10 Tips on How to Buy Furniture Online for Your Workspace in 2024
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10 Tips on How to Buy Furniture Online for Your Workspace in 2024

|Aug 8, 2023

Have you been scratching your head, wondering how to buy furniture for your employees? The easiest way, when it comes to shopping for furniture is to do it online, from the comfort of your home. 

Shopping at a reliable furniture outlet, such as Autonomous, will save you a lot of time and energy. However, when buying office furniture, there are a few tips that you need to remember to make your shopping experience a good one and to ensure that you get the right kind of furniture for your needs. 

Without wasting any more time, here are some great tips to consider:

10 Tips on How to Buy Furniture Online

1. Check Store Ratings and Reviews

It is very important to make the right choice when choosing where to buy furniture. Not all furniture outlets are reliable when it comes to the quality of the items they sell. Always take the time to check the store rating and reviews from trusted sites, such as Business Consumer Alliance or Better Business Bureau.

Check Store Ratings and Reviews

2. Research the Furniture Material

The question of how to buy furniture starts with looking at the type of material you want. Furniture can be made from all kinds of materials, such as wood, bamboo, metal, and plastic. Consider what you will use the furniture for, and then decide the best type of material for that purpose. 

3. Shop Online

Gone are the days when furnishing your entire office required many long trips to the furniture store. These days, thanks to reliable furniture suppliers, such as Autonomous, all it takes is a few clicks of your mouse to get everything you need.

Shop Online - how to buy furniture

4. Take Measurements

One of the first steps before making a furniture purchase is to take correct measurements of the space where the items will go, and compare this to the size of the furniture. Using your eyes only is not good enough. Often, the designs on furniture may be quite misleading, and you will find that the items are bigger or smaller than you assumed. 

5. Envision How the Room Will Look

The best way to buy furniture for your office is to envision how the room will look once the furniture items are in place. This will guide you when picking furniture that complements each other.

Envision How the Room Will Look

6. Mix It Up

When deciding how to buy furniture, it is always good to mix things up a bit in terms of designs and colors. Shopping for furniture is a lot more fun when you approach it as a chance to create the kind of workplace that you will enjoy spending time in. 

Go for different styles as well if you want to create a unique office setup. Some great décor styles to consider include, rustic, modern, contemporary, Scandinavian, Bohemian, Kawaii, and minimalist designs. 

7. Ask for Samples

Buying furniture online comes with the risk of ending up with items that look nothing like what you imagined they would. Receiving a furniture delivery and finding that you have wasted a lot of money on poor-quality goods can be very frustrating. 

The right way to do things is to ask for a sample before you approve any furniture purchase. Some retailers are willing to do this, especially for customers who are buying in bulk.

Ask for Samples

8. Buy at the Right Time

Imagine the frustration of buying a desk for a certain amount today and then finding that the same desk is going for 25% less just a few days later. Knowing the best time to buy furniture can save you a lot of money. Usually, holiday sales are the best times to keep an eye out for discounts on furniture items. 

9. Avoid Impulse Buying

One of the golden rules on how to buy furniture is to avoid impulse buying. Many consumers struggle with this issue, especially when they come across some high-pressure sales tactics. However, furniture purchase is a long-term investment, so there is no room for impulse buying when it comes to items that you will own for many years.

Avoid Impulse Buying

10. Do a Quality Check

Knowing how to do a quick quality check on all the furniture you buy can save you from being stuck with substandard goods. If you can identify any defects in the first few days, it will be a lot easier to return the furniture to the supplier and get either a replacement or a refund. 

Consider Buying Office Furniture in Bulk

When buying furniture online, one of the best decisions you can make is to buy wholesale office furniture in bulk. This is a suitable solution for businesses that have a lot of employees requiring office furniture at the same time. 

What the Autonomous Bulk Order Program offers is the flexibility to furnish an entire office of employees with just a few clicks of your mouse. Whether you are looking for great-quality wholesale office chairs or an affordable discount office desk, Autonomous has what you need.

Consider Buying Office Furniture in Bulk

Benefits of Buying in Bulk at Autonomous 

Just as important as knowing how to buy furniture is knowing where to buy furniture, especially when you are making a bulk furniture purchase. In that regard, buying in bulk at Autonomous has the following advantages: 

  • Great discounts make this a more affordable option
  • The convenience of having all the furniture delivered at the same time
  • Easier to maintain uniformity
  • Wide range of products available through the Bulk Order Program
  • Flexible delivery arrangements
  • Assembly services provided
  • All items you need are always in stock 

Autonomous bulk order

Six Best-seller Products at Autonomous

When buying furniture online, there are two furniture items that you cannot go without, and these are an ergonomic office chair and standing desk. This is the combination that will form the centerpiece of your office. 

You need to make sure you choose very carefully when shopping for a chair and office desk because these items should, ideally, last you many years. In that regard, you should consider looking at some of the best seller items available at Autonomous, such as: 

1. SmartDesk Commercial

Your search for the best home standing desk on the market ends with the SmartDesk Commercial from Autonomous. This is a perfectly engineered piece of office furniture that is designed to fit any modern office environment. 

The desk is made of good-quality material that is backed up by an impressive 10-year warranty. Utilizing the best in anti-collision technology, the SmartDesk Commercial ensures that you suffer no accidents when using the height-adjustment features. 

By far, the best quality of this modern desk is its ultra-quiet dual electric motor that allows you to easily switch from sitting to standing without missing a beat. The height range is wide enough to accommodate employees of all sizes. Also, the SmartDesk Commercial is available for bulk orders, making it great for any new business.

SmartDesk Commercial

SmartDesk Commercial

Top dimensionSmall Top: 43"L x 24"W x 1"H
Classic Top: 53"L x 29"W x 1"H
Frame dimension23.6"W x 43" - 59"L
Height rangeWith top: 29.3" - 48.5"
Without top: 28.3" - 47.5"
MaterialsTop: Warp-proof MDF wood, Solid wood
Frame: SPCC steel
ColorsTop: White, Black, Walnut
Frame: White, Black
Weight capacity250 lbs
Warranty10 years for frame
1 year for top
Top-of-the-line dual electric motorNo drawers for extra storage
Wide range of height settingsDoes not come with built-in charging stations or USB ports
Anti-collision technology
Available in bulk

2. ErgoChair Pro

Considered by many to be the best ergonomic chair on the market, the ErgoChair Pro is a must-have furniture item for any modern office setting. This chair is immaculately designed, with flexible lumbar support features that will ensure that you maintain good health and posture no matter how long you spend in the office. 

The great quality, beautiful design, and wide range of color options ensure that the ErgoChair Pro is suitable for any type of office. Capable of carrying up to 300 pounds, this chair is a great buy for employees of all sizes. 

If you regularly experience hot summers in your area, you will be happy to know that the ErgoChair Pro has a woven mesh back that is designed to ensure maximum airflow. No more sweating through your shirt because of a chair that does not allow your body to breathe.

ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair Pro

Dimensions29”L x 29”W x 46” - 50”H
Seat height18” - 20”
MaterialsPolyester fabric with molded foam interior and durable nylon plastic frame; PU handrest pads
ColorsBlack & White
Weight capacity300 lbs
Warranty2 years
Lumbar support features to improve posture and help with lower back painDoes not come with leg rest features
The woven mesh back allows maximum airflow to the body
Great design features suitable for any modern office

3. SmartDesk Corner

When space is an issue, buying an L-shaped standing desk, such as the SmartDesk Corner, can help you make the best of an otherwise cramped work area. Not many desks can fit as snugly in a tight corner and still provide the same amount of workspace as this unique desk. 

The SmartDesk Corner comes with all the regular features of a standing desk, including a dual electric motor and a programmable keypad. At the touch of a button, you can go through a variety of height settings from 29.4” to 48.” 

This high-quality desk has a strong steel frame that allows it to be lifted or lowered while carrying up to 400 pounds. It also provides twice the space of an ordinary sit-stand desk. If you need the perfect desk that allows two colleagues to share the same workstation, this is the perfect solution for your needs.

SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner

Top dimensionFull: 77”L x 64”W x 1”H
Large Top: 77”L x 29”W x 1”H
Small Top: 29”L x 35”W x 1”H
Frame dimension27.5”W x 42” - 71”L
Height rangeWith top: 29.4" - 48"
Without top: 28.4" - 47"
MaterialsTop: Warp-proof MDF wood
Frame: SPCC steel
ColorsTop: White, Black
Frame: White, Black
Weight capacity400 lbs
Warranty5 years for frame
1 year for top
Twice the work areaLimited color options
Suitable for small officesNot a good choice for the center of the office
Carries up to 400 pounds with ease
Whisper-quiet triple electric motor

4. ErgoChair Core

If you are looking for the ultimate combination between comfort and ergonomic design, look no further than the ErgoChair Core. This chair's design features include a contoured seat that allows you to sit comfortably all day and a lumbar support system for taking care of your lower back. 

The ErgoChair Core is designed to accommodate users of all sizes, as shown by its easily adjustable height, back recline, armrests, and seat pan features. You can even adjust the lumbar support mechanism, which is great news for office workers struggling with back pain. 

Made from high-quality, long-lasting material, the ErgoChair Pro ensures that once you buy this chair, it will be many years before you consider an upgrade or a replacement. The two-year warranty that is provided ensures that you have enough peace of mind to even buy this chair in bulk.

ErgoChair Core

ErgoChair Core

Dimensions28” - 45”L x 28”W x 45” - 49”H
Seat height18” - 21”
MaterialsPolyester fabric with molded foam interior and durable nylon plastic frame
ColorsAll Black without headrest and legrest
Cool Gray without headrest and legrest
Weight capacity250 lbs
Warranty1 year
FeatureAdjustable armrest, back tilt angle, seat height
Easily adjustable height and other featuresOnly available in black or cool gray
Has recline features
Strong, long-lasting material

5. SmartDesk Pro

There aren’t many products out there that embody what a true smart desk should be in the same way as the SmartDesk Pro. This awesome desk has an upgraded electric dual motor that is backed up by a state-of-the-art programmable keypad.

Besides being able to preset four of your favorite working heights, the desk allows you to go through a wide range of heights, from as low as 26.2” to an impressive height of 52.” All this can be done effortlessly, with the ultra-quiet motor producing less than 50 dB of noise.

SmartDesk Pro

SmartDesk Pro

Top dimensionSmall Top: 43"L x 24"W x 1"H
Classic Top: 53"L x 29"W x 1"H
XL Top: 70.5"L x 30"W x 1"H
Frame dimension27.5"W x 40" - 73"L
Height rangeWith top: 29.4" - 48"
Without top: 28.4" - 47"
MaterialsTop: Warp-proof, MDF wood, natural Bamboo
Frame: SPCC steel
ColorsTop: White, Black, Walnut, White Oak, Bamboo
Frame: White, Black, Grey
Weight capacity310 lbs
Warranty5 years for frame
1 year for top
Whisper-quiet motorNo storage features, such as drawers or cabinets
Wide range of heightsCannot be linked to your phone or other mobile device
Seven-year warranty on the steel frame

6. ErgoChair Plus

If you are looking for a dynamic chair that comes with all the ergonomic features you need for maximum comfort and improved productivity, try the ErgoChair Plus from Autonomous. This is the kind of chair that is designed to allow maximum movement, thanks to its frameless construction. 

The ErgoChair Plus is made using environmentally friendly TPE, making it a great option if you want to do your bit to save the planet. Its adaptive spinal support ensures that it is one of the best options for combating back problems.

ErgoChair Plus

ErgoChair Plus

Dimensions28”L x 28”W x 40” - 44”H
Seat height17” - 21”
MaterialsNaked TPE version: 100% TPE upholstery with ABS plastic frame.
Mesh version: 100% TPE and polyester fabric upholstery with ABS plastic frame.
ColorsBlack Frame, Naked Black TPE
Black Frame, Naked Grey TPE
White Frame, Naked Grey TPE
Grey TPE with Blue Mesh
Grey TPE with Grey Mesh
Black TPE with Black Mesh
Weight capacity300 lbs
Warranty5 years
Earth-friendly TPE materialDoes not have a headrest or leg rest feature
Adaptive spinal support
Frameless design for better movement

Buy Furniture the Easy Way at Autonomous!

Are you wondering how to buy furniture for your workers the easy way? Shopping for furniture online is one of the best ways to do it. Even without leaving the comfort of your home, you can browse through countless awesome office furniture items. With so many discounts and great sales available at Autonomous, the best time to buy furniture is right now.

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