Exploring the Ontario Canada Furniture Market: Trends and Styles
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Exploring the Ontario Canada Furniture Market: Trends and Styles

|Oct 15, 2023

Home and office furniture typically go through new trends every single year. Yet not every homeowner or business purchases furniture in Ontario every single year. Is this the year where it makes sense to upgrade in that department? 

Ergonomic furniture has grown in popularity over the past few years, especially within office furniture in the Ontario market and other parts of the country. This has much to do with the potential health benefits that this type of furniture can provide. Is choosing to buy an ergonomic chair a good idea for everyone?

That question is one that this article will try to answer. Like with any trend, each person will have to decide whether what’s “in fashion” works for them. Without further adieu then, here are some popular trends and styles currently found in furniture stores in Ontario. 

10 Furniture Trends That Are Going to Take Over This Year

These are some of the most popular home and office furniture styles. The key is to find trends and styles that will allow people to get the most out of their space. This year, most trends are staying away from anything dark and gloomy.

Go Minimalistic

The minimalist style has been popular for at least a few years now. After the lockdowns, home offices became the norm for many people, and it became clear the cluttered spaces were not ideal. It’s not just less is more with this particular style; that’s what many people get wrong. 

It’s okay to have an office desk for home use that occupies enough space. This trend is more about adding elements to the room that truly contribute to the area's functionality or to the look and feel of the place.

Go Minimalistic - furniture in ontario

Multipurpose Furniture Is In

Multipurpose furniture ties in perfectly to a minimalistic style within a home or office space. Many people get the sense that multipurpose furniture is only a couch that can turn into a bed. While that idea can benefit some homes, that’s not all there is to this trend. 

Someone can buy an ergonomic chair and use it to watch TV or sit at their corner standing desk they bought during the pandemic. It’s not just less is more, but figuring out how to use what’s there for different activities.

Nature-Based Aesthetic Designs

In simple terms, this trend involves adding more plants and flowers to the interior design. The key here is to choose different plants that are going to be able to thrive in that particular space with minimal care. Having many dead plants everywhere isn’t great for the positive vibes this nature trend tries to portray. 

There’s an element to this trend that can’t be overlooked. That is, allowing plenty of natural light to enter the space. That will contribute to a wellness factor that this idea aims to achieve.

Nature-Based Aesthetic Designs

Smart Furniture Helps

Buying a smart desk is not the same as purchasing a multipurpose one. Hence, the decision to include both smart furniture and multipurpose furniture on the list. Smart furniture can include anything from a sit-stand desk to a table with a touch screen to enhance work and play. 

The proper smart furniture will allow people to get the most out of their limited space. At the same time, it should let them step into modernity in a way that a simple wooden table just can’t offer.

Smart Furniture Helps

Cozy Seating Options Are Always a Trend

No one can go wrong with a cozy couch that makes it hard to stop the Netflix and chill marathon. Naturally, certain folks are afraid to add these options because of the time that could be wasted on them. It’s still important to have a place to truly be able to relax. 

Can the best ergonomic chair also be considered cozy? This is one of the biggest challenges with these new trends. There is certainly a possibility to find cozy options that are great on the back!

Cozy Seating Options Are Always a Trend

Light or Bright Colors - What to Choose?

Brighter colors are becoming a popular trend in home design for sure. The color schemes on walls and furniture will heavily depend on the main design theme homeowners decide to run with. 

Bright colors are a better idea because they go better with minimalist design, and this trend of using natural light benefits the look and feel of any place. Certain modern designs use a very dark color scheme. That trend has not proven to be as sustainable, at least so far. 

Explore New Materials

Leather, or upholstery, have been the two main materials that furniture manufacturers in Ontario and the world over have used for years. There’s a growing trend of using sustainable materials to create chairs, couches, and other elements. It could be a great idea to explore these new materials. 

Some old options, like leather, can get very uncomfortable on a hot day. Upholstery can also get itchy when sitting somewhere too long. That’s especially the case with cheap furniture in Ontario. It’s time to move into a more modern fabric that can remove the issues of old.

Explore New Materials

What’s with the Curved Sofas and Chairs? 

Anyone who steps foot in a furniture store these days will see plenty of curved chairs and sofas. The main idea behind the curvature is to get into the ergonomic trend referenced earlier. The problem is not every curved chair is truly an office ergonomic chair

True ergonomic options keep the back straight and make sitting in a particular spot less painful. Often, the only way to tell a true option from a fake one is to sit down and get a sense of what sitting in that chair will be like. 

Can Vintage & Minimalistic Worlds Combine?

Both vintage and minimalist design ideas are trending at the moment. Are they truly two concepts that can be combined? There are certainly ways to include vintage assets into a minimalist concept. 

The best recommendation for people who want to combine these two concepts would be to use vintage concepts on drawers, lamps, and similar elements. Then, turning around and going modern with chairs, desks, and furniture with more active use.

Autonomous bulk order

Wall Hangings: What’s In or Out

Whatever goes on the walls should complement the room’s overall design. Offices with a modern design touch can benefit greatly from pop art fixtures on the walls. This is especially true if the walls are all white across the board. 

When the main concept leans towards a vintage design idea, more classical art will fit in better. Some homes are even going to benefit from darker Renaissance ideas. Wall hangings featuring different fabrics and similar elements could also fit in with the vintage look.

Wall Hangings: What’s In or Out

Which Office Furniture Color Is in for 2023?

Many of the places selling office furniture in Ontario are going to feature all-white desk options. This is especially true about the smart desks they offer. The main reason is that the white desks can combine with virtually any type of decor already in place. 

There’s also a growing trend to have certain elements in very bright colors. This is meant to contrast with light interiors. What’s grown popular are darker colors with a bit of shine. When the main look is more vintage, that opens the door for wooden elements and all of the beiges that are also popular. 

Colors on the walls will also heavily determine what direction the furniture goes. All-white desks, for example, can go well with some of the darker tones for wall coloring that have become popular. When the walls have a lighter tone, mixing that with darker furniture works well.

Which Office Furniture Color Is in for 2023?

Is DIY Furniture Still in for 2023?

At this point, as long as there are good ideas for DIY furniture in Ontario popping up on TikTok and Pinterest, it’ll always be in. It’s important, though, to understand that many of these ideas are not the most sturdy or durable. Maybe leaving this type of furniture for decor elements more than tables and chairs with a heavy usage rate is a good idea.

When it comes to office furniture, it’s hard to justify a DIY option. First off, in an office space, the furniture usually needs to be there by yesterday. Investing time and effort into creating an element that’s going to be, at times, overused is a hard sell.

Is DIY Furniture Still in for 2023?

Autonomous - Best Place to Buy High-Quality Office Furniture in Ontario

There are plenty of places to buy high-end or even cheap furniture in Ontario. It’s important to point out that the price tag on an office chair won’t necessarily determine its quality. There are also great places to find discount desks that will serve plenty of people well. 

Most of the well-known e-commerce spots that sell everything also sell office furniture. There are certainly plenty of good options that can be found in these massive marketplaces. It could be a comfortable option for people who use their accounts a lot and benefit from doing so. 

There are other options on the market, though, that make more sense, especially for smaller companies trying to look to buy wholesale office chairs. Autonomous is a company that offers a multitude of office furniture options.

One of the things that allows them to stand out from the crowd is their bulk office furniture program. It provides discounts of up to 25% for companies who buy large amounts of chairs and desks from their site. 

It’s hard to find places offering bulk order deals, particularly on quality sit-stand desks. Most of the options in this bulk order program are modern ergonomic chairs. The reality is that most of the other bulk-order chairs out there are the typical black office chairs that are not necessarily comfortable to use. 

Regardless of where anyone decides to purchase, it’s important to pick a place that offers options that fit the office in question. There’s a real risk in purchasing furniture at a decent price, but that doesn’t provide many tangible benefits. Generations of workers are currently dealing with the backlash of working with poor office furniture.

Autonomous - Office Furniture in Ontario

The Importance of Comfortable Office Furniture

When it comes to office furniture in Ontario, it’s not that the design, look, and feel of the space are not important. It’s just that comfort and functionality should trump design as the most important features. That’s why purchasing ergonomic chairs for workers is such an asset. 

Uncomfortable workplaces are only going to make work much more difficult. On top of that, sitting in an unnatural position for an extended period can have serious long-term health implications. 

The National Library of Medicine studied dentists at all levels of the profession to monitor the type of pain each subject reported. According to the results, all dentists reported some discomfort because of their constant seated position. 

Dentists are a very peculiar profession that requires people to remain in awkward positions for extended periods. If this study was extended to include all professions, it could still show that many people suffer pain due to poor seating options.

The Importance of Comfortable Office Furniture

Final Thoughts

The current trends in the furniture market in Ontario can fit multiple designs and ideas. There are two main avenues that people are taking these days. One is the vintage furniture side, and the other is the minimalist option. 

It’s not that one option is better than the next, but as was mentioned previously, comfort can fall by the wayside in some of the vintage designs. That’s especially true when talking about office furniture. The modern smart desks typically associated with a minimalist design have more to offer people currently in the workforce. 

Comfort is an element that should not be overlooked regardless of what the current trends are. The good thing is that most furniture manufacturers have come to accept this. There’s still a bit of a challenge, though, to bring a part of the public towards ergonomic options. 

Many modern ergonomic designs, especially in chairs, differ from the larger chair options in previous generations that screamed cozy. It turns out that being in a comfy chair may not be as comfortable after two or three hours. That’s evident in many different types of workplaces.

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