How to Use Mirror in Office Feng Shui Correctly
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How to Use Mirror in Office Feng Shui Correctly

|Mar 10, 2022

Mirrors in office feng shui are quite essential. These objects can serve as decorative items, but in feng shui, they can be used for multiple purposes. When you place a mirror in any room, it will look bigger than it actually is and will also add a bit more brightness to it. These small but meaningful changes can change the energy of your home.

You can find diverse useful practices when it comes to the feng shui office layout, including the “Method of Minor Additions.”

For today’s article, we’ll help you find the best mirror placement in the office while also letting you know the essentials of the Method of Minor Additions. This way, you can use your mirrors to attract positiveness to your feng shui desk.

Method of Minor Additions – Definition

Method of Minor Additions – Definition

The first step is to learn what this method is all about. As feng shui tells us, everything that exists, including living beings and objects, possess a determined energy, also known as “chi” or “qi.” When it comes to the Method of Minor Additions, it is all about using mirrors and other small items so you can adjust the flow of that same energy through the room. This method can be used to:

  • Invite the five elements (metal, earth, wood, water and fire) into the room.
  • Correct certain positions.
  • Expand your field of view.

These are just a few of the many uses of this method. We’ll explain how you can use a mirror to arrange the flow of energy in your workspace in the next section.

If you decide to place a mirror in your feng shui office layout, the first step is to think of the reason why you’re placing the mirror in that specific room. Following up, we’ll explain the different ways you can use a mirror to attract good feng shui to your office.

4 Ways to Use a Mirror to Attract Good Feng Shui

First, you should know that it is important for you to invest in a good reclining ergonomic chair and a comfortable desk. These two are the main items in your workstation, and depending on their placement, like a mirror in front of the desk or in the corner, you will allow the flow of certain energies throughout the room. Then, you can start working toward attracting good feng shui.

1. Invite the energy of the elements

Invite the energy of the elements

Mirrors are reflective, literally and metaphorically. If you learn how to place them strategically, you will be able to “amplify” the energy of a determining element and improve its flow in the room.

For instance, let’s say that your room has a window that gives you a clear view of the trees outside. If you find a way to arrange a mirror, so it reflects such trees in your home office, you will be able to invite the wood energy into your room. This symbolizes your professional growth and expansion.

2. Fix the commanding position

Fix the commanding position

The commanding position consists in placing your desk strategically so you can see the door clearly from where you’re sitting. This placement represents control over your life and professional path.

However, not everyone has enough space in their rooms to take advantage of such a position, and they’re left with no choice but to put their desks against the wall, for instance. In that case, a mirror can be helpful for you to expand your field of view and correct the commanding position. As long as you can see the entry to the room, it’ll be okay.

3. Inviting the five elements with shape and color

mirror in office feng shui

We’ve mentioned how you can “amplify” or “attract” the energy of certain objects, like trees, into your room by placing a mirror in the office feng shui. However, you can do the same thing with the shape and color. Generally speaking, mirrors are associated with water. However, it is possible to attract the energy of other elements by taking advantage of shape and color.


Mirrors come in different shapes. Here’s how you can invite another element, besides water, into your room by using the correct mirror shape:

  • You can invite the metal element by using a round mirror. This element is associated with mental clarity and logic, as well as characteristics like organization, focus and analytical skills.
  • A square or rectangular mirror will attract the earth element to your room. This element is associated with order, physical strength, balance and stability.
  • If you choose a rectangular mirror, you’ll bring in the wood element, which is often associated with growth, flexibility and creativity.
  • While triangular mirrors in home offices are less usual than others, they can be a good option if you’re looking forward to inviting the fire element into the room. This element is often associated with passion, inspiration and enthusiasm.


However, the frame of a mirror in office feng shui not only comes in a particular shape. It also has a determined color. Here’s how you can invite the right element by choosing the right color scheme for the home office.

  • The metal element is connected to gray and white. Metal frames will have the same effect.
  • Brown, orange or yellow will invite in the earth element. You can also opt for finishes in natural wood or neutral tones.
  • If you’d like to attract more wood energy, perhaps blue or green are great options for this fact.
  • Last but not least, red and bright orange shades can attract fire energy.


We’ve explained the correct mirror in office feng shui throughout this article. If you’re looking forward to attracting good feng shui to your home office, learning how to place your mirrors can help you wonderfully. Alternatively, you can also read about the correct feng shui office layout with a window.

Remember that it is quite important for you to make your workspace as comfortable as possible. Investing in a good ergonomic chair and a good home standing desk can help you look after your health and also invite certain energies into your home office setup.

If you learn how to use the mirror in office feng shui correctly, you will be able to turn your workspace into a more pleasant and inviting area where you can spend several hours working without feeling too stressed or exhausted very quickly.

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