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How to Build Muscles Without Weights - Autonomous Fitness

|Mar 23, 2023

At-home workouts have become more popular since the pandemic, and people enjoy working out from their homes without paying hefty gym fees or sticking to gym schedules. But as much as we love this flexibility, we also find ourselves limited because of a lack of resources, such as proper fitness equipment and training for at-home workouts. And if your aim is to build muscles at home, you must wonder whether or not you can build muscles without weights. In short, the answer is yes.

Lifting weights and bench presses aren't necessary for muscle building; you can build muscles at home with the right selection of training and proper nutrition.

Below you will find all you need to know about how to build muscles without weights and the correct type of total body workout to help you reach the desired goals. Read on to find out!

Can You Build Muscles without Weights and How?

Yes, you can build muscles without weight through the correct type of workout. Muscle building is all about bodyweight training, a combination of resistance and strength training that helps in muscle mass gain. And if you are confused about how to build muscles without gaining fat? Then this is where your diet and nutrition come into play. Below are some tips to gain muscles at home without lifting weights

Increase Training Volume

Muscle strength is gained when you increase the load put on your muscles. That doesn't mean you need to overload the muscles, as it will only cause muscle aches. But to increase muscle density, a great way is to increase the workout load on the muscles progressively. This means increasing the number of sets for each exercise and increasing the intensity of resistance training during the workouts.

Can You Build Muscles without Weights and How?

Hold Down the Eccentric Movement

Eccentric movement is when a muscle undergoes lengthened muscle tension during an exercise. Slowing down or holding down your position when you are in a pull-up or a split squat position will help you increase the metabolic stress placed on the muscle; hence muscles will work to develop more strength.

Introduce Various Types of Workouts

Your body will eventually adjust to the exercises, which is natural. Perhaps the bodyweight squat is no longer as difficult to perform as it once was, and pull-ups have become easy. Introducing different iterations of the same tasks at this stage is ideal. Your workout's rising complexity will function as a progressive overload to keep your muscles guessing.

Introduce Various Types of Workouts

Take Shorter Rest Breaks

Rest breaks between sets are essential for muscle recovery. But for bodybuilding, short breaks between sets are recommended because shorter breaks will create more significant metabolic stress, which is essential for muscle growth. Though this might lead to sore muscles at first, it is essential to know how to relieve sore muscles after workout and the benefits of muscle sore after massage.

Bodyweight Exercises

While walking on the treadmill to lose weight or cycling for weight loss are some of the popular fitness ideas you have been aware of, but when it comes to muscle building, body weight exercises play a vital role. The reason behind this is that bodyweight exercises utilize the body weight to provide resistance which in turn increases muscle strength.

Fitness Accessories

Electric Muscle Stimulation

There is a reason why bodybuilders opt for expensive gyms and extensive training sessions. The heavy equipment and the supplements aid in progressing the muscle-building process. But if you are working out at home, you can build muscle strength, and electric muscle stimulation is a great way to achieve this.

EMS equipment delivers electrical muscle stimulation, which activates your motor nerves and causes muscle spasms that resemble those experienced during a workout. This gives your muscles a sensation of a workout without actually having to work out beyond the body's natural capacity.

Increase Mechanical Tension

Mechanical tension is what plays a dominant role in muscle building. Without mechanical tension build-up, you will find it hard to gain muscles or even begin to lose muscle mass due to exertion and the conversion of protein and fats to provide energy. While mechanical tension is typically built during the weight lifting process, you can take help with slowed movements during crunches, lunges, and squats to increase the mechanical tension in muscles without using any weights.

Increase Mechanical Tension


This occurs when exercise, specifically resistance training, causes little tears in the muscular tissue. Your body reacts to this by attempting to repair the damage, which promotes the creation of new muscle. While every exercise—squats, planks, deadlifts, you name it—may tear your muscles, trying new exercises for the first time can also result in this microtrauma.

Single-Sided Exercises

Rather than putting combined stress on your body, working out uni-lateral muscles is a great way to increase muscle strength and gain muscle mass. To do this, modify a standard squat into a pistol squat, a glute bridge into a single-leg bridge, or a plank into a single-arm or single-leg plank. These short switches can increase the microtrauma to a muscle and increase the tension or strain on that muscle. That makes sense because the weight is distributed evenly across one side of the body rather than on two.

Single-Sided Exercises to build muscles without weights

The Right Diet

It is impossible to build muscle without protein. Protein and amino acids are the key factors driving muscle growth; hence a protein-rich diet will make a real difference. When it comes to protein for muscle build, bodybuilders use several types of protein. Whey protein is the cornerstone of any muscle-building program since it contains all the essential amino acids for protein synthesis in your body's muscles and is easily digested for rapid absorption.

The Right Diet

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Build Muscles Without Protein?

No, our muscles are mainly made up of protein, and you cannot gain new muscle mass without consuming protein-rich foods. However, it is essential to note that protein alone isn't responsible for muscle build-up.

Can You Build Muscles Without Carbs?

Your muscles directly don't need carbs for the muscle mass to increase. But carbs are an essential source of energy in the diet. For people who work out or perform strenuous exercises, having a properly balanced proportion of carbs in their diet provides instant energy for the workout.

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