Top 5 Strategies to Avoid Distractions From Communication Apps
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Top 5 Strategies to Avoid Distractions From Communication Apps

|Apr 13, 2021

Today, remote working has become an inevitable situation for most professionals. This has increased the use of smartphones to an extent where each ping causes us to pause our work and glance at the screen.

Are you wondering how to not get distracted from communication tools? While smartphones are also great tools to help us stay organized and enhance our workflow, they also pose a severe distraction problem. Let’s face it—we can’t survive without instant messaging apps. So, is there a way to avoid distractions from communication apps?

Most certainly! Despite the fantastic benefits of communication essentials and apps, it is crucial to bear in mind the downsides of using them excessively. So, here are five tips that are sure to help you avoid distraction from communication apps.

1.   Turn Off Your Notifications!

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Research shows that the average person spends 2 hours and 51 minutes on their mobile phones. Now, whiling away three hours during the day takes away precious time that could have taken you closer to achieving your goals.

Instead, you can secure this time for your daily targets by switching the notifications from instant messaging apps off. These notifications draw your attention towards other people and events that do not matter. 

Once your notifications are switched off, you will get all the time you need to focus at a stretch and get the work done swiftly.

2.   Manage Work Through Limited Applications

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Many companies require their associates to use group chats to coordinate projects or collaborate on them and also for virtual communication. This inevitably leads to workers using communication apps to keep themselves updated. 

However, there is a way to avoid distractions from communication apps while managing your work. The key is to keep only a few group chats active on limited apps. Once you operate these apps based on necessity, they no longer disrupt your workflow.

3.   Join Virtual Meetings through a Desktop or Laptop Device

Join Virtual Meetings.jpg

While virtual meets are convenient to log into on smartphones, they also lead to us using our smartphones before, during, after those meetings. This results in a lack of productivity and anxiety due to constant notifications from communication apps.

So, if you’re looking for a way to stop getting distracted from communication apps, you must join virtual meetings through a laptop device or a desktop. This minimizes smartphone use and lets you focus on actual work instead.

Moreover, there are several virtual meetings challenges that delay actual work, so it is better to manage your time effectively while indulging in long, virtual meets.

4.   Change the Location of Instant Messaging and Social Media Apps

 Change the Location of Instant Messaging and Social Media Apps.jpg

You may not realize this, but we click on certain apps as a force of habit more often than not. Most smartphone users tend to visit apps through habitual swipes and not due to a conscious decision.

Thus, if you were to change the location of the apps you visit frequently, you will spend more time looking for them. This will result in you becoming conscious of your action while limiting the use of these communication apps.

5.   Put your limbs to use!

Put your limbs to use.jpg

Remote workers need some activity to feel rejuvenated after focusing for a long time. However, most workers tend to use their short work breaks to spend time on social media apps. This tends to prolong the break and make workers lazy and unwilling to resume work.

The best way to tackle this issue is to get your body moving! One way to reduce stress and lack of focus caused by excessive use of communication apps is to invest in home office standing desksanti-fatigue mats, Kinn chairs, desk treadmills, etc.

These tools improve posture, reduce fatigue, and ultimately enhance focus and productivity. This way, you improve your physical health and take a step towards improving your mental health.

Why Should You Avoid Distraction From Communication Apps?

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Communication apps may help you coordinate and stay updated, but they can also mean the death of focus and productivity. Moreover, these apps tend to steal your attention from more important activities such as working out, meditating, or simply focussing on your tasks.

Thus, it is crucial to be mindful of the time and energy spent on these apps for optimum mental health and maximum productivity. Plus, it is also vital to understand that it is alright to be unavailable at times.

When you allow people, both personal and professional contacts access to you at all times, they tend to affect your productivity and workflow. So, you must enable yourself unrestricted time to work on your priorities instead of getting distracted by frequent notifications on your phone. It is necessary for you to avoid distraction from communication apps.

Pros and Cons of Using Communication Apps

While communication apps may be a blessing in disguise for remote workplaces, they’re also devils in disguise for those trying to focus. However, there are boons and banes to every technology ever built.

Here are the pros and cons of using communication apps that will give you a better insight.

Pros of Using Communication Apps

  • Effective and simplified communication and collaboration channel
  • Real-time workplace updates
  • A convenient platform to share files
  • Text-encryption for enhanced security
  • Easy to manage group-chats

Cons of Using Communication Apps

  • Constant availability leaves no scope for delayed responses
  • Increased screen-time
  • Frequent interruption during work
  • Notifications draw attention away from actual work

What to Do Instead of Spending Time on Communication Apps?

What to Do Instead.jpg

Communication apps prevent you from spending your time on other productive and fulfilling activities. So, here’s what you can do instead of scrolling aimlessly on communication and social media apps.

1. Organize!

Whether it’s your desk or wardrobe, staying organized always helps lift your mood and declutter your mind. You also should build a productive hybrid work from home schedule

2.Let your creative juices flow!

Draw, sing, paint, or even try the art of origami! Creativity is great for self-care and to improve productivity!

3. Binge a podcast

Podcasts are fun, relevant, and informative. Listen to some good podcasts and feel your mind relax!

4. Listen to music

Music rejuvenates and calms your mind and anxious thoughts. So, have your playlist ready and listen to music as you take a break from work!

Summing Up

The best way to avoid distraction from communication apps is to prioritize your tasks and focus on your mental and physical health. Besides these, try out the tips we’ve mentioned and watch your productivity improve with each passing day.

So, while you hustle, remember to take a break and do things that make you truly happy!

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