Deltahub Carpio G2.0 Wrist Rest: Designed For Gamers

Deltahub Carpio G2.0 Wrist Rest: Designed For Gamers

|Sep 15, 2023

Wrist rests are not new. They’ve been around for years and have proven to be invaluable for day to day use in the office. But what about for gaming? Surely, it can’t work with the dynamics and fluidity of movement? Think again.

Deltahub Carpio G2.0 Gaming Wrist Rest has made waves in the industry recently. It’s designed for gamers, giving you flexibility and comfort without hindering your performance. Does it live up to the hype? Let’s jump in and find out!

Deltahub G2.0

First Impressions

The box is small, sleek, and slick. It’s a lovely first feel of the product, with a hologram effect giving off all the right vibes. And there’s a touch of ingenuity too, where the instructions reveal itself at the same time as the product. 

If a company puts that much effort into packaging, then how good must the product be?

Once you open it by pulling the strap, the wrist rest reveals itself. Immediately obvious is the design. It just looks cool and fits right into the world of gaming. Unlike most other wrist wrests, it comes with a wrist strap - more on that a bit later.

After an initial play around, it’s clearly a well-made product that’s easy to use.

Deltahub G2.0

Design & Materials

As I said already, the design is really cool. The maneuverability of the teflon surface is very neat, together with the silicon pads for added support. There’s also the strap which keeps it on the wrist, kept in place by a magnet. 

Deltahub G2.0

And you know what, it works.

When you’re not using it, the design fits well with the overall desktop setup. It’s not just another tool that looks a bit out of place.

Deltahub G2.0

How it Fits

To be honest, it took me a few minutes to figure out the strap. It’s not entirely clear how it works at the beginning but after a bit of playing around, I worked it out. 

The Caprio G2.0  comes in two sizes - Small (for palms slightly smaller than a credit card) and Large (slightly bigger than a credit card. The one I tried was small and to be honest, I wouldn’t want it to be much smaller. 

The size was great for my wrist - which I would say is average sized (if there’s such a thing!). It hugged the shape very well and the curve was just perfect. 

The strap stayed on throughout my games as well, and I grew in confidence with it as I used it more and more.

Pro Tip: Look out for the QR code and scan through for an instructional video on how to set up your Carpio G2.0 Wrist Rest and to make the most of it. It’s highly recommended to watch it before using.

Deltahub G2.0

The Experience

Overall the experience has been great so far. It does take a bit of getting used to, a few adjustments here and there - but the Carpio 2.0 Gaming Wrist Rest has been a revelation. Not just my wrist, but my whole arm and shoulder feels better than it did a few weeks ago. Nowhere near as stiff or sore.

As for my gaming, if anything - I think it’s gotten slightly better because I have more maneuverability than before. I’m not distracted by any aches or stiffness - I’m just playing the game in free flow.

Deltahub G2.0

What’s the Difference with Deltahub Carpio 2.0?

There’s a couple of key differences between the standard Carpio 2.0 and its gaming version. The first, and perhaps most obvious, is the strap. This allows for complete movement for gamers as you vigorously move your mouse around. 

The second, slightly more subtle change, is the silicon pads where you rest your palm on. The Carpio G2.0 version has a mesh design, which allows air to flow through. This is ideal for gamers as it reduces sweating and loss of grip.

Deltahub G2.0

Final Thought

I think this is an excellent product, with some very thoughtful changes from the original model to adapt it for gamers. It strikes the right balance in allowing free hand movement while remaining securely in place. That’s no mean feat.

And your body will thank you for it. Even after just a month, my whole right arm and shoulder just feels so much better and less achy than it did before. You can take it anywhere with you too and it fits right in your pocket. 

A very solid product from a solid brand.

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