motorized standing desk. Some keypads come with pre-set adjustments so that you can select the preferable height at which you want to sit or stand.

Lifting Columns

Here is another piece in the motorized standing desk parts. Lifting Columns offer a linear motion for some heavy applications. When you incorporate it with a motor system, they can perform quiet and fast movements to help you stand or sit. For building your own desk, you can opt for durable steel and lightweight aluminum to enhance the product’s longevity.

Moreover, a lifting column provides a multi-stage function. This enables it to make adjustments in height while it remains compact and mobile. You can find them in a set that you will have to place strategically for optimal raising and lowering.


Desktop as standing desk part

You will have many options to choose your desktop that suits your desk. It is one of the most important motorized standing desk parts. The top is commonly made from solid or laminated wood. Plastic models are less sturdy and durable. Hence, you must avoid them.

You must choose laminated wooden desktops as they offer excellent durability and it is cost-effective. They are available in different colors. Additionally, they are resistant to moisture.

Adjustable Desk Legs

As a part of electric standing desk hardware, you can buy adjustable desk legs for around two hundred dollars. At this price, you can get desk legs for both L-shaped or straight desks. They need to be heavy-duty, and they must be capable of lowering or raising your motorized standing desk.

Build DIY standing desks with Autonomous SmartDesk Frame and Top

Using the Autonomous SmartDesk Surface and Frame, two of the most important motorized standing desk parts, you can design your standing desk in your own way. DIY lovers do not need special skills to do it.

Decide on the surface material for your desk

Decide on the surface material for your desk

The type of material is the most important thing to create your DIY standing desk. You can find several material options ranging from wood to plastic. The laminated wood can endure a good amount of weight. However, as you need to pair the surface with your SmartDesk Frame, you can avoid using plastics.

Choose the right hardware parts for easy surface attachment

It is best to use some branded hardware parts to mount the DIY desk surface. In some cases, hardware is designed for particular brands. However, the most important step is to measure the thickness level of the surface and the equipment length.

Some DIY desk builders choose hardware not compatible with the desk surface. In most cases, the surface thickness level needs to be 0.75”. You can find your screws working easily at this thickness.

Select the frame size

Select the frame size

To identify the right size for the base and the surface of your desk, you can choose a frame integrated with a cover. Focus on the depth of the frame and width of the surface. To prevent errors, you can project 5” on either side of the surface.

While setting the frame with the table surface, you have to concentrate on some factors

  • The sturdiness of the base
  • The resilience of the tabletop 

You must give importance to these things before dealing with the DIY construction process with your Autonomous SmartDesk Frame.

Buy the essential tools for the construction project

It does not need much effort to create your standing desk. But, with the availability of proper tools and resources, you can accomplish the task easily.

Cut the top section properly

Cut the top section properly

You may use plywood for your tabletop. It is easy to buy plywood at a very low price. However, measuring the proper dimension of the top is important. After cutting the plywood, you have to trim the edges using sandpaper. Make the desk surface smoother, and use lacquer for a better finish.

One big concern is that you will not find pre-drilled holes needed to pre-drill holes to align the frame and the desk surface. While drilling holes, there is a risk of damage.

However, the SmartDesk Frame has wooden screws for self-tapping solutions. Still, before attaching the surface and the frames, you have to assemble them. Maintain consistency in measurements. Make sure that the surface width is parallel to the central part of the frame.

It is to be concluded that you need to pay attention to every detail to create a DIY desk. Our guide will help you to remove concerns. You can buy the SmartDesk kit to make your task easier. The useful kit is available at a very low price.

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