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Furniture Stores in Richmond, VA: Top Listing & Buying Tips
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Furniture Stores in Richmond, VA: Top Listing & Buying Tips

|Aug 27, 2023

Ready to make up your space but not sure where to look? Whether you're after the perfect desk for your home office, eye-catching mid-century pieces, or budget-friendly finds, the hunt for the right furniture can be a bit overwhelming. But not to worry! We've got your back.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the best furniture stores in Richmond VA. These places not only offer unique and high-quality items, but they also make furniture shopping a breeze with their top-notch customer service and remarkable collections. So let's dive right in!

1. Autonomous

If you're on the prowl for office furniture in Richmond VA, look no further than Autonomous. Famous for its game-changing original standing desk - the Autonomous Desk, Autonomous has made a name for itself in the world of workspace furniture. It's not just about looks, though. Autonomous combines style, innovation, and productivity like no one else.

Looking for a comfortable, ergonomic chair that won't give you a backache after a long workday? Autonomous has got you covered. They have some of the best ergonomic office chair designs out there. But it doesn't stop there.

Need to outfit a bigger workspace? Autonomous's Bulk Order Program lets you pick up office supplies in bulk at wholesale rates. The bigger the order, the bigger the discount. It's a sweet deal if you're looking to furnish a large office without breaking the bank.

But one thing that really sets Autonomous apart? Their stellar customer service. They offer a free office layout design service where they whip up a 3D model of your space, then suggest a list of furniture to maximize its potential. It's like having your own interior designer!

They've also got this super cool referral program. Say you refer a friend to Autonomous, and they make a bulk purchase. They score wholesale office furniture rates for their new workspace, and you land yourself a free office desk. Pretty neat, right?

So if office furniture is on your shopping list, make sure to give Autonomous a visit. Trust us; they have some of the best office chairs in Richmond VA has to offer!

Autonomous furniture stores in richmond va

2. Epoch

If you're a fan of mid-century style and hunting for such furniture stores in Richmond VA then you're in for a real treat. Say hello to Epoch - Richmond's most exciting spot for an incredible selection of mid-century furniture. What makes Epoch stand out? Their ever-changing catalog is full of vintage gems, modern Danish pieces, groovy retro items, and eclectic decor.

Epoch was started in 2013 with the aim of providing Richmond with some of the finest mid-century furniture and decor from the glorious 50s. And they have done just that! Epoch has since grown from a simple restoration and resale business to custom building and even dabbling in original design. Today they have a huge catalog of mid-century style armchairs, couches, bed sets, and dining tables. 

Thanks to their in-house restoration and thorough refinishing, all of Epoch's restored pieces are in fantastic shape. And it's not just furniture - they've got home décor such as art that goes perfectly with the vintage aesthetic of the brand.

But the coolest part about Epoch? They've ditched the conventional storefront for a 1962 tri-level home. This offers the most authentic setting for their mid-century items and gives you a real sense of how it would look in your home making it easier.

Epoch furniture stores in richmond va

3. ReStore: Richmond Habitat for Humanity

Looking for discount furniture stores in Richmond VA? Look no further than the ReStore: Richmond Habitat for Humanity! This place is a goldmine of awesome deals on everything from furniture to cabinets and even appliances. Their inventory gets fresh additions every day, so you've got a mix of new and used furniture, building supplies, flooring, home decor, and plenty of quirky, unique finds to explore. The best part? Their prices are up to 90% lower than retail, which is a godsend if you're shopping on a budget.

What makes shopping at ReStore: Richmond Habitat for Humanity even cooler is that all their profits go straight back to Habitat for Humanity's mission of building safe, affordable homes for hardworking families in the Greater Richmond area. But that's not all. By shopping at a discount or used furniture stores such as ReStore, you're also playing a part in reducing landfill waste, as thousands of pounds of usable items find new homes instead of ending up in the dump.

Simply put, shopping at the ReStore means getting fantastic deals on quality items while supporting affordable housing and caring for the environment. Now that's what we call guilt-free shopping! Just one thing to bear in mind: make sure you give all items a good check before buying, as all sales are final.

ReStore: Richmond Habitat for Humanity

4. CORT Furniture

Looking for quality used furniture stores in Richmond VA? That's usually code for 'I want something nice but without the hefty price tag.' There are many used furniture stores in Richmond VA where you can get furniture with very low price tags, but usually, shopping at these places means you are also getting quality just as low as the price. What if we told you you could get almost new furniture at discounted used furniture rates? CORT Furniture store in Richmond VA does exactly that.

CORT sells both brand-new and previously rented furniture that's been used in model homes, on movie sets, by home stagers, in corporate apartments, offices, and even by folks needing temporary furniture. Once a piece has finished its rental life, it lands up at CORT, where it can be snapped up for a fraction of its original retail price.

Unlike many second-hand furniture places that leave you guessing about the quality of what you're really getting, CORT stands out for its top-tier quality and transparency. They grade used furniture on a scale of A to D, so you know what you're signing up for, Not something you'd find at many discount furniture stores in the nearby area.

Once they've thoroughly checked and certified the furniture, they price them by reducing them up to 70%. That means you're scoring the best possible value for your money. So if you're hunting for second-hand furniture that doesn't compromise quality, CORT is worth checking out.

CORT Furniture


In wrapping up our exploration of furniture stores in Richmond VA, it's clear that the city offers a diverse selection of spots to satisfy all your home or workspace needs. Whether it's sleek and modern office furniture from Autonomous, classic mid-century pieces at Epoch, incredibly discounted finds at ReStore, or top-quality used furniture at CORT, you'll find the perfect piece to elevate your space.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on out and explore these wonderful furniture stores in Richmond VA.

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