What to Expect from Kneeling Chairs vs. Saddle Chairs
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What to Expect from Kneeling Chairs vs. Saddle Chairs

|Nov 17, 2021

Office chairs come in all shapes and sizes depending on the needs. It is also true that different professions might desire different office chairs, but another factor that can determine the right chair for you is the choice of the desk. For example, an office ergonomic stool that offers height adjustability is the right choice for standing desks. Similarly, for a conventional desk, an office chair with a simple design will also do the job.

Though it may take a while to determine the best ergonomic office chair for you, you can pick the right one by comparing different types of chairs. This article will compare saddle chairs vs. kneeling chairs, both popular picks for office workers.

Saddle Seat vs. Kneeling Chair

Saddle Seat vs. Kneeling Chair

The saddle seat vs. kneeling chair is a common discussion because the two mentioned choices are common for many office workers. Though you can also invest in a wise combination of saddle kneeling chairs, a detailed review of both types of chairs is mentioned.

What is a Kneeling Chair?

What is a Kneeling Chair

Ever since the negative impacts of sitting for hours have been under the attention, the importance of comfort in office furniture is increasing day by day. A kneeling chair is a similar take on providing a comfortable seating posture to the user. The kneeling chair review makes this product a great choice for the user, but what exactly is a kneeling chair?

Kneeling chairs, as the name suggests, provide support for your knees. The seat is slightly raised to lift the hip at a sloped level, and kneels that fall in a natural shape are supported with the kneeling pads.

A kneeling chair ensures a safe posture by allowing the body to form a natural spine curve. Such chairs might look weirdly uncomfortable, but they are very useful for people who suffer from lower back pain and similar issues. Here are some pros and cons of using a kneeling chair in your work setting.

Pros of Kneeling Chairs

  • Kneeling Chairs helps rectify spinal alignment and posture, but it also has other benefits, including better breathing and digestion.
  • Your core and back muscles will gradually strengthen as you utilize your kneeling chair regularly. You're using your back and abdominal muscles because you don't have a backrest to support you.
  • When the pelvis is in an open position, the internal organs of the abdomen are exposed to less compression, which improves digestion.
  • Kneeling chairs also reduce the pressure on the lower spine discs by keeping the body angle at a natural level.
  • One of the best kneel chair benefits' is improved blood circulation and better mood at work.

Cons of  of Kneeling Chairs

  • Kneeling chairs don’t allow your legs to move freely
  • You cannot sit in any other posture other than kneeling
  • Adjusting to the chair might be hard
  • Kneeling Chairs are not ideal for larger people

Saddle Chairs

Saddle Chairs

An ergonomic saddle chair is a comfort combined with style. These types of work chairs offer durable sitting posture and also make the user feel easy when working. Also known as a desk stool, it has two cushions that allow you to saddle the chair instead of sitting on it.

The forward rotation of your pelvis permits your spine to maintain its normal lumbar curve. Experts claim that sitting on a saddle chair makes it nearly impossible to slouch and that it allows you to burn more calories than sitting in a traditional office chair. Here are some benefits and disadvantages of a saddle chair.

Pros of Saddle Chairs

  • Saddle chairs improve the blood circulation in the legs by redirecting the pelvis to a safe position.
  • Improved circulation guarantees better energy level and improved mood
  • Since saddle chairs don't have wide backs, they allow the core to strengthen on its own. Saddle chairs provide great support for your back.
  • One of the saddle chair benefits is improved hand precision

Cons of Saddle Chairs

  • It might be hard to adjust at first
  • Not ideal for people with poor back health and weaker muscles
  • It might be hard for overweight people
  • Does not allow a back cushion or support for the neck

Similarities and Differences between Saddle Chair vs. Kneeling Chair

Similarities and Differences between Saddle Chair vs. Kneeling Chair

Kneeling chairs and saddle chairs are two of the most recommended chairs for improving upright sitting posture.

These two chair styles lack a back for support, which forces a person to maintain an upright posture when sitting. Below are all of the distinctions and similarities between the two chairs that you should be aware of.

Similarities between Saddle Chair vs. Kneeling Chair

Similarities between Saddle Chair vs. Kneeling Chair

One of the greatest similarities between a saddle chair and a kneeling chair is that they allow spinal alignment.

These chairs are especially for people who suffer from hip issues and poor spinal posture.

You can get a proper hip alignment with both saddle chairs and kneeling chairs as the angle formed allows the lower back to be subjected to minimum pressure and strain.

Both chairs require some practice to learn getting and getting out of them effectively.

Differences between Saddle Chair vs. Kneeling Chair

Differences between Saddle Chair vs. Kneeling Chair


As the saddle chair resembles closely to a stool, it allows maximum freedom of movement for the legs. Unfortunately, most saddle chairs come with wheels for ease of movement and hindered free movement.

On the other hand, kneeling chairs don't allow the freedom of leg movement in any way. In addition, the kneeling cushions restrict the legs from moving, which might cause discomfort to some.


Saddle chairs offer complete flexibility by allowing a complete angle of rotation for maximum comfort. Saddle chairs also facilitate grabbing things. That's why these chairs are ideal for dental uses, as they have to use multiple tools at once.

On the other hand, kneeling chairs don't offer freedom of movement, especially to the sides. With a kneeling chair, you can move to the front, but the side movement is restricted.  


Kneeling chairs have a unique design which makes it hard for the user to adjust to them.

Saddle chairs are simple seats that require no effort to learn using them properly.

Sitting Posture

A kneeling chair keeps your knees closer to each other. Thus, the hip abduction angle is lower.

The hip abduction angle is greater with a saddle chair due to the increased distance between the two knees. However, this posture allows and improves spinal support.

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