How to Exercise at Your Standing Desk
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How to Exercise at Your Standing Desk

|Apr 20, 2020

Aside from using an adjustable desk at work, or integrating an ergonomically friendly chair into your daily life, you can also practice some simple exercises while standing at your desk to maintain and improve your posture. These exercises are designed to release tension, build muscle, and give you more energy. Best of all, they are so simple that you can do them while standing at your desk.

10 Exercises for You to Do at Your Standing Desk

do exerciseThese are the moves that you should do regularly, and if you’re using a great height adjustable standing desk like the Autonomous Desk 2 or a chair like the ErgoChair 2 you’ll definitely be able to reap all the benefits to your health and posture. Most of these exercises are perfect for doing at home, or even to integrate into your workday routine.

Shoulder rolls

This is a super easy move that can relieve tension and leave you feeling more refreshed in just a couple of short moments. They should be done while standing, so they can easily be done at your desk. While standing with your feet the same width as your hips, inhale and raise your shoulders up towards your ears. Then move your shoulders back, squeezing them together, exhale and drop them back to the original position. This is best repeated around 10 times.

Chest release

Chest releaseThis is a great move to do if you are feeling tightness in the front of your body. It will open up your chest muscles and give you more room to breathe properly. Raise your outstretched arms to just below shoulder height with your palms facing forward. As you exhale, slowly turn your hands at the wrists so your fingers are pointed behind you. Breathe here for several breaths.

Chair Pose

This exercise is great for the points in your day when you lower your adjustable desk so you can sit down. It will help with your blood circulation and help you to stay productive all day. Firstly, stand and bring your arms in front of you to shoulder height. Bend your knees and exhale, making sure to keep your knees over your toes. Breathe in and out twice, and stand back up. Repeat this move a few times.

Standing side bend

Standing side bendAnother exercise that can be done while standing at your desk, feels amazing and helps with your breathing and posture, is the side bend. Bring your left palm to the side of your head, and make sure both your feet are grounded before you start guiding your head to the right. You should feel a stretch along the left side of your body and shoulder. Breathe here several times before switching sides.

Seated twist

This is another easy move and you can do it just about anywhere. The seated twist is one of the best moves for your posture, and it’s easy to do at work or at home. While you are in a seated position, use the right arm of your chair to twist to the right as you exhale. You should be facing the right arm of your chair once you’re twisted fully. Hold the pose there for a few breaths, then come back to the middle starting position and repeat on the other side.


However you decide to do it, there are so many ways to use a standing desk and ergonomic office furniture as tools to not only work productively but exercise throughout the day. What are some of your favorite ways to exercise in your home office? Let us know in the comments below!

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