The Surprising Benefits of Micro Breaks and How to Begin at Work

The Surprising Benefits of Micro Breaks and How to Begin at Work

|Aug 23, 2022

Everybody has experienced those days when it's almost time to leave work, and we realize we have not yet moved from our seats in four hours. Breaks are considered to be luxurious in today's high-pressure work environments. Emails, texts, talks, and activities fill our days from dawn until far into the night. Perhaps our meals are impacted by work.

According to new findings, 62% of working people regularly eat their meals at their computers near all office accessories. It is known as the practice of "desk eating." We are all aware that taking breaks will help us stay energized. But why are we unable to step away from our desks for even a short while? - According to several studies, numerous little pauses during the day, like "micro breaks," might be just as helpful as longer ones.

What is a Micro Break?

What is a Micro Break?

A micro break at work is a brief, independent break that you take at your workplace. The duration of a normal micro-break activity ranges from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Examples include standing up and stretching briefly on an office chair with a headrest or walking to the kitchenette to fill your water bottle. Optional activities like eating a snack, speaking with a coworker, exercising, or doing a word search puzzle are included in micro-breaks.

The researchers have found that taking micro-breaks throughout the day seems to assist fatigued workers in recovering from morning lethargy and focusing more on their tasks. It also helps people who wonder how to relax after work. Essentially, micro-breaks serve two core purposes:

  • Keep things interesting and break the habit of doing difficult or repeated jobs.
  • Each day, give your body regular activity.

Despite being sedentary, intellectual labor is mentally and physiologically draining. Your eyesight, body, as well as mind, will suffer if you spend a lot of time sitting at a computer and gazing at a monitor, even if you're a worker or a project contributor. What's worse is that spending too much time on one job might reduce your efficiency.

While maintaining attention is necessary during the workplace, doing so for an extended period might have negative effects. Inevitably, when we lose energy, our minds start to wander. As our bodies begin to want motion, our focus wanes. Micro breaks force little gaps in your concentration to calm your nerves and reset your mind. Distractions that last only a few moments (or less) might have a relatively large negative effect on your efficiency.

The Benefits of Taking Micro Breaks

The Benefits of Taking Micro Breaks

Micro breaks are a great method to reset both your mind and body. Your productivity may increase dramatically in only a few short minutes. As per studies, there are four key benefits of taking breaks.

  • Improves Focus and Productivity: With no rest or breaks, our capacity to focus quickly declines. According to research, giving people an opportunity to take brief pauses while seeing a metropolitan landscape with a floral pasture green roof increases their capacity for sustained concentration. Additionally, those who take micro-breaks on a reclining office chair with a footrest react to tasks better consistently and with much fewer omission mistakes.
  • Lowers your Stress Levels: Stress is a major factor that hinders efficiency. It makes our work more difficult. It disrupts concentrated work and increases our susceptibility to mistakes. Additionally, stress may seriously influence employee satisfaction at work and harm work connections. Stress is harmful to an individual's morale, enthusiasm, and productivity, according to research. It also has a detrimental impact on how happy they are with their jobs.
  • It increases Pleasure: On the other hand, pleasure is the top factor that increases performance. When we're joyful, everything appears simpler. It's easy to notice that on Friday afternoons, people are more productive. Why? Since they suddenly have more energy than they normally have throughout the week since they are anticipating the weekends. Happy employees are less likely to quarrel, more productive, autonomous, and a pleasure being around. According to studies, micro-breaks directly increase employee productivity.
  • It Aids in Preventing Accidents: Lower back discomfort is very typical, specifically as we become older. Over 80% of individuals will have back discomfort at some point in their lives. In addition, many of these persons will develop back discomfort as a result of their working circumstances. Due to inactivity, our muscles suffer immensely as we mature. Except for professional athletes, individuals in their adolescents or early 20s rarely complain of back issues. Therefore taking breaks on a reclining ergonomic chair can help with a lot of accidents.

Here is How You Can Begin Work After a Micro Break

Here is How You Can Begin Work After a Micro Break

With all the information about micro breaks, you might have also wondered how long should breaks last? – As per its definition, micro-breaks are only meant to last for only a while. However, the length of time it should last relies on what you want to achieve.

20 seconds per every 20 minutes is indeed a useful procedure to be followed to rest your eyes as well as eliminate technological visual fatigue because that's how long it would take for your pupils to concentrate. Studies show that intervals which last a minimum of 30 seconds are useful for preserving attention and productivity.

Strive for around a 40-minute gap between intervals. If you sit for several continuous hours each and want to prevent the detrimental effects on your health that this has, it is essential to take a micro-break that incorporates stretching or light movement. Aim for a length of three to five minutes every 30 to 40 minutes, according to various studies.

To get back to work after a quick micro break on your best ergonomic chair, you will have to make a schedule of them and make a list of intervals. Moreover, make sure you've got micro breaks regularly if you want to reap their benefits. It's really simple to become lost in your job, and even before you realize it, three hours have already passed while you're sitting still.

You can feel the effects of work stress both physically and mentally. If we want to release our creativity, we must discover strategies to relieve the stress that accumulates during the day. You could also use a stopwatch or reminder app to plan your micro breaks for maximum performance.

Micro breaks are a simple method to accomplish that without needing to design an exercise routine that takes up a significant amount of time. You may choose between 10 minutes, 25-minute, 60-minute, or 80-minute breaks. But bear in mind that such a break must be as long as the prolonged activity.

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