The Best Free White Noise Websites for 2024
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The Best Free White Noise Websites for 2024

|Mar 4, 2024

Are you one of those people who cannot focus on a thing if there are distractions around? Well, most sane people suffer from this issue of losing focus when there is a lot of chatter and noise in the surroundings. Especially if you have ADHD, then this noise sensitivity increases by several folds. While there are tons of designs and models as best work headphones with excellent noise canceling capability as well as an ADHD desk chair that is suited to create a private work zone, a proven way to improve work focus for people with ADHD is white noise. 

White noise falls into a specific broadband of sound, including all the audible frequencies. Anecdotally, white noise is sometimes compared to the static that appears on an out-of-tune radio or television. For many years, researchers have examined the effects of white noise on people, discovering that it might lessen newborn crying, enhance productivity at work, and possibly even help manage symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Looking at the benefits and work of white noise, it is safe to say that people with ADHD can use it in office settings to create a more focused work environment.

And don't worry if you don't own a white noise machine; we have enlisted the top white noise websites to play white noise in the workplace.

White Noise Online Free Websites

Feeling anxious in a crowded work setting is inevitable. Still, as you work in the vicinity of white noise, soon you can feel the nerves calming up and the anxiety going away. Here are our top picks for free white noise websites to shift your focus back at work.

A Soft Murmur

Taking the art of self-soothing one step ahead, A Soft Murmur is a white noise website that covers several kinds of relaxing sound notes. You can find simple white noise in other layers of sound, such as birdsong, thunder, and singing bowls. Individuals can choose from different kinds of relaxing sounds and find a decibel that suits them the most. And even when you need to sneak in a quick nap on your ADHD office chair, turn on the sound and tune out all the chaos of work happening in the surroundings. Though free to use, it is one of the best white noise websites if you also access the pro subscription version.

A Soft Murmur - white noise website

White Noise & Co

Generate your kind of white noise by adjusting the equalizers to set the bass, frequency, and loudness. You can get a sub-bass to high treble and discover the best fit of frequency for your brain. Known to relax people with ADHD, turn on the sound when you feel under stress at work. For more benefit, sit back in your ergonomic chair and let the sound do the magic of turning your brain from stressed to relaxed in a matter of a few minutes only.


Another website that layers sound using simple symbols is Moodil. Its design is quite similar to that of A Soft Murmur and Noisli. You can make your playlists and store and share your favorites with others. The large selection of sounds available on Moodil that aren't restricted by a paywall is one of its best features.

Moodil white noise website


The White Noise Player by TMSOFT produces noises in a variety of tones, such as pink, brown, blue, and white. You may also download the mobile app to use offline or on the move to help you unwind, concentrate, and get a good night's sleep. A white noise TV app that works with both Apple TV and Android TV, as well as ambient noises for newborns, are among the other white noise applications from TMSOFT that you should definitely check out.

Calmy Leon

Calmy Leon, a simple website, creates a unique, mind-calming background noise by layering a dynamic, ever-changing sound over a tonal static noise.

Select between dynamic sounds like zen channels or ocean sounds or between static noises like wind or ocean waves. You may alter the dynamic/static balance using the sliders at the bottom of the screen. Better still, if you suffer from tinnitus, you can adjust the spectrum of brown and white noise.

Calmy Leon white noise website


With more than 20 high-definition sounds produced to relax while you work or work, the Noisli is the best selection for an adjustable desk or a treadmill. As it relaxes your mind, which in turn relaxes your muscles, the noise has a drastic effect on reducing the fatigue you could feel while working out or at a standing desk. You can mix and match crackling flames, whirring fans, and coffee shop talk with sounds of white, blue, and pink. Conserve your preferred combinations or listen to already-made playlists. The oscillation function of Noisli progressively adjusts the loudness of each sound to prevent repetition and lessen distractions.

Ambient Mixer

Just as the name suggests, this website helps you generate a great number of ambient and white noises to keep you fresh and prevent you from falling bored with the same sound. Work with eight different channels that can be customized to create the sound that appeals to you. This can be done easily by using the free online mixing tool, which is even more relaxing and enjoyable to work with. Giving a true meaning to the phrase 'to each its own' ambient mixer is a flawless white noise website in many ways.

Ambient Mixer

Benefits of Listening to White Noise While Working

Focusing at work becomes harder for many people because of the constant distractions in the surroundings. And when you are in a workplace, facing surroundings, chatter, constant voices, and noise in the background are inevitable. This might shift your focus and not allow you to work with maximum efficiency. Hence, here are some benefits of using white noise in the workplace.

Improves Concentration

Noise-canceling headphones might be great, but white noise helps you adapt to the realistic work mode by creating a moderate and controlled noise level. This helps you adapt to the real world gradually, and soon, you can learn to tune out the noise and concentrate on work truly.

Minimizes Stress Levels

The study of the benefits of working outdoors also inspires the use of white noise. It is proven that sounds associated with nature can have a significant positive effect on the brain.

Benefits of Listening to White Noise While Working

Improves Work Quality

Ambient noises may boost your productivity and enhance the quality of the work you generate, whether you're working on a creative project or preparing for a written exam.

Helps with Better Mood

Imagine your feeling after a haste traffic experience on the road. You would be frustrated, angry, and agitated at the same time. White noise, by controlling the overwhelming surrounding sounds, can help you reduce stress and anxiety levels and also, in turn, improve your mood. This, in addition, improves the overall quality of your life.

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