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What is the Ergonomic Desk Height for a Tall Person?

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | May 25, 2021

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Are you a tall person who is looking for an ergonomic desk? Are you a tall person struggling to find one? It is understandable! Today, most of the desks that you find in the market – ergonomic or otherwise – are in a standard size. So, how do you find a good fit or a desk height for a tall person? It is tough to find a suitable office desk for individuals who are taller or plus-sized.

You could easily pick out any desk or office ergonomic chair and use that. But, the nature of ergonomic desks is that they're supposed to cater to unique body shapes and sizes. When it comes to knowing if a desk suits you, the best way to find your match is to test out as many desks as possible.

However, doing this to find the desk height for a tall person isn’t always possible. Either the store has limited options, or you’re shopping online where you can’t really test out the desk.You can keep the following key things in mind when looking for an desk height standard for a tall person, as well as gaming desks.

How Tall Are You?

How tall are you?

Let's jump right into the most obvious factor to know how high should a desk be for a tall person– your height! If you already know your height, then move on measuring the length of your back from the top of your head to the bottom of the spine.

  • The standard height of an office desk is around 30 inches. One desk size can’t fit an employee that’s 5 feet 2 inches and another that’s 6 feet 2 inches equally.
  • Someone who is 5 feet 2 inches should use a desk that’s at least 24 inches. That is about 6 inches lower than the standard desk height of 30 inches. 

Then measure out your thigh length, beginning from the knee to your waist and, then, the knees to the base of your foot. The last measuring is the length of the waist, to see if the desk you want can accommodate extra space.

Getting all these measures right ensures that you’ll consider not only the maximum office desk height but its depth and width too. 

What Are The Desk Dimensions?

Next, look at the desk that you’re interested in purchasing. Try to look for various desk dimensions that are suited for people of different heights. Usually, it’s easy to find a desk with the proper height range of 28 to 30 inches if you're upto 5 feet 10 inches tall. There are many standing desk height charts that you can see online to get a better idea.

What are the desk dimensions?

If you're taller than that, then you may not find it easy to get a desk. Some tall people who find it too cramped to work with smaller desks prefer getting a tall standing desk.

  • As an easy measure – add one inch to the desk space for every three inches to the person's height. For example, if an employee is 6 feet, then the standard desk height would be 27 inches. 
  • An affordable solution to buying a new desk with desk height for a tall person is to cut the desk legs. The legs must be cut down to make the desk 24 inches and readjust using wooden blocks.
  • If the space permits, an L-shaped desk is perfect. It gives you more PC area while the two sides offer space for devices, folders, and writing. 
  • After setting up your new workstation, leave enough space under the desk to move your legs about freely and to prevent banging your knees. 

Standing desk

It is easier for them to work with this height when standing and sitting; all they need is an ergonomic chair for tall people with more height adjustment. Standing or sit-stand desks can be the better solution for offices where all employees have different heights.These desks have adjustable standard desk heights, with the best of them going as high as 33 inches.

What Are The Chair Dimensions?

A taller person will always have this issue with their chair. That the seat pan isn’t large enough to support their entire leg. Usually, when seated, the leg remains unsupported and hangs over the seat. It's uncomfortable and creates pressure under the thighs.

What are the chair dimensions?

They might even find that the chair can’t be raised high enough for them. Next, they are sitting at a lower height with the hips below the knee level.

  • The suitable chair for standard desk height for a tall person can turn out to be the component that supports you in areas where the desk height adjustment isn’t possible.
  • Sitting in an adjustable chair lets you rest on the back support with lumbar support, offering your arms, back, and legs full support.
  • There shouldn’t be any pressure on the back of the knees. There should be about a fist-sized amount of space between your legs and the seat edge.
  • The width of the chair should let your forearms and elbows be fully supported whenever you sit or type.
  • Fatigue in the shoulders and arms increases when arms remain unsupported or are raised slightly.
  • The armrests must be long enough for you to sit on the chair without pulling up the chair to the desk. If you pull up the chair, your shoulders remain shrugged, and there’s a strain on the neck and shoulder muscles. 
  • The chair and desk height standard for a tall person must be level. Your elbows should be horizontal, wrists in a straight position, and eyes must be looking down at a 30-degree angle without bending the neck.

To prevent these issues, get a supportive and comfortable chair even when used with an adjustable standing desk. The chair and desk should be balanced out and work together. In fact, the chair gives you greater customization as they feature adjustable seat height and back support.


When seated, the angle between the legs and torso should fall in the 90- and 110-degree angles. The back of the knees mustn’t touch the edge of the seat. The equipment used, your height, and the tasks that you perform also determine desk and chair height

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