How to Get Motivated to Work at Home for a Long Duration
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How to Get Motivated to Work at Home for a Long Duration

|Nov 6, 2021

This might not come as a surprise to all but working from home motivation is hard to achieve. A study suggests a substantial decrease in remote work motivation due to the bunch of challenges faced by remote workers. Feeling isolated and suffering from improper work from facilities are the leading factors, but getting motivated to work at home requires constant work and effort.

From finding the urge to stay creative during lockdown to needing the morning motivation for work, we all suffer from productivity loss if we change our work routine. And the work-from-home shift has by far the biggest change or hit of uncertainty all over the world. This also means that to keep up the productive routine, there needs to be a proper focus on employee wellness and addressing issues that keep the employees motivated for remote work.

If you are also experiencing slack in your remote teams, this article will help you find the right ways to get motivated to work from home.

How to Stay Motivated Working from Home

From having no motivation to work to facing distractions due to life happening around you, working from home is tough in many ways. The challenges of working from home have been under constant observation for a while now. As a result, employers pay due attention as they face employees losing motivation amidst the remote work routine. If you are also on this spree to motivate your employees for a long time now, here are some tips to try.

Setting a Schedule

Setting a Schedule Working from home motivation

The biggest change we experienced because of a pandemic is the loss of routine and our 'normal life. This uncertainty and sudden shift in day-to-day life have been the biggest reason for stress amongst the employees. Hence, a proper schedule can help bring some stability to your life.

To remain as close to the professional work setting, set up a starting and end time to work. This will also help you achieve a proper work-life balance and control the work routine.

Setting up A Work Space

Setting up A Work Space

You may be enticed to work from your bed. After all, it's probably the coziest spot in the house.

When you associate your bed with work, though, it can disrupt your sleep. And if you have difficulties sleeping, it will damage your performance the next day. So the majority of sleep specialists advise reserving your bed for sleeping.

Create a workplace somewhere else, even though your bed seems like a nice place to work. A kitchen table or a workstation in the living room corner can be better options than your bedroom.

Get a Work desk and pair it with an ergonomic chair, so you don't get back pain and posture issues when working from home for a longer period.


Declutter for Working from home motivation

Clutter is the serious enemy of efficiency, whether it is a professional workspace or even a home office setup. You need to take throwing away unnecessary items seriously if you want to experience an upsurge in productivity and get motivated to work at home. Start by ruling out the unneeded items and keep only the essential items near your workstation. It is also important that you keep the work desk clean and neat all the time if you want to experience better work energy levels.

Dress up for Work

This might seem contradictory as dressing up for work was all a show thing because you couldn't get to the office in your PJs (only if you could). But many studies prove that dressing up for work has a serious psychological benefit and a way of working from home motivation. As proven by a study, our mood reflects what we are wearing, and if we don't pay attention to the dress we choose when getting to work, we will feel lazy and just like one sane person would react in their night suit.

Virtual Coffee Sessions

Virtual Coffee Sessions

We miss most (and probably the only thing) the chat session with our colleagues. Office tea breaks and lunch breaks were the only things that kept us sane during most of the tough work adventures, and not being able to chat over work-related stress is the thing we miss the most when working from home.

Employers should encourage online meetings and coffee sessions for employees to talk to avoid feeling isolated. Incorporating this simple practice into your work routine can substantially boost your mood and give rise to productivity.

Plan Your Day

Here is another way to promote your working from home motivation. day, dedicate a time slot of 5 to 10 minutes to plan your workday entirely. This practice can help you achieve a lot more than you can imagine, especially since it can be stressful if you have a lot of chores to perform for a huge project or if you have administrative responsibilities building up that you have yet to start.

If you're working from home and need to get certain administrative jobs done, break them down into small portions to finish throughout the day or week. This method of planning and laying out your workload should save you from feeling overwhelmed.

Setting up Time Slots

Setting up Time Slots

Big jobs can feel more manageable if you set aside little chunks of time and plan what you'll do during that time. For example, you could find that telling yourself that you just have 30 minutes to complete one invoice is more motivating than telling yourself that you have 50 invoices to create by midday.

You will be more accountable if you schedule your time. For example, when you just have 15 to 20 minutes to accomplish a task, you're less likely to get lost on social media. Also, you'll be less prone to postpone if you set a strict deadline for yourself.


Knowing that you have to finish a task and give it to your manager by a specific deadline may inspire you, but if you don't work for anyone, you should strive to find ways to reward yourself after each task or day. This small boost of working from home motivation may be just what you need to go on to the next job while maintaining your motivation.

Employers should also adopt this practice of rewarding employees for making them feel motivated and more positive towards the work. After all, appreciation is one of the biggest factors leading to workplace motivation.

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