What Is the Ideal Sleeping Position in a Recliner for Pregnancy?
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What Is the Ideal Sleeping Position in a Recliner for Pregnancy?

|Aug 7, 2022

Pregnancy is a roller coaster of emotions, hormones, and tiredness for the expecting mothers resulting in sleepless nights, lying on uncomfortable mattresses with their growing baby bumps. However, a recliner for pregnancy can solve your distress as you embrace motherhood.

Lying in a recliner is a perk for anyone, but it gets a tad difficult when you want to do the same thing while you're expecting your baby. In this article, we will cover the nitty gritty that you need to know when it comes to sleeping on a recliner in your office as you wait to welcome your little one into the world. 

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Why is Sleep Important During Pregnancy?

Why is Sleep Important During Pregnancy?

Your sleep is the key when it comes to nurturing your babies before birth. Sufficient sleep helps in the proper regulation of hormone levels, that adds to the overall health of your yet-to-be-born baby. It also results in the improvement of brain function and the immune system along with the release of growth hormones which ensure the proper development of the fetus.

However, the lack of sleep may affect not only your baby but you as well. It can disrupt labor and delivery as well as increase the risk of pregnancy complications like high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia, to name a few.

To make sure that you get proper sleep during the nine months of carrying your baby, you need to choose a comfortable sleeping environment as well as the best recliner for pregnancy that can alleviate your daily cramps and pains. 

Can You Sleep in a Recliner While Pregnant?

Can You Sleep in a Recliner While Pregnant?

 A common question that may arise in the mind of mothers-to-be is whether they can sleep in a recliner during their pregnancy. The answer to which is you can! As long as the recliner chair for pregnancy is not fully leaned back as that might cause you to lie straight on your back.

Sleeping flat on the back as an expecting mother may be risky as your baby's weight might result in the compression of a major blood vessel, the inferior vena cava, that carries blood to the heart. This would eventually stop the supply of sufficient blood to the baby.

Though the sleeping position does not matter in the initial months after conceiving, you must take great care in the second and third trimesters. In accordance with current research, sleeping on the left side has been the safest position for expecting mothers as it does not pressure the inferior vena cava. 

How Can I Sleep Better in Office While Pregnant?

How Can I Sleep Better in Office While Pregnant

Modern-day offices take great care to ensure the ease of their employees as they work. And if you're working throughout your pregnancy, you can benefit from the comfortable furniture that will relieve you of your day's weariness.

The weight of your growing baby might put pressure on the nerves of your pelvis and back, causing lower back pain, and that's not something you'd want when going through a 9-5 job. Therefore, you need the best recliner chair for pregnancy, i.e., an ergonomic chair with back support.

Chairs like these are usually available in modern-day offices and make for a great resting unit. Progressing through your trimesters, you can also switch to an executive office chair with lumbar support that not only accommodates your growing baby bump but also provides a soothing experience.

Since all pregnancies are different, you might feel different levels of comfort in different positions; thus, a reclining ergonomic chair is your ultimate chair as you can adjust it to multiple angles to suit your needs. In addition to the recliner chair for pregnancy, the lumbar support pillow also eases back pain.

This pillow not only allows you to lean back and work but also enjoy a relaxing sleep during your break. Since it's almost portable, you can carry it anywhere in the office and sleep soundly. 

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Can I Sleep Sitting Up While Pregnant?

Can I Sleep Sitting Up While Pregnant

Sleeping sitting up while pregnant is perfectly normal as long as you feel comfortable in that position. A lot of pregnant women find sitting upright much more soothing than simply lying down on a mattress.

The further along you are, the more a large tummy can cause you discomfort, especially if you're resting on mattresses. Hence you can try out a reclining chair with a load of pillows and wedges which can not only enhance your sleeping experience but also provide extra support for your baby bump and body.

Recliners are not only your answer to comfort during your pregnancy, but they're also known to alleviate the symptoms of acid reflux, which might otherwise keep you up at night. So, to enjoy a healthy and well-rested pregnancy, it is vital that you choose a recliner for the proper development of your baby and your own safety. 

Bottom Line


We hope that going through this article, you would have realized how important it is to have a recliner for pregnancy. A recliner is basically an ergonomic chair that lets you adjust your chair’s angle and relax during work hours. These chairs are designed so ergonomically that you can use a recliner chair for pregnancy if you want to sleep as well. However, the question that might arise in your mind is where you can find the best recliner for pregnancy.

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