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Top 10 Standing Desk Chairs in Canada

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Mar 19, 2021

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Are you looking for a reliable standing desk chair in Canada but confused due to a limited budget? If yes, we are here to help you out. Upon scouring the web to know more about the best ergonomic chairs in Canada, we have come across some of the most suitable standing computer desk chairs in Canada.

Ergonomic chairs and desks have become all the rave in recent times and have been discussed quite a lot in the news lately. We know that you are excited to know which options are the most suitable yet outstanding ones for you, so we advise you to read further to explore.

1. ErgoChair Pro by Autonomous

The Autonomous Ergochair Pro is one of the best standing desk chairs in Canada, as it offers myriads of advanced features. From the armrest to the headrest, the chair offers a wide range of customization to help you set your work ergonomics right. Since you have the option to pay monthly, it can be an option for most office workers.

  • Available in six colors
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • It can support up to 350 pounds.

ErgoChair 2 by Autonomous

2. AvoChair by Autonomous

Autonomous AvoChair is a reliable choice for those users who are looking for a reliable chair to sit on during their intermittent sitting sessions. You get myriads of features in this chair, having an adjustable height, tilt mechanism, armrest, etc. The 15-day trial helps you trust the company more and judge whether you need this chair.

  • Features a soft design
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Comes with the option to pay monthly

AvoChair by Autonomous

3. ErgoStool by Autonomous

Autonomous ErgoStool is the ideal sit stand stool in Canada to buy if you are looking for a standing desk stool in Canada that ensures you stay active during working hours. The design of this chair is such that it helps the user strengthen their core. Since it offers you a height adjustment of up to 10-inches, it can be a suitable choice for a wide range of workers.

  • It comes with an option to pay monthly.
  • 2-years warranty
  • Available in four colors

ErgoStool by Autonomous

4. Reclining Gaming Chair by Healgen

Healgen Reclining Gaming Chair is among the most suitable yet comfortable options for workers. This chair is available in eight different colors, so you have a wide range to choose from. Since the makers have used high-quality materials, so you can rest assured that this chair will be a durable choice.

  • It can be cleaned conveniently.
  • Comes with a 60-day warranty
  • Since the chair is heavy, it can be difficult to carry.

Reclining Gaming Chair by Healgen

5. Mesh Swivel Chair by Flash Furniture

Flash Furniture Mesh Swivel Chair is an ideal standing computer desk chair in Canada. Since it is designed using a breathable mesh fabric, you can use it for longer working hours at the office. You get a wide range of 17 colors with this chair, so you can select the one that goes well with your standing desk.

  • Suitable for higher desks
  • It can be used as a side chair or a drafting chair as well.

6. Articulate Office Chair by Modway

Articulate Office Chair by Modway is among the most suitable standing desk chairs in Canada, as it goes on sale quite often. You can conveniently use this chair as both an office chair and a gaming chair, as its design makes it pretty comfortable. Since it even has the option to pay monthly, you can go for it if you are short on budget.

  • Designed using a breathable mesh material
  • Comes in six colors
  • It Will not be a suitable choice for taller people.

Articulate Office Chair by Modway

7. BestOffice Ergonomic Executive Chair

Ergonomic Executive Chair by BestOffice is a comfortable choice for office workers. Since it is available as one of the low-priced options in Canada, it is accessible by most of you. The assembly is also not much time consuming, so it can be a reliable choice; however, the lack of an adjustable armrest makes it a lesser ergonomic option among its competitors.

  • Available in two color options
  • Has an adjustable height
  • It is available on amazon as well.

8. Balance Ball Chair by Gaiam

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is a sit stand stool in Canada that has a unique design. This chair is designed to boost your energy and focus with the help of a built-in exercise ball. Since it can support up to 300pounds, you can consider it a reliable choice for a wide range of users.

  • Available in eight colors
  • Suitable for people with height up to six feet
  • Provides stability that is equivalent to any typical office chair

​​​​​​​Balance Ball Chair by Gaiam

9. Ergonomic Home Chair by Komene

Komene Ergonomic Home Chair can be a competitive standing desk chair in Canada. Since it comes with an option to pay monthly, you can find it as an ergonomic chair. It comes with several adjustment features, so you will have the liberty to set your work ergonomics right.

  • Suitable for short-height people
  • Designed using a breathable mesh material
  • Available at amazon

10. Ergonomic Chair by WorkSmart

WorkSmart Ergonomic Chair is a relatively expensive option as compared to the other standing computer desk chairs in Canada. However, you can go for it if you are looking for a durable chair that is suitable for heavy-duty tasks. It provides reliable lumbar support, so the common back pain is avoided with this option.

  • The assembly is quite convenient to do.
  • The height adjustment feature is pretty smooth.
  • Only available in black color

​​​​​​​Ergonomic Chair by WorkSmart​​​​​​​


Undoubtedly a standing desk chair is crucial when you are planning to set your work ergonomics right. To have a better experience, you may also like to look at some standing desks to set your work ergonomics the right way. You can conveniently find a standing desk in Canada online. Once you couple it with the standing desk chair that suits your budget, you are all set to get the best experience.

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