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Discover 8 Vital Components for your Ergonomic Office Chair

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 27, 2018

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Discover 8 Vital Components for your Ergonomic Office Chair

Workers in the office face a lot of issues, the major one is health wise. Workers are affected by everyday activities in the workplace which can cause such issues (health issues). The well-known one is the long hours of sitting while working. It is very hazardous to the worker health and hazardous to the business productivity.

The kind of sickness one can get from sitting on a regular office chair for long hours of the day can be minor or major. For instance, long hours of sitting can cause sickness like back pains, lumbar stress. In order for people to avoid these, ergonomic office chairs were used.

These ergonomic office chairs offer comfort to the user in the best way possible. For any of them to serve such a purpose they must have certain components. These components are what you would find in any great ergonomic office chair.

On this post, there will be discussions on the 8 essential parts that a proper office chair should have. Also to that there will be recommend ergonomic office chairs to choose from.

What are ergonomic office chairs?

Let’s begin by understanding what ergonomic means. Ergonomics – is a form of human-engineering which involves the use of materials to build items that are suitable and comfortable to use. The ergonomic chair is designed to support the human body In order to improve the following: posture, health, comfort, and support.

8 vital components for your ergonomic office chair

When looking to buy an office chair there are some components to keep an eye for. These components are what makes the office chair ergonomic and different from regular office chairs. They are the following:


This is a crucial part of an office chair. Without the proper backrest, a worker is prone to bad back support and inappropriate postures. All those can be caused by some factors like inappropriate backrest size, materials, position or the way it’s used.

Working in such conditions will cause ailments like back pain, headaches, and fatigue. To avoid these ailments, the backrest should be able to support the entire back. Especially the lower back. The backrest should also conform to the user’s spine according to his/her natural curvature.

If a business wishes to buy ergonomic office chairs they should consider buying varieties. The reason is due to the fact that not all workers have the same spine curvature. For individuals, this is easier because of it only one person that requires an ergonomic chair and he/she would know their spine curvature.


The seat is also a crucial part. It determines how far from the ground one’s feats would be. Which is a good reason why it must be adjustable? When using a chair with a seat that is too high it can cause workers to move with their chair to a point in a forward direction. It will lead to the worker’s back being unsupported thus making it hard to maintain the spine’s natural shape with the chair. These awkward positions will lead to fatigue, swelling, numbness, pain and a restricted circulation of blood.

If the seat pan is inappropriately sized it can be uncomfortable in several ways like not enough support for the legs and a restricted movement. A seat pan which is too short from the floor will place a lot of pressure on the posterior of all users. Also, if the seat pan is too long there will be a lot of pressure on the knees of shorter users, thus, minimizing their back support.

A small sized seat pan is sure to restrict movement and provide inadequate support. Prolonged use of the small-sized seat pan can restrict blood flow to the legs.

When considering to buy an ergonomic chair, the seat size and its allowed height from the floor are to be considered. As explained earlier they will lead to ailments. The wrong choice or lack of consideration for this component can cause a decline in the business’s offices.


This is also an important component that must be considered when looking to buy an ergonomic office chair. The armrest should be an adjustable component to prevent the worker from being forced into an awkward position. This could lead to inadequate support of the worker’s back.

Here’s how it would occur: the armrest too low may cause the work to lean towards the side to rest his/her forearm. This is will surely lead to uneven and unbearable postures which will cause fatigue in the shoulders and neck.

If the armrest is too high it will cause the user to maintain a raised shoulder. If that continues, the user will experience tensions on the muscles and fatigue in both the neck and shoulders.

If the armrest is too wide the user will have to reach them with his/her elbow and bend forward just for support. If the user continues to be in this position it will also result in fatigue of shoulders and neck.

If the armrests are too close to the user’s body it will cause a restriction in the movement for both in and out of the chair. The armrest is made of hardened materials in which sharp corners that can cause an issue by irritation of the veins and nerves.

Armrests are to be soft in feel. Which will allow users to relax their shoulders and their elbows will be able to stay close to the body.

Seat height adjuster

This part should be adjustable to meet the user’s needs. Users should be able to place their feet flat on the floor. Since most desk being used now have fixed height, it is only logical to get a chair with a height that can be altered. The standard range of height is between 16 – 21 inches off the floor. It should be able to work for most people. If it doesn’t work for some there are other chairs with lower or higher heights above the floor.

Seat tilt

Ergonomic chairs with this features allow the user to correct the position of his/her pelvis. The common posture problem happens to the anterior pelvic tilt. It is common for people who sit for long hours in the office. The seat tilts do not exist in most chairs and it causes pelvic problems. The seat tilt allows the user to choose the best position whereby his pelvis is in a neutral position while sitting. The seat tilt is usually set at 80 degrees angle at the hips, knee, and ankles.

Backrest for lumbar support

This part of the ergonomic office chair gives support to the user’s lower back. It is an important feature as it helps to keep the user’s ‘S’ shape of the spine while sitting. With this feature, the user will avoid slumping and there will be a drop in stress levels on both the spine and the pelvis too.

It even solves two problems at once (pelvis and spine). This component is sure to enable greatest comfort in the workplace. Thereby increasing productivity.

Adjustable backrest (recline)

This component allows the users a greater tailored positioning. Users will be able to recline the backrest to a more suitable position in which is support his/her spine. For workers in the office, after long hours of working they would want to rest their backs in a reclining manner. This way some weight will be taken from their upper body. As this happens pressure on the spinal disks and muscles will be reduced.


This component increases the user’s maneuverability thereby making it easy for him/her to reach different points. This component allows the user to sync with the office environment which would make the worker more productive and faster in his/her job.

What makes a chair ergonomic?

The aim of an ergonomic chair is generally to improve comfort and health, but it doesn’t stop there. The next set of features coupled with comfort and health makes a chair ergonomic. These next set of features possessed by an ergonomic chair requires you to know how to sit properly.

How to seat on an ergonomic chair:

  • Make sure to keep the computer at arm’s length so the top of the monitor Is at the same level as the eyes
  • Sit up straight, don’t slouch. This way the neck should be in a neutral and relaxed position
  • One’s arms should be kept parallel to the floor
  • Both feats should be flat on the floor; no crossing of the legs. This allows great blood flow within the legs

Back to the question “what makes a chair ergonomic“?

It depends on the user’s need. For a chair to be ergonomic it must be able to give its users a customizable comfort. Adjustable is a great factor in ergonomic chairs, the more adjustable they are the more ergonomic they become.

Although what suits a user may not suit a different user, it means if a chair can be ergonomic to a user and not to an entirely different user.

Recommended chairs for you

Below is a review of great chairs to consider. They are sure to provide you with maximum comfort of 110%. These chairs have all the components mentioned in this post. Along with special the material which makes the chair extra comfortable than a regular one.

Here are top ergonomic chairs you can choose from:

Autonomous ErgoChair 2

Autonomous ErgoChair 2

This ergonomic office chair has the quality which is being mentioned in this post and it is adjustability. The user can set the chair to his/her fit with no problems at all. One of the mechanism allows the user to adjust the chair in a flexible 360 degrees with a full-bodied support in all suitable positions.

There is a support on the backrest for the lower back. It eases up the user’s lumbar off strain. This component allows for even distribution of the user’s weight thereby making the user more relaxed. In the case of office work, they tend to be for productive and efficient.

This chair is a great choice because it provides the users good health and a help them maintain a good posture.

Autonomous AvoChair

Autonomous AvoChair

This chair also possesses the important components that can be found in an ergonomic chair. The seat’s armrest for one can be adjusted to any level in which the user requires.

The chair also allows reclining of the backrest so the user can release some weight from the upper body. In this way, users will be able to reduce the pressure on their spinal disk and muscles. The seat height adjuster is another component in which the Avo chair possesses. This allows the user to set the seat height until their feats are placed on the floor in a neutral flat manner.

Not only does this chair offer adjustability, but it also ensures better comfort with the mesh material on the armrest and seat pads. With is simple and sleek look it is sure to catch eyes. The best part is the fact that the chair is a 100% recyclable.

Alera Elusion

Alera Elusion

This is a great chair if we are to consider the components possessed by the chair. The armrest is adjustable which will relieve one of shoulder, elbow and arm stresses. The seat height adjuster is also present also present. Users can determine how far from the floor the chair will be to ensure their feet are flat on the ground.

The backrest can be tilted backward or forward, usually to a suitable level in such a way that it will be able to take up the user’s upper body weight. Thereby relieving the user of the spinal disk and muscular stresses.

The chair has a silhouette seat cushion with a waterfall-like edge. And a breathable mesh material on the backseat. All these are to ensure the user’s comfort.


On this post, you’ve been given information on all 8 necessary components that need to be possessed by your ergonomic office chair. All of them are designed to increase your comfort and productivity in the workplace or anywhere it is in use.

Along the way, you have also be given some products to choose from. These few products should be able to give you an Idea of what to expect. Two of the chairs are available on the website – to get more updates from our site and upcoming new posts, leave an email in the box below.

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