How to Choose The Best Ergonomic Saddle Chair?
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How to Choose The Best Ergonomic Saddle Chair?

Autonomous|Sep 27, 2021

The decision to purchase an ergonomic saddle chair should be made carefully, whether you are a medical professional, an artist, or an office worker. Stools and an ergonomic saddle chair need to be comfortable, highly adjustable, structurally sound, and ergonomically designed for working. If you want to purchase an ergonomic saddle office chair, the following qualities are what you should look for:

  • Your unique "bootie" shape is taken into account in the ergonomic saddle chair contour.
  • You have the correct saddle height for your leg length.

Saddle Seat for Better Posture

Saddle chairs are shaped like equestrian saddles, as you might have guessed from their name. Unlike a regular and best ergonomic chair, this chair allows the user to lean forward with their hips and knees bent at approximately 135° rather than 90° as in a regular seat.

How to Buy a Saddle Seat

How to Buy ergonomic saddle chair

As you sit in an ergonomic saddle office chair, your spine strengthens, and your posture improves. With this stance, you will strengthen the muscles of your lower back, abdominals, and buttocks. Once your muscles have adjusted to the new posture, your posture will gradually correct itself. Sitting in ergonomic saddle stools increases hand strength and acuity. With a more stable torso and shoulder girdle, hand activity is facilitated.

A solid saddle ergonomic stool and divided saddle stools are both available. Split saddle stools are divided down the middle, with some even having an adjustable gap in the middle. Men can benefit from this design in more ways than women (more on that later). Based on online saddle ergonomic chair reviews, it would help if you also considered the following things when purchasing a saddle stool.

Single or dual seat pads

Single or dual seat pads

With two different models of the saddle chair for office, you can choose between an open-gap center seat and a split-seat option. There is a preference for this saddle design among many men and women. With the split seat, the ambient temperature on the lower half of the seat reduces, contributing to increased comfort and hygiene. As a result of the split-seat, the pudendal nerve and prostate may be relieved from pressure.


Beginners may take a while to become accustomed to saddle chairs. It would be easier for the transition if you began with a softer cushioned option before going onto the firmer option.Others complain bitterly that the saddle seats are too hard, even though they sense that they are softly cushioned. There are two reasons why someone complains of hardness: either their seat doesn't fit, or their tissue is too rigid or flexible for even the best ergonomic saddle stool to work correctly.

Seat height

Seat height

An adjustable desk is a must for saddle chairs because they are higher than regular office chairs. It is also possible to skip buying a new desk and buy a desk riser or stand instead. Instead of thinking of a saddle seat like a chair, think of it as a "supported standing device."

Compared to conventional chairs, saddles have much higher seat heights. The angle between the legs and torso should be about 135° in saddle-sitting (as opposed to 90° in chairs). The optimal posture of the back depends on the height of the seat.

Even if the seat height is slightly lower than optimal, you can still use the saddle seat because the cantle shape helps keep the pelvis upright. An individual can adjust the height several inches in a saddle seat and still be supported, seen, and comfortable in a high perch posture.


When buying saddle standing desk stools, look for those that allow you to tilt them. Changing this setting will allow you to adjust the seat to fit your anatomy comfortably.There is usually an option to tilt the seat on most saddle seats. For some individuals, adjusting the seat so that it is comfortable is necessary based on their anatomy.

You prefer to drive your saddle backwards when you have a pear-shaped body (more visible buttocks or thighs). The saddles are usually used forward by people with apple-shaped bodies (fine buttocks and thighs). Adjust the tilt of the seat for a comfortable, balanced feeling.

Leg position

Leg position

Your feet are involved in providing body support in all ergonomic saddle chairs. You can work with your hands more stably when you straddle in a wide position. As the chair is used, your legs do not assist your posture in the same way they do when sitting passively in a desk chair.

Seat contour

An upholstered seat offers more support if it's contoured. Additionally, you are also putting yourself at risk of not fitting the item. Try out a saddle chair before you purchase it if you want to buy a highly contoured one.It is generally observed that the more anatomical shapes in a seat, the better the fit.

A seat's contour means fewer people can fit in it, resulting in fewer people being able to sit comfortably. Less anatomically contoured seats provide more flexibility for the population's anatomical variances. Average saddle seats rise above the bottom of the seat towards the rear. "Cantle" means a rise behind the pelvis that helps support the pelvis in an upright position.


Backrest of ergonomic saddle chair

Getting one with a backrest will be more useful if you intend to use the saddle stool for extended periods (for example, at the office). In all other situations, alternate the ergonomic chair with a regular office chair.

Seat Width

When beginning saddle-sitting, beginners often feel that their seats are too wide. It is designed with a wide saddle seat, making it comfortable to ride. Maintaining a more upright posture and increasing stability will be easier with a wider seat. Additionally, leaning to the side and reaching out with a broader stance improves stability and safety.

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