How to Extend Commercial Office Furniture Life and Save Repair Costs?
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How to Extend Commercial Office Furniture Life and Save Repair Costs?

|Sep 21, 2023

Spending big on commercial office furniture on a yearly basis is generally not the best way for any business to spend money. While ensuring staff are comfortable within the office is essential, that doesn't mean the company has to allocate a ton of its operational budget to a commercial office desk.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to extend the lifespan of desks and chairs in an office. The first step towards having durable office furniture is buying items that can last a long time. Commercial modern office furniture is only sometimes made from the top materials available. That makes the buying process harder than many people realize.

Another vital aspect is buying a commercial office desk that fits the space available perfectly. Continuously moving furniture is sure to get them to deteriorate quickly.

These are just a few tips that can make the furniture in an office last longer. Companies or individuals can do more to save on repairs and replacement costs. Finding adequate solutions for each situation is more manageable when people know what they want.

The Importance of Durable Office Furniture

When companies reach a point where investing in office furniture is not a yearly expense, that can help a ton. Getting to this point is especially important when the company is starting and has a small budget. Is looking for bulk office furniture on sale a good idea? Some companies may shy away from these deals, but that could be a big mistake.

Just because something is on sale or offers good value doesn't mean the product is flawed. That's not to say that jumping on any wholesale office chairs out there is the best idea ever.

Looking at multiple options and finding out which one can provide quality products at a reasonable price is like finding a gold mine. The initial investment will usually be moderate, and finding durable products at lower rates is always welcomed.

How can someone know if an office desk is going to last? There are plenty of elements to look into, such as the thickness and quality of the materials used in production. The easiest way to ensure that a desk will be durable is to look for something that can hold considerable weight. Once the desk is in use, putting less weight on it than it can handle is an excellent strategy.

The Importance of Durable Office Furniture

How Extending Furniture Life Can Save Repair Expenses?

This idea is pretty simple. The more the current furniture can last, the longer it'll be until the company has to make a new investment in furniture. When it comes to repair expenses, those are part of a completely different debate. The problem is companies usually have to draw from the same budget to make a decision on new purchases or repairs. 

Pros of Repairing Existing Furniture

  • The furniture already fits the office.
  • Custom-made furniture may be more expensive to replace.
  • Some of the chairs or desks may still have good years left in them. 

Cons of Repairing Existing Furniture

  • Certain materials are going to cost more to repair than to replace outright.
  • The repair process may leave workers without a proper workplace for some time.
  • With some desks and chairs, there's no guarantee that repairs will be 100% effective. 

There are other things to consider when it comes to repairing existing furniture. Access to spare parts, for example, can be one of the main elements that go into making that decision. Some of the places that sell bulk office furniture also offer spare parts. That could be an underrated aspect to take into account when making a purchase.

How Extending Furniture Life Can Save Repair Expenses?

Evaluating Repair Costs

Pricing repairs could be one of the more challenging aspects of keeping office furniture in good condition. Uniquely shaped office spaces that had to have custom furniture made are usually the ones where it makes more sense to look into repairs, just because getting new furniture is more challenging. 

The main issue many companies run into is that there aren’t too many people repairing modern furniture. One of the things that people or companies shouldn't overlook is the time it will take to finish the repairs. When there are enough broken chairs and desks to where it makes sense to bulk order new ones, repairs become much less viable.

Evaluating Repair Costs

Ideas to Extend Office Furniture

The best way to get the most out of a smart desk or any office furniture is to ensure that it doesn't fall into disrepair in the first place. There are a couple of easy ways to extend the life span of business office furniture. 

The first and easiest tip to ensure furniture lasts longer is to keep it out of the sun. A corner-standing desk pushed up against a wall can be a great way to get the most out of a small office space. Putting that desk near a window where it gets direct sunlight all day, every day, may not be the best strategy for durability. 

Keeping water, coffee, and any liquid away from the commercial office chair that just arrived is also considered a good practice. While it may be hard to institute a policy of not even drinking water within the office, it could be a great way to ensure the furniture lasts longer. When it comes to water, at the very least, drying off any accidents quickly can go a long way. 

Traditional Materials Maybe a Bit Out of Fashion

When buying an office desk for the home or an actual office, choosing an e1 moisture-resistant board can also increase durability. These boards can help deal with things like water spills. Boards can also be added to office chairs to increase the lifespan of those as well. 

Another simple thing that can go a long way towards increasing the durability of business office furniture is to remember to dust the surfaces. Regular cleaning can not only make the chairs and desks look much but also serve as a way to spot potential issues. 

The last thing anyone wants is to spot, for example, termites on wooden furniture. Therefore, being proactive with cleaning can go a long way toward ensuring anything lasts longer. Wooden furniture may be a trend that's out of place in the modern office space. 

Wood is not known for being a bit more vulnerable than some of the other options that are out there. It's also true, though, that some wood hybrids used in some office furniture help minimize some of the vulnerabilities of the natural product.

Traditional Materials Maybe a Bit Out of Fashion

Chemicals That Are Used to Upgrade the Furniture Should Get the Job Done

Some ways people used to upgrade traditional furniture may not necessarily benefit commercial modern office furniture. The perfect example is the tradition of using varnish on wooden desks. Most modern desks are not wooden, and the materials that they are made from don't take well to that chemical. 

Extending the lifespan of older furniture also meant repainting it to give it "new life." While that idea could still work in some cases, the varnish still applies. It's crucial to figure out what type of paint works best with materials in the current office furniture. 

Chemical use when cleaning modern commercial office furniture is another important topic. Again, some traditional cleaning methods may do more harm than good in certain situations.

Chemicals That Are Used to Upgrade the Furniture Should Get the Job Done

Choosing High-Quality Commercial Office Furniture at Autonomous

A trend in commercial office furniture circles urges people to buy ergonomic chairs, desks, and even keyboards. Ergonomic products can allow the user's body to move around without putting that person into awkward positions. 

Recently Forbes magazine's online version released an article about ergonomic office furniture, saying, 

"Many desks today are lacking when it comes to ergonomics. An ergonomic product can be used without bending, reaching, or twisting the body into awkward positions," 

What makes a product truly ergonomic? The best ergonomic chair that Autonomous carries is an excellent example of what makes a product truly ergonomic. The chair features added back support that at the same time bends back for when the user wants to take a bit of rest. 

While the chair still offers movement, it's firm enough never to put a person's body in awkward positions.

Can the Right Office Equipment Increase Productivity?

Getting an office ergonomic chair for all staff members could help increase their productivity. Comfort may be one of many things that companies have to take into account when purchasing office furniture. Regarding chairs, most companies have leaned into providing better quality options. 

The same may only sometimes be true about a smart desk. Can the bulk purchase of a basic sit-stand desk for numerous staff members be considered a justifiable business expense? These types of desks can impact productivity more than the chairs themselves. That may be justification enough for some business owners.  

When a worker is not having to leave their workplace to be able to stretch out a bit, that means they'll be spending more time on the job. More time at their desk can benefit workers' productivity in any industry.

Can the Right Office Equipment Increase Productivity?

Why Autonomous?

One of the biggest misconceptions about discount desks or office ergonomic chairs is that they can't be bought from the same spot. Generally, people think most products they can bulk order will be of lower quality. What ends up happening at some large companies is that the higher-ups get to buy the corner standing desk. That item, though, is usually not part of the bulk order. 

The rest of the employees are going to get the products that the company was able to purchase at the wholesale price. Very few places offer the possibility of bulk ordering high-quality products. Even fewer places allow people to buy high-quality products as part of large orders. 

Another thing that's only sometimes available on sites that offer the possibility to bulk order products is having a decent number of options. Many companies out there offering good deals for large orders on commercial office furniture will have one option to choose from.

Taking Advantage of the Bulk Order Program

Taking Advantage of the Bulk Order Program

Bulk order programs have the advantage of increasing their benefits the bigger the order gets. Autonomous offers up to a 7.5% discount through its bulk order program. Companies just setting up their office space can benefit from having a one-stop shop for all of their commercial modern office furniture needs. 

The hidden beauty of this particular bulk order program is that clients can also order spare parts directly from the manufacturer. When analyzing whether to repair furniture, having the right pieces can completely change the decision. Would it be wise to throw away a perfectly good chair just because the wheels get stuck? 

Those kinds of repairs are certainly the ones that are worth looking into. Knowing that, the fact that the bulk order program also includes spare parts is something that adds a ton of value. Ultimately, each buyer will choose what holds value for them in a bulk order program. Many times, the importance of the opportunity to purchase spare parts goes unnoticed.

Autonomous bulk order

Best Selling Products That Can Provide True Solutions

When discount desks are also a good option that people actually want to work in, that's always a plus. Smart desks are becoming the norm in many workplaces across different industries. The benefits of using these products go beyond the added comfort level that they provide. 

The office ergonomic chair is another fan favorite. Many people who have spent years at a desk or job feel the effects of those years in terrible chairs. Thankfully, the new generation is taking notice and therefore looking for ways not to suffer the same fate. 

Sit-stand desk options are taking a little longer than the first two products to catch on. Specific workplaces feel that they don't have enough office space to be able to set these up for a large staff. The benefits of these desks, though, are significant, and therefore they fall under the category of best-selling products that provide actual solutions.   

Final Thoughts

Now that you understand the benefits of extending the life of your commercial office furniture, you can enjoy great long-term savings. If you’re looking for high-quality products that will stand the test of time, you can turn to Autonomous!

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