How to Reset a Standing Desk? Full Guide for 2024
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How to Reset a Standing Desk? Full Guide for 2024

|Apr 16, 2024

Everyone enjoys working with technology until it stops working, and you are stuck in a place where you don't know what to do. Especially if it's a product whose concept is new to you and you cannot help but wonder, was it even the right choice to invest in this product? If that product is a standing desk, then the simple answer is yes. The benefits of standing desk and the ergonomic wonders it brings to a workplace surpass all the initial trouble you might have to go through. So, if your standing desk won’t go up or maybe the reset standing desk controls are hard to understand for you, don’t worry it's just a matter of time and practice until you are pro with this product.

To help you, this article will explain how to reset standing desks in general terms and provide a guide to reset standing desks from some popular brands.

How to Reset a Sit-Stand Desk?

Even the most stable standing desk can experience trouble because it has an electrical component. This doesn't mean your standing desk purchase was merely a scam or that you aren't made for this product. These products come with solutions built especially for such scenarios, and standing desk reset is one of those options. Below are the steps to follow if you wish to reset a standing desk.

  • The first step is to remove all the items from under the desk, as this will remove any obstructions that might prevent the desk from going down.
  • Secondly, you would want the surface of the desk to be clear as well, especially if you are a coffee-aholic who likes to have coffee on your desk all the time. Even if you are dealing with the best adjustable standing desks, an electric device is always at risk of acting up, and the drink can spill on your expensive gadgets during the up/down motion.
  • Next, press the down button until the desk reaches the lowest point.
  • In some cases of the desk being stuck, the desk won't move down either. To solve this, press the down arrow button for around 15 seconds, take a pause, and then press and hold the button until the desk starts to move.
  • Even after the desk has reached the lowest height, hold the button for around 30 seconds or until the display on the keypad changes.
  • A hint is to look for ‘ASr’ on the display keypad. This indicates that your desk is ready to be reset.
  • At this step, hold the down button again until the desk lowers and then rises on its own. If this happens, your desk is reset and ready to work.
  • If the desk doesn't respond, wait a few seconds and repeat the last step.

Despite the instructions mentioned above being a norm for most of the standing desks, in some cases, these actions might not work. Hence, you can try the following:

  • Unplug the device from the power source and wait for at least 10 seconds before plugging it back in.
  • During this wait, hold the down button for at least 10 seconds. This wait discharges any current present in the wire so your desk can start fresh.
  • Then plug in the desk again and start the whole reset process.

How to Reset a Sit-Stand Desk?

How to Reset Electric Standing Desk – Some Popular Standing Desks?

Though the standard of resetting many of the standing desks is pretty much the same, some desks might have a different control mechanism. To give you a detailed idea, here are some popular standing desk brands and ways to reset them in case of an issue.

How to Reset Vivo Standing Desk?

Next on the list is the Vivo standing desk. This standing desk is easy to operate, whether you're setting the ideal standing desk height or lowering the desk to work while sitting. If your Vivo standing desk is stuck, the ideal approach is to reset it.

  • To reset the desk, hold the down button for at least 5-10 seconds.
  • Release it and hold it again until the point desk is at its lowest height.
  • Then press the down arrow button, and you will see a 'REs' message appear on the touch display.
  • At this step, hold the down arrow button again until the desk starts to move a bit. If your desk moves, then it has been reset.
  • If this method doesn't work, try unplugging, waiting 30 seconds, and then plugging the desk again.

How to Reset Vivo Standing Desk?

How to Reset Amq Standing Desk?

To reset the Amq standing desk, you must bring the desk base to the lowest possible height. After this, you can start the reset, which is just a two-step method.

  • When the base is at the lowest height, press and hold the Down button for five seconds.
  • After releasing the button, hit the Down button to finish the reset.

How to Reset an Autonomous Standing Desk?

Autonomous standing desks come with many ergonomic features. These include automated electric motors, quiet desk movement, swift speed, and an ergonomic standing desk height calculator. If you also have an autonomous standing desk and are facing the issue of a stuck desk, then here are some steps to follow.

  • Give the workstation a 20-second unplug. Re-plug it in. Give it 20 whole seconds.
  • When the desk completely descends, a beep sounds, or twenty seconds have elapsed, press the up and down buttons.
  • Give both buttons a release.
  • Once 20 seconds have passed, or the desk chimes one more, press the down buttons.

How to Reset an Autonomous Standing Desk?

How to Reset Fully Standing Desk?

The fully Jarvis standing desk belongs to the crowd of the desk, which is rarely stuck. But in case the problem occurs, you can reset the desk with just a press of the down arrow button for around 15 seconds.

  • Hold the button to make your desk reach the lowest height.
  • Once the desk is at the lowest height, press the down button to start the reset process.
  • Release the button, and your desk is ready to operate again.

How to Reset Fully Standing Desk?


Standing desks play a key role in your productivity, and it is essential to have the best one for yourself in order to stay focused and productive. Now that you’ve learnt how to reset a standing desk, get yourself one now and enjoy it to the fullest.

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