Join the 1000 Pod celebration today and get 50% OFF shipping
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Join the 1000 Pod celebration today and get 50% OFF shipping

|Apr 1, 2024

When we launched Pod towards the end of 2021, it was a leap into the unknown. Our customers have been loving the Autonomous Chairs and Autonomous Desks, but entire offices for their backyard? We couldn’t be certain but we took the step because we believe in innovation and offering you something new.

And, wow! Autonomous Pod has surpassed all our expectations and we’ve now sold over 1,000 to customers across the US.

Introducing our Pods

Many of you will know about our Pods already, but don’t worry if you don’t know. In short, they are prefab cabin style structures known as ADUs (accessory dwelling units). They can be built anywhere without the hassle of full planning and zoning requirements. (However, it is vital that you check the regulations in your local authority).

We have three Pod models, each tailored to specific needs:

  • WorkPod: The original, and remains our most popular Pod. Taking up 98 square feet of floorspace, it serves as your sound-insulated sanctuary where you can get on with work with minimal distraction, but maximum inspiration from the outdoors.
  • WorkPod Versatile: Taking up 105 square feet of floorspace, WorkPod Versatile is our largest model. It’s a perfect fit for those who want it to be more than just an office. It can be your creative zone, yoga studio, or simply a space to chill and breathe in the Spring air. All in one.
  • WorkPod mini: Small but mighty,  the WorkPod mini is an excellent alternative to the original if you want something a little smaller but with all the convenience. This model takes up just 80 square feet of space, yet retains all the features you need.

Each Pod can be assembled in days by contractors. Once it’s all assembled, you simply plug in and go, with all the wiring and outlets in place.

Celebrating 1,000 Pods!

Here at Autonomous, we never need much excuse to party, but the 1,000th Pod is so special for us. For the whole of April, we’re offering 50% OFF shipping if you’re based in California or New York state - our most popular Pod destinations! 

We really couldn’t have done this without you, and we’re excited to grow our Pod Club to beyond 1,000. As we enter the longer, warmer months, now is the perfect time to join the club, and enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your own Pod!

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