How to Resolve When Your Standing Desk Stops Working?
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How to Resolve When Your Standing Desk Stops Working?

Autonomous|Mar 8, 2021

You have been enjoying your adjustable standing desk since the day of purchase. However, using technology has its benefits and disadvantages. Has your standing desk stopped working? Have you been wondering, “How do I fix or resolve this issue as my standing desk won’t go down?” The solution to this problem may be height adjustable desk troubleshooting.

Just like using any electrical device or appliance, you can run into some hiccups at one point or another. The most common problem with electric height-adjustable desks or electric sit-stand desks is that they stop going down, which causes the desk to become stuck. This problem only defeats the purpose of getting the desk in the first place. 

A standing desk like SmartDesk Core should support your desire for a healthy work environment and not make it more difficult. 

Pros and Cons of Having a Standing Desk

Standing Desk

Pros of Having a Standing Desk

There are many reasons having an adjustable standing desk can be advantageous in your office. The benefits are:

  • Utilizing a standing desk can encourage healthy blood flow in certain areas of the body, such as the legs, glutes, and core through movement.
  • A standing desk promotes good posture and improves your cognitive function. 
  • You can burn more calories using the standing desk as there is more standing than sitting.
  • Being seated for long periods can result in serious health complications and pains. Using the standing desk helps switch things up, which brings to you many standing desk health benefits

Cons of Having a Standing Desk


While the standing desk can be an asset, few downsides come with it. Here they are:

  • Improper posture is easily practiced since the desk has no feature to help you stand properly. 
  • It may take you a while to get into the groove of things and be a part of the standing desk culture.
  • You already know sitting for extended periods can be harmful. Well, standing for extended periods can have a similar effect. Standing too long exerts pressure on areas that can cause swelling of the joints and feet.

Common Reasons Why Your Standing Desk Won’t Go Down

Why your standing desk won't go down

Your standing may not be going down or standing desk stopped working because: 

  • The desk may be malfunctioning
  • There may be too much weight on it
  • An object may be obstructing travel
  • Your desk has lost power 

Common Reasons Why Your Standing Desk Won’t Go Up

Why your standing desk won't go up

Your standing desk may not be going up or height adjustable desk troubleshooting because: 

  • The desk may have lost power
  • The upper container may have stopped 
  • The control box cycle may be out
  • The power cables used to connect the desk may have not been secured
  • The legs of the standing desk may be uneven 
  • There could be obstructions in the travel path
  • There may be too much weight on the desk


Height Adjustable Desk Troubleshooting: How to Resolve Standing Desk Problems

Fix standing desk problem

If you have recently lost power and your standing desk is not going down, you need a reset. You can follow these steps for height adjustable desk troubleshooting needs. After successfully executing the reset, things should revert to normal. The steps to resolve standing desk problems are as follows: 

Step 1: Remove anything that may be under your desk. 

Step 2: Unplug the desk from the electrical outlet or surge protector and wait for 30 seconds.

Step 3: Plug the desk back in. Listen for the clicking sounds, as once you hear them, you are good to go.

Step 4: Hold the down button until your desk can go no lower. Since you have unplugged it, the desk has lost its memory settings and may move slowly.

Step 5: After it reaches the lowest point, you may remove your finger from the button.

Step 6: You can now press and hold the down arrow for roughly 10 seconds. Look out for a few clicks.

Step 7: Your desk might move up a little, which is a signal that it has been reset.  

How to Fix Your Standing Desk If It Won’t Go Up

Fix your standing desk if it won't go up

  • If objects are mounted above, such as cabinets, shelves, or portraits, these may hinder the desk from traveling upwards. Some standing desk setup have built-in safety features that stop them if there is an obstruction. You need only check for any items that may be obstructing travel, remove them, and try again. 
  • If the standing desk has lost power from either being temporarily unplugged from the outlet, it tends to go into rest mode after regaining power. Therefore, the desk only travels in a downward motion. This can be fixed by completing a manual reset as dictated above. 
  • If the desk's legs become uneven for any reason, the control box recognizes the height difference and stops moving to prevent further damage. Alternatively, the control box may continue moving until the friction is too much. The desk then stops moving. To fix this height adjustable desk troubleshooting issue, you may have to conduct a complete reset for the legs to realign themselves. 
  • If you have too much weight on the desk, you would have exceeded the maximum lifting capacity that the desk has. This issue causes an overload, which results in a lack of movement as a protective measure. Remove some of the items on the desk. Doing so automatically allows the desk to switch back on and operate smoothly. You can research the lifting capacity of the desk for clarification.
  • Each desk has a duty cycle that indicates the maximum times the control box can move up and down and the rest period the desk needs. If the limit is exceeded, this is not going to work. There’s no need to panic. Give your desk a 20-minute rest period and it should be good as new. 
  • If your power cables are loose, the power flow is not going to be consistent. Check your power cables and wire before resetting to ensuring that they are secured.
  • Most desks come with an upper container stop which allows the user to set a maximum limit to stop the desk and other objects from colliding. If the setting is causing an issue, you may need to delete or change the settings to allow the desk to go higher.

If the reset didn’t resolve the problem and you are still having issues of height adjustable desk troubleshooting, you should reach out to the manufacturer for more tips and instructions on standing desk troubleshooting. 

Note that if you have trouble with an Autonomous standing desk like SmartDesk Core, there’s no need to worry. You get up to a five-year warranty and you can try the desk for free for 30 days and 15 days in the US and Canada respectively.

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