10 Easy Office Yoga Poses to Improve Your Posture and Relaxation
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10 Easy Office Yoga Poses to Improve Your Posture and Relaxation

|Apr 17, 2021

Sitting in a chair all day takes a toll on your body. Not only do you need to straighten out your back, but you also constantly readjust yourself. You never feel comfortable enough to continue working long hours. Without physical activity, you end up with the following:

  • Poor blood circulation
  • Body discomfort
  • Lower back pain
  • Physical and mental stress
  • Neck and shoulder problems

One way you can break up the monotony is with office yoga poses. By taking scheduled breaks, you can recharge your batteries and avoid sitting in a chair all day. One of the healthiest breaks you can take is yoga poses for office workers.

Why You Should Practice Yoga in Your Office

yoga in your office

An office yoga routine is critical to your overall health. Your body requires physical activity to stay fit. Otherwise, a sedentary lifestyle can result in becoming overweight and out of shape. Yoga improves your posture since exercises require you to maintain certain movements. If you follow directions carefully, you can correctly do these tasks and achieve the best results.

Yoga is also meant to carefully stretch your body. By doing so, it removes built-up tension so you can freely move around. Yoga also involves deep breathing, which can help you relax during stressful moments throughout the day.

Rejuvenate yourself with restorative yoga sequences! The happier you are at work, the more likely you can finish your projects sooner than later. When you practice office yoga poses, you reduce health risks both physically and mentally. Here are 10 different yoga poses you can try out in your office space!

Yoga Pose #1 - Seated Crescent Moon

crescent moon

When you perform yoga in the office, start by lifting your arms over your head. Put your palms together and lean on either side for a few seconds. Perform a few deep breaths, then lean to the opposite side. It’s a good warm-up for your sides.

Yoga Pose #2 - Standing Seal

standing seal

Keep your legs apart at shoulder width. Now bend over and clasp your hands behind your back. Stretch overhead to the range of your abilities. The exercise targets your spine, legs, and shoulders. Make sure to take deep breaths.

Yoga Pose #3 - Chair Pose

chair pose

Office chair yoga poses allow you to exercise at your leisure. You can simply perform a series of squats over your chair. Keep your arms in the air and do this a few times.

Yoga Pose #4 - Chaturanga

Find a solid base like a standing desk. Lean into it like you’re about to do a slanted push-up. Exhale every time you go down, and inhale as you go up. Do this at least eight times.

Yoga Pose #5 - Spinal Twist

spinal twist

Office chair yoga poses can target your lower back. Start by sitting down with your hands on the armrests and your feet planted. Twist your body on either side, then hold for a few seconds. Now do the same on the other side.

Yoga Pose #6 - Forward Bend

forward bend yoga

When you perform yoga in the office, make sure you stretch within a comfortable range. With your legs straight, bend forward to touch the tips of your toes. Try to hold for at least 10 seconds, then carefully bring yourself back up.

Yoga Pose #7 - Neck Rotation

neck rotation

You can do this while you’re currently seated. Comfortably rotate your neck in a clockwise direction for a few seconds. Now, you can do it again in a counter-clockwise fashion. Make sure not to crank your muscles too much.

Yoga Pose #8 - Standing Back Stretch

One of the best office chair yoga poses only requires you to stand. Maintain a good posture while you perform this exercise. Lift your heels upward so you stand on your toes. Now you can drop back then and do this a few more times.

Yoga Pose #9 - Upward Dog

upward dog

Lay down on the floor, preferably with a yoga mat. Keep your back straight at all times. With your hands beneath your shoulders, lift your lower body upwards. Maintain this position for at least 10 seconds or more.

Yoga Pose #10 - Walking

One simple standing desk exercise you can do with a standing desk is walking. When you perform basic yoga in the office, you want to maintain high levels of energy. You can do so by walking in place behind a standing desk. Set the height upwards so your knees have room to move. You can also eat snacks while you walk.

Try Office Yoga Poses with Autonomous!

try yoga poses

Most of these exercises can be done with an ergonomic desk setup. You should first consider an ergonomic chair. They allow you to sit comfortably while you work, along with customizable settings and features. More importantly, they provide a sturdy base so you can perform specific exercises. Autonomous currently sells the Autonomous Chair 2, an industry leader in comfort and relaxation for remote workers. Here is what it can do for your yoga routines:

Autonomous Chair 2

  • icon checkSturdy aluminum base so it holds still
  • icon check360-degree swivel for a great range of movement
  • icon checkAdjustable height and control for your preference
  • icon checkComfortable seat so you can relax afterward
  • icon checkGood selection of colors to enjoy
  • icon timesNo expert assembly, although it only takes half an hour

You also need height-adjustable standing desks. Since workers are built differently, they need to accommodate their workspace so it fits their needs. Standing desks like the Autonomous Desk 2 are perfect examples of ergonomic practice:

Autonomous Desk 2

  • icon checkHeight adjustment with memory presets
  • icon checkSturdy foundational base
  • icon checkPowerful dual-motor system
  • icon checkResilience surface area
  • icon checkSeamless transitions between heights
  • icon timesSlightly expensive

Find Your Office Yoga Routine

Yoga in the office leads to a healthier lifestyle for remote workers. With an ergonomic desk setup, you can try these out for yourself! Schedule periodic breaks during work hours, along with nutritional snacks like superfoods. A yoga routine not only improves your posture but also allows you to relax.

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