Desk by Window Ideas - How to Position Correctly
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Desk by Window Ideas - How to Position Correctly

|Jan 11, 2022

You may think that choosing the right desk for your office is hard enough-but have you considered what direction it should be placed? Each desk has benefits and drawbacks by window direction, nearer to the wall or closer to the window. It's sometimes impossible to place your office desk under a window where you want it, but if you can choose where you can place the desk elsewhere, that's even better.

Analyze your working habits, distractions, and how you think of yourself as a successful worker. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of home standing desk directions, and then choose the window desk ideas that optimize your productivity!        

How to Place a Desk Based on the Type of Desk or Window

How to Place a Desk Based on the Type of Desk or Window

There aren't a lot of different desk shapes, but fitting the desk to the room is the most important thing. There should be enough room for documents and materials on your desk. It should not be too big or too small depending on the environment. In order to succeed in life, you need to have enough space to work.

  • There are several shapes of desks that are effective: rectangular, "L," and kidney-shaped ones.
  • There is no problem with standing desks.
  • In the back and on either side, credenzas add additional support.

Here are some other best practices worth mentioning for your desk by window:

  • Don't face a wall. Alternatively, you might want to look into a mirror to expand your career prospects.
  • It's best to have the windows on your side. That way, you won't be distracted by the view.
  • Based on the feng shui office layout principle, you will need a minimum amount of space behind you (36 inches) so that you will have room to grow. If you cannot get into the desk easily, find another desk.

Ideas for Desk by Window You Should Know

Floating window spaces

Window niches are gorgeous, but they also create odd nooks that waste space. A floating desk built to fit the space can transform the space into a functional work area. It's difficult for most commercial furniture items to fit into odd corners, so a custom-built hanging L-shaped desk feng shui fitted onto the wall is the best solution.

Making a smaller window seem larger

Facing the wall or not

A large desk by window can crowd small rooms. Choose a light and airy option that can practically be seen through if you'd like to avoid that. Due to its leggy shape, the ergonomic office chair does not occupy much visual space, either. Minimalist furniture is ideal for small spaces.

Making the most of a bigger window

Consider positioning your L-shaped standing desk to face a window if you hate looking at the same view almost every hour of the day. If you're working on something, you should take a break at least once a day to enjoy the view from the window. It is true that even in cloudier months, the sun can keep you happy.

Facing the wall or not

By facing the back or sidewall of your office, you'll restrict distractions (by preventing people-watching or window gazing), but you'll also feel enclosed due to the limited view outside.

It is possible to promote an air of openness and encourage communication and collaboration by orienting your desk away from the wall; however, the constant sounds of the outside can be very distracting.

Balancing distractions and wonderful views

For the sake of minimizing distractions, position your desk by window so that one side of the desk faces the window. It is often an excellent option for most people to situate their desk either in front of or by a window.

Limiting distractions

Limiting distractions desk by window

Many people prefer to have their desks facing the wall, limiting distractions by preventing them from watching individuals pass by or looking out the window too often. However, it can be hard to feel connected to the room when this door is closed. It is possible to find yourself confined to a small, claustrophobia-inducing corner desk placement in a home office with your back to a wall depending on the size of your office. You might be able to overcome this problem by placing your desk in the center of the room but still facing the wall.

Getting the most light

Lighting also involves taking into consideration the location of light sources. Make sure the lighting isn't causing glare on your monitor but enough light to work without squinting. When it's sunny outside, it's brighter than your computer screen (even on a cloudy day), making it more difficult to see the screen, giving you headaches and eye fatigue. Due to this, stay away from windows unless you can shade them. Also, don't sit facing a window because it will be hard to read the monitor.

Ideal place with a window

Ideal place with a window

To get this boost from the sun, choose a room with a window if you have control over your home office with a window location. In the event that you cannot control lighting in your workplace and are not fortunate enough to have a window alongside your desk (much less surrounded by windows), go outside more during your breaks and try getting a desk lamp that simulates daylight.

Decorate your view

Are plants able to assist you in your work? There is a view of tranquil nature right around the corner, giving you a mental and visual break from work. Desk plants could improve your productivity and happiness in the office, no matter how silly it sounds. We can even re-energize and focus on live plants and greenery through our windows.

Desk size matters

Desk size matters desk by window

Think about the size of the desk by window when it's placed inside the room. You may want to place an office desk in the center of a room if your desk is larger. Consider having two small desks on either side of the room if the desk is smaller and needs multiple desks.

If more space is needed for desks, you can balance out the room this way. Having multiple employees working from home or students in a home-schooling situation is good for people like us.

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