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The Best Places to Buy Furniture for 2024 – Everything to Know
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The Best Places to Buy Furniture for 2024 – Everything to Know

|Jan 17, 2024

Are you searching for the best places to buy furniture? It’s something many people don’t think about until they need items for their homes. 

Overall, there are thousands of furniture places out there, and you have to focus first on whether you prefer online or in-person shopping. 

Today, we’ll discuss the top places to get furniture and break things down into two sections: online and in-person shopping. This will help you determine which brands are ideal and why you should consider them. Let’s get started! 

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Good Furniture Online?

Learning about the best places to buy furniture online will help you narrow down your search. You can choose any of these companies and know that you’ll be getting top-quality service, materials, and products. 

1. Autonomous

One of the best places to buy office furniture is at Autonomous. It specializes in office furniture, such as office accessories, an ergonomic chair, and a stand-up desk

Overall, you’ll find tons of items to make your house a home, whether you’re furnishing a home office gym or wish to enjoy the outdoors in your own ADU. 


  • Free shipping
  • 30-day trial periods
  • Long warranties 


  • Professional installation only available in some areas
  • Only one in-store location (Riverside, California)

Autonomous - Best places to buy furniture

2. Amazon

If you want to find an office chair or other furniture quickly, Amazon can meet those needs. Though you probably won’t get premium materials, such as solid hardwoods and leather, the items will generally arrive quickly and ship for free. 

Overall, Amazon is ideal for complementary pieces for a home office or a guest room. Plus, there are tons of options, including coffee tables, headboards, desks, futons, sectional sofas, entertainment centers, and more. 


  • Items arrive quickly
  • Various budget-friendly options
  • Many items ship for free 


  • Difficult to find premium materials/products
  • Various retailers on one site 

3. Target

Target is well-known for offering luxury-style products for a low price. It has over 2,000 stores in the United States, and it also has various headquarters and warehouses. You’ll find exclusive products and national brands here, which means you can choose the furniture items that meet your needs best. 


  • Offers various sales throughout the year
  • Gives back to the communities
  • Has a cute mascot 


  • High shipping costs
  • Difficult to navigate website from a mobile device

Target - Best places to buy furniture

4. Wayfair

Whether you prefer industrial-style furniture or want something more modern, Wayfair has you covered. It’s considered a one-stop shop for furnishings in any room of the house. 

This online retail giant provides everything from dining sets to sectionals, and it offers free shipping when you spend just $35. There are tons of budget-friendly options, so it’s ideal when you want to furnish the space for cheap without costly shipping fees on large items. 

There are tons of ready-to-ship products available. However, you should also check out the custom furniture options for dining tables, beds, sofas, and armchairs. Find something that fits your style, and then select the finish, dimensions, and fabric you like most! 


  • Free shipping when you spend more than $35
  • One-stop shop for furniture
  • Budget-friendly


  • Doesn’t have the best selection for kid’s furniture 

5. The Home Depot

Most people don’t realize that The Home Depot carries furniture. Whether you need conference room chairs, bedroom items, home office furniture, or something for the dining and living rooms, you can find contemporary, modern, and traditional styles. 

Across the many categories, you will find the brand’s in-house name (Home Decorator’s Collection). However, there are other retailers available, including StyleCraft, Serta, Noble House, and Safavieh. 

Just be aware that the in-house selection for things other than patio furniture is limited. Still, you can shop online and request free delivery to the store or your house! 


  • Carries furniture from many popular retailers
  • Free delivery to a local Home Depot or your home
  • Large variety of furniture pieces 


  • Limited in-store selection
  • Mainly ideal for patio furniture

The Home Depot

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Good Furniture In-Store?

If you’re not into shopping online, that’s okay! Some people really prefer physical stores because they can see the items, touch them, and imagine how they’ll look in the home. 

However, you might wonder about the best places to buy office furniture in person. Below, you’ll find a list of the top choices we considered. 

1. Macy’s

If you like high-end items, Macy’s has you covered. Though it offers sales and clearance items, you will spend a little more to get what you want. However, it does offer mattresses, home office items, dining room items, outdoor furniture, and much more. 


  • Free pick-up in-store
  • Free shipping most of the time
  • Great flash sales 


  • More expensive than other stores
  • Hard to find physical locations


2. Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel has just about anything you could imagine. Though the stores will have less, you can find items for the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, entryways, and home offices. It could be one of the best places to buy office chairs! 

If you’re in a hurry to get what you want, make sure you check out the in-stock furniture items. They will quickly ship! 


  • Quick deliveries
  • Budget-friendly options 


  • No free shipping 

3. Lowe’s

This is one of the best places to buy furniture. Lowe’s is known for its catchphrase of “never stop improving,” and you’ll see that in the furniture selections it offers. Whether you need something for the office, bedroom, dining room, living room, or entryway, you’ll find it here. However, in-store shopping might not give you as many choices. 


  • Site-to-store shipping available 


  • Limited selection in-store

Lowe’s - Best places to buy furniture

4. Walmart

Are you wondering where to buy cheap furniture that’s basic and decent? Walmart has you covered. Though it’s a big-box retailer, it offers budget furnishings for every room in your house. Shop for accent chairs, couches, bed frames, media consoles, and so much more! 

You probably won’t find premium materials, such as solid wood or leather, here because the emphasis is on value. Therefore, most products are made using MDF. However, if you’re focused on cheap and decent, Walmart is worth a check. 

However, some stores offer a limited selection of furniture. You may want to shop online and have it delivered if possible. 


  • Free shipping
  • Budget-friendly items for any room 


  • Some stores don’t carry furniture
  • Options can be limited in-house


If you’re like many people, you find that you lose out on something when you shop online. Visiting the supersized IKEA warehouse near you is a great way to buy ergonomic chair products, futons, folding dining tables, and everything else. 

The Swedish home retailer offers various products that come ready to assemble. They’re also affordable and innovative, so you can shop on a budget. Many first-time renters, college students, and those who enjoy the Scandinavian style have enjoyed walking the warehouse aisles. 

IKEA made a name for itself because of its space-saving and affordable products. However, it also offers tons of variety. Whether you prefer the basics or want to splurge on luxury finishes and materials, you’ll find it here. Plus, the items are hard-wearing, so they’ll last a long time! 


  • Quality and space-saving furniture
  • Innovative
  • Affordable
  • Ready-to-assemble pieces 


  • Delivery available only in some areas
  • Large item shipping fees of $49 each



When searching for the best places to buy furniture, you may not have realized you have so many choices. Online shoppers will truly enjoy Autonomous, though Wayfair, Amazon, and others have great deals and styles, too. 

If you prefer to shop in-store, you may like Macy’s or Crate & Barrel. We talked about five options for online shopping and five for in-person shopping. Therefore, you should be able to find something that meets your needs and works for you! Happy shopping! 


When’s the Best Time of Year to Buy Furniture?

Whether it’s an office chair for guest use or a standing desk for the home office, you need to know when to buy furniture. Some things will go on sale at specific times of the year, including appliances and mattresses. 

Typically, the ideal time to buy indoor furniture is in the summer and winter months. Holiday weekends, January, and July seem to be the top times to find deals. Likewise, August and February are great because retailers often begin selling the next season’s styles, so you can get bargains on the older options. 

Is It Better to Buy Furniture Online?

As with many things in life, there are benefits and drawbacks of buying furniture online. The advantages include: 

  • Wide Selection – There are seemingly thousands of furniture options available online, and you can browse in the comfort of your home, comparing styles and prices across many stores.
  • Convenience – Online shopping means that you don’t have to visit multiple stores, deal with traffic, or get swept away with large crowds. Plus, you can shop in your pajamas and don’t have to shower or shave to be presentable.
  • Low Prices – Many times, online stores will have lower prices than physical ones. However, it’s still wise to compare shops to get the best deals.
  • Customization – In most cases, you have more ways to customize the items you’re buying. For example, you can get office accessories from the same brand without having to go anywhere.

Is It Better to Buy Furniture Online?

Though the benefits are plentiful, here are a few drawbacks to consider when shopping online for furniture:

  • Cannot Physically Inspect Items – You can’t sit down in the chair or test the standing desk’s movement before you buy it. Therefore, you could be disappointed if the item doesn’t meet your high expectations. Still, most companies offset this issue by providing money-back guarantees for up to 60 days.
  • Delayed Deliveries – If you shop for furniture during the holiday season, you should expect delays. They could be as short as a few days or as long as multiple weeks. Most people want instant gratification whenever possible, so this could cause a problem.
  • Shipping Costs – Sometimes, companies offer free shipping promotions or allow you to ship the items for free if you spend enough. However, this might only apply in certain situations. Therefore, the weight and size of the items could lead to expensive shipping prices.
  • Time-Consuming – Though it takes less time to visit a website from your laptop than it does driving to each store, the process can be time-consuming. You probably have something specific in mind, and you want the best deal and options available. 

What Should You Consider When Shopping for Furniture?

When shopping for furniture, either in-store or online, you should think about these factors: 

Function and Durability

Knowing how you’ll use the furniture in your home will determine the fabric, color, and weight you need. Make sure the piece complements your current lifestyle, and think about how often you’ll use it each day. Will it need to be wear-and-tear resistant? Scratch-resistant products are ideal for pet owners or those with children. Likewise, you’ll need to ensure that the legs are sturdy enough to support the weight you’ll put on it.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Your living situation and lifestyle will likely change through the years. Therefore, you want versatile furniture that can be used for long periods and will evolve. Likewise, you might need to imagine using that furniture in various places in the home. Overall, neutral and multipurpose items are ideal because they can be used for many decades.

What Should You Consider When Shopping for Furniture?


Quality furniture brands focus more on eco-friendly materials because sustainability is crucial now. Therefore, you might want to look into how the pieces were made to ensure that they are safe. Many countries have furniture compliance rules in place, and you want to be sure they’re durable and quality materials. For example, recycled materials and sustainable wood are the best choices.

Proportions and Sizes

Buying new furniture can seem easy, but you must take careful measurements of the space in your home before doing so. It helps to measure the room and each piece you need. Some people find it easier to lay out some paper in the correct furniture dimensions to see how it might look in relation to the other items in the room. This ensures everything will work well together.

Color and Personality

Overall, you must ensure that the furniture products you buy go well with your personality and style. Though you might not go for a bold-colored chair or desk, you will still be decorating around them and should ensure that everything meshes together effectively.

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