Simple Back Alignment Exercises That Will Help You Realign Your Spine
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Simple Back Alignment Exercises That Will Help You Realign Your Spine

|Oct 28, 2021

A poor posture can affect your spine alignment and increase the feeling of unrest and discomfort. Since you spend at least 8 to 12 hours at work, this problem is quite common in an office worker. If you’ve been feeling discomfort or feel like something is slightly off when you sit, chances are, you have encountered it as well. As a concerned worker, you must be thinking of some back alignment exercises that will help you realign your spine.

There are certain lower back alignment exercises and back alignment yoga that you can add to your routine for realigning your spine and restoring your posture. We know that you must be interested to know more about these lower back alignment stretches, so here we are! We have compiled the details regarding the best ones in this article to help you best. Do you want to know what those are? If so, read ahead and explore.

Simple Back Alignment Exercises for You

1. Prone Scorpion Stretch

A poor posture often results in tight pectorals and shoulders that make you uncomfortable. The Prone Scorpion Stretch targets tight pectorals and shoulders and strengthens your core. What you need to do is get on the floor and lie on your stomach. Ensure that your left cheek is touching the floor. Spread your arms wide and lift your thumb towards the ceiling.

Next, you are supposed to lift your right foot while making your knee a pivot. Ensure that you have lifted your leg enough that your toe is pointing towards the ceiling. Once done so, start lifting your knee off the floor, push your right elbow on the floor, and open your right hips by moving your right leg backward.

Place your leg on the floor now in a position where you feel this back alignment stretch the most in your left pectoral and shoulder. You are required to stay in this position for a bit and then repeat it on both sides. 

Prone Scorpion back alignment exercises

2. Child’s Pose to Moose Antler

If you are facing a problem with your middle spine or shoulder’s mobility, this exercise is going to be the best one for you. You all must be aware of the child's pose; you are supposed to sit in that position initially.

Next, you have to lift one of your hands off the ground and bring it to your ear. Ensure that your thumb is touching your ear and your elbow is pointing out, just the way you do while doing a crunch. When in this position, rotate your spine in the opposite direction to open your rib cage. Repeat the same on the opposite leg as well, and ensure that you do control reps.

Child’s Pose back alignment exercises

3. Wall Angels

Wall Angels is a very simple stretch that helps increase your shoulder’s mobility and core stabilization. Stand against the wall while placing your arms in a way that they point outwards and are in line with your shoulders.

Once done so, move your hands vertically upwards to extend them to their fullest. Ensure that you are not putting any undue pressure on your muscles while doing this stretch. In addition, your arms and fingers should always be touching the wall. Once fully extended, bring your hands back to the initial position and do at least 8 – 10 reps.

Wall Angels back alignment exercises

4. YTW’s

YTW helps you with lower back alignment and shoulder mobility. Y, T, and W are three different positions of your hands in line with your shoulders. All you need to do is place your feet slightly wide apart, as wide as they come in line with your shoulders. Next, bend your knees and kick your butts while keeping a straight back.

What you are supposed to do next is bring your hands on your sides and then make letter poses; Y, T, and W one by one with your hands. Ensure that your hands are aligned with your arms while you make these poses. To get the best results, do at least 10 – 12 reps for each pose. 

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5. Infinity Hovers

If the problem is with your upper back, Infinity Hovers will come in handy. Start by sitting in a tall kneeling position, tuck your ribs and squeeze your glutes to engage them while you exercise. This will also help you keep your spine in a neutral position so that it realigns.

Next, place your hands in a way that one of them goes behind your back and the other behind your head down to your upper back. Once done so, try bringing the two as close as possible. After that, repeat the same exercise with hands in alternate positions and do at least two sets of 10 – 12 reps.

Infinity Hovers back alignment exercises

6. Bird Dog, Dead Bugs

Your core strength and leg stability both help in aligning your spine. Bird Dog, Dead Bugs is one such exercise that will help you do so. Bird Dog, Dead Bugs is a position where you are supposed to lie on your back and raise your arms and legs.

Once done so, kick your left leg and right arm towards the floor and keep them stretched in that position for a while. Next, you are supposed to repeat this with your other hand. 

7. Chair Dips

You can even use the ergonomic office chairs or a back alignment chair to help you correct your posture and do the back alignment exercises. Chair dips are among those exercises to do at your desk. These are like triceps dips but what you are doing here is that you use your chair for this purpose. In addition to this, you can take the help of office chair yoga to do the back alignment yoga as well. All in all, ensure that you have the best office chair for back pain while you work in your office.

Chair Dip back alignment exercises

Wrap Up

All the above-mentioned back alignment exercises can help you realign your spine and do postural correction on your own. If you want to get the best results, do these exercises daily or at least thrice a week.

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