Back Pain After Massage: Reasons & How To Relieve
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Back Pain After Massage: Reasons & How To Relieve

|Nov 8, 2022

In order to relieve body pain, what is the best massage option? Throughout history, massage has been used to treat many different ailments and illnesses. Massage is still widely accepted as a tool for relaxing and reducing stress, as well as treating bursitis, fatigue, arthritis, diabetes, depression, and high blood pressure. 

Deep tissue massage is an advanced massage technique for getting rid of body pain. We feel knots in our muscles because of muscle adhesions, which are rigid, painful muscle tissue bands. Deep tissue massage breaks up scar tissue and breaks down muscle adhesions. Our circulation can be inhibited, and we may experience back pain after massage and inflammation as a result of these knots. 

Deep tissue massage relieves immediate lower back pain after massage as well as chronic joint and muscle severe lower back pain after massage caused by overworked, stressed connective tissue (fascia) and muscles. Reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow also speed up healing and is the best sitting position for knee pain.

Massage for Deep Tissue Has Many Benefits

  • Relieving stress. There is no better way to relieve stress than with deep tissue massage.
  • Pain is reduced.
  • Heart rate and blood pressure are lowered.
  • Enhances movement by breaking up scar tissue.
  • Reduces the symptoms of arthritis.
  • Muscles that have been injured can be rehabilitated.
  • Provides labor and delivery support.

Massage for Deep Tissue Has Many Benefits

Is It Possible To Get Back Pain From A Back Massage?

As a first step, we should point out that some pain is quite normal during a massage. A masseuse may have to work out a few knots in your back or neck pain from the computer if you have particularly tight muscles. However, you need to note that this pain should only last a few hours and resolve within a few days of receiving your massage. 

After a massage, you might feel a bit sore. It is possible even to experience a delayed onset muscle soreness when you begin using muscles that are not normally used. During the healing process, your body responds to inflammation by releasing endorphins. 

Your muscles may experience this if they aren't used to massage. Similarly, your muscles need time to become accustomed to specific manipulations, just as they need time to get used to working out. 

You can feel increased soreness and inflammation if you need to heal certain areas. For example, if you experience neck pain after the massage, it is a definite sign that you have a lot of tension in that particular area. If you sit at a desk for long periods of time or bend forward repeatedly, you may not have as much mobility in your neck as you would like.

How To Relieve Back Pain After A Back Massage?

Heat Therapy

Applying warm water to your muscles softens them, which can relieve upper back pain after massage in your muscles. You may find it helpful to soak in a sauna or hot bath. You can use a mini massage gun if there is soreness. One of the best ways to relieve stiff and sore muscles is to soak Epsom salt in a 30-minute hot bath. A heating pad or rice bag can also help relieve sore and stiff areas of your body if you don't get enough time for a hot bath.

Heat Therapy - back pain after massage

Cold Therapy

Several times per day, apply an ice pack to painful areas for 15 minutes at a time. Alternatively, you can try out ice baths to lower the soreness and inflammation and improve blood flow. A small container of ice can be used to target a small area of the body.


When you get a massage, take up a couple of gentle stretches every hour or so or apply a massage therapy tool. It is possible to lower muscle tension and increase flexibility by performing these gentle stretches. Blood circulation is improved by stretching, which can speed up the healing process of sore muscles.

Stretch - back pain after massage

Essential Oils

There's nothing better than lavender essential oil when it comes to calming the body. Also, it can help release muscle tension. You can make use of essential oils in the bathtub or a diffuser nearby. Essential oils are known to relieve severe back pain. Diffusers can be used to diffuse the fragrance, or you can only add a few drops when you take a bath or shower. If you want to apply essential oils topically, make compresses, or even mix them with carrier oils.


It is recommended that you engage in passive recovery after receiving a massage in order to alleviate middle back pain after massage. After the massage, getting a good night's sleep can reduce your chances of experiencing sore muscles the next day. Spend some time reading a book at the time of taking a nap, or sipping herbal tea. It will help your body to rest as well as heal.

Rest - back pain after massage

Topical Treatment

It's a good idea to apply CBD lotion. In addition to applying such ointments, you can also give yourself a smaller massage during the process.

Epsom Salt

For around 20 minutes to 40 minutes, you can soak in a warm bath with Epsom salts. Adults should drink about 12 cups to 1 cup of liquid per day. With this treatment, your body will be able to eliminate toxins and reduce inflammation in your muscles. In addition, Epsom salts will absorb all that beneficial magnesium through your skin. Additionally, you could try using a heating pad or hot rice bag to relieve the pain in the treated area during the therapy. Spend around 15 minutes doing this or the best way to sit with lower back pain.

Epsom Salt

Avoid Strenuous Activities

The energy you gain from a relaxing massage may lead you to go to a gym or your home gym equipment and do some strenuous exercise. However, there is the possibility of muscle soreness due to this. Your muscles may also be injured while performing some strenuous activities. 

After receiving massage therapy, you should avoid strenuous activities. Your body and mind will benefit from a good night's sleep. You can relax by watching movies or reading good books - just do something light. Moreover, it is the ideal time to hibernate after massage. If you want to nap, you can do so.

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