Top-rated Online and Offline Furniture Stores in Windsor, Canada
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Top-rated Online and Offline Furniture Stores in Windsor, Canada

|Feb 21, 2024

You need to choose furniture stores carefully. Not all shops offer the same quality, and it’s ideal to get all the products you need from the same one. If you are looking for a furniture store in Windsor, Canada, this is the page for you.

Here, you will find a list of the top five online and offline furniture stores in Windsor, so you won’t need to spend hours looking for something that suits your property. We also included a few of the factors you should keep in mind when choosing a Windsor furniture store. 

Autonomous is one of the stores you will read about below, and you can learn more about it on its website. You will also find several deals and promotions on ergonomics and other office accessories there, as well as a blog post with valuable information on office working and a wide variety of topics.

Factors You Should Consider When Choosing Furniture Stores in Windsor, Canada

There are many furniture stores in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and even if one looks of excellent quality, there are some criteria it should always meet. Keeping that criteria in mind will also help you choose which works best for you.

Below, you will find the most important factors to consider when choosing a furniture store in Windsor, Ontario. Regardless of that, keeping them in mind will help you even if you are in another city or country.


The quality of the products you want to buy is essential, and it’s the first thing you should take a look at when you think about trying a home furniture or bulk office furniture store. Even if high-quality items are more affordable than others, getting them will save you money in the long run since they will last longer. 

Here, you want to check the materials the products are made of, the process the company uses to make them, and how much time they are meant to last. Look for furniture that can withstand wear and tear and remain in decent condition for years.

Choosing Furniture Stores in Windsor, Canada

Style and Design

Once you make sure the products a company offers are of good quality, you need to check if their style and design match your property and what you want for it. No one should ever get a product they don’t visually like or that doesn’t fit with the other accessories in the place, even if it’s of high quality. 

That doesn’t mean trying low-budget products that look good but rather getting furniture of high quality that matches your property’s aesthetic. The best way to achieve that is to take time to think about how you want your place to look before buying anything.

You should first think about the style you want your property to have and then set a color palette for it. If you have the colors you need in mind, choosing between all the furniture options online will be easier. Maybe a Windsor furniture store has an excellent ergonomic chair with an appealing design, but if it doesn’t give you the look you want, don’t get it.

Style and Design


Along with quality, pricing is one of the essentials of choosing a furniture shop in Windsor. When we say this, we don’t mean only buying affordable things and forgetting about higher-end products but rather finding the balance that best adapts to your budget.

If you see a furniture piece of excellent quality and beautiful design you can afford, you should get it. You will be alright as long as you don’t go over your budget. However, people often mistake price for quality, and the truth is that not all expensive products are as good as they claim to be. 

Try to find stores with a decent quality-price balance. Don’t go for an absurdly expensive product that doesn’t give you many features just because it looks expensive. Measure the budget you have for furniture before looking for stores, and stick to that budget to avoid losing money in the future. 

Customer Service

Whether you go to an onsite or online store, customer service is something you should consider before choosing a furniture store in Windsor, Ontario. It’s true that the way the company treats you doesn’t change the quality, design, or price of the products, but you don’t want to have a bad time.

If you rely on getting help from the employees to choose your furniture, this specifically applies to you. Naturally, we are talking about onsite stores. Regarding online ones, it’s good that they have a decent customer support team in case you have any problem with your order.

Customer Service

Additional Services 

Apart from offering furniture and desk accessories, some furniture stores also offer additional services and features with each order, and they can help you save money when buying things for your house or office. Free delivery is an example of that.

The same happens with stores that offer add-ons with the products you buy or that let you buy bulk products, such as wholesale office chairs. While you are at it, you can also check if it has any deals and promotions you can benefit from.

Warranty and Return Policy

Although this could count as the additional services furniture stores in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, can give you, it’s important to take time to check the return policies the store uses and the warranty each product has. Even if an item seems to be of excellent quality, you don’t know if you will have any problem with it, and you need to be ready for that.

Companies with poor return policies and short warranties are often unreliable and have a story of defective products. Make sure to only buy things you can return if you notice they have any problem.

Autonomous bulk order

What Are the Top Five Online Furniture Stores in Windsor, Canada?

Even if you already know all the factors you should take into account before choosing a furniture store in Windsor, Canada, you shouldn’t have to spend hours looking for the right place. We wanted to make that process easier, so we made a list of the top five online furniture stores in this city. Here are they:

1. Autonomous

Autonomous is undoubtedly the best online furniture store for people in Windsor, Canada. This company focuses on ergonomics, and its products are meant to help you prevent back and neck pain, as well as ease it if you already developed it.

If you want to buy an ergonomic chair, this is the place for you. It offers a wide variety of products of all styles, and almost all of them have top-tier lumbar support. Since the company aims to help both employees and employers, it made various programs to make buying office furniture more affordable.

You can make bulk orders from Autonomous, too. Apart from office chairs, you will also find other products, such as a stand-up desk, desk accessories, and even office pods. Its website also has valuable insights on office work, furniture, and other subjects related to ergonomics.

Autonomous - furniture store Windsor

2. Leon’s Furniture

Leon’s Furniture has been working since 1909, so it’s a good option if you are looking for an experienced and reliable company. As its name suggests, it offers furniture, but you can also buy appliances and electronics there. 

Among the benefits of buying products from this company, you get free shipping orders if you go over a specific budget. It has a 60-day return policy. 

3. Structube

While Leon’s Furniture goes more for the classic/vintage approach due to all the years it has been in business, Structube is a modern furniture store, so it’s a decent choice if you are looking for modern-looking decorations that don’t look too old. However, pricing is the store's best feature. 

It focuses on home furniture and offers many affordable options for all budgets. Structube has a similar free shipping policy to Leon’s Furniture for orders over $299. The company’s website has a part of it dedicated to customer reviews, so you can check it to see what other people have said about the products you want to buy.

Structube - furniture store Windsor

4. EQ3 

Similar to Structube, EQ3 offers modern-looking furniture pieces. However, it also has an excellent catalog of contemporary products you will love if you are into that aesthetic. The customer reviews on the company’s website will help you tell which items would work best for you. 

EQ3 has excellent customer support that makes it easy to reach out to it when you have any problem with your order. You should know that the company mainly focuses on residential furniture, so you may need to look for other options if you are looking for things for your office.

5. The Brick

While most of the stores on this list focus on furniture, The Brick offers a wide catalog of other products you might also be interested in getting. That includes mattresses, outdoor furniture, appliances, electronics, and home décor. You can also enjoy its shipping and installation services depending on your order.

The Brick - furniture store Windsor

What About Offline Stores?

Those were the top five online furniture stores in Windsor, but if you are looking forward to actually going to an onsite store to see the products you want yourself, we also have a few options available. Check these out:  

1. Tepperman’s Furniture

Tepperman’s Furniture is one of the furniture stores in Windsor, Ontario, Canada on the list with the best customer service, and customers feel like they are part of the family there. Yes, this is a family-owned business with over 90 years of experience. You can buy furniture options for all the rooms in your house here. Besides that, it has interesting financing options to help you stay within budget.

Tepperman’s Furniture

2. Windsor Furniture Exchange 

Windsor Furniture Exchange, as its name suggests, is a locally owned furniture store. It offers several options and has a decent price range, so you will find something that fits your budget. The store has a large showroom with all its furniture pieces and offers delivery services.

3. Leon’s Furniture

Leon’s Furniture also has an onsite store in Windsor, so you can go there if you don’t feel like online shopping. Going to the actual place offers pretty much the same benefits we mentioned before, so leave it to your taste to either go or buy everything from home.

Leon’s Furniture

4. The Brick 

Like Leon’s Furniture, the Brick also has an onsite store in Windsor, Canada. The Brick offers affordable and high-end products, so you will find everything you want here. Nonetheless, this store’s greatest strength lies in its mattresses.

5. The Room Collection

We know we have mostly shown you stores with affordable pieces, so if you are looking for high-end products, go to the Room Collection. The best thing about this store is that it offers interior design services in case you don’t know what you want for your house.

The Room Collection

Getting to Know the Autonomous Bulk Order Program

Employers looking forward to making bulk orders for their businesses should try the Autonomous Bulk Order Program. In a nutshell, Autonomous made this program to give customers willing to buy wholesale products additional benefits and make the toll this could take on their budgets lighter.

Among the benefits this program offers, you first will find that its products are always in stock. Thanks to this, you won’t have to spend time or money on stockouts. It also has flexible shipping, so you can choose the delivery date that best matches your schedule.

As we mentioned before, the quality of Autonomous products is outstanding, so you will find the best ergonomic chair and desk on the market here.

That being said, here are a few Autonomous best sellers:

Autonomous Chair Core

Autonomous Desk Connect

Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Ultra

Autonomous Desk Eureka

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Bottom Line

There are many reliable furniture stores in Windsor, so you only need to pick the one that best matches your preferences. Remember to keep in mind all the factors we told you to consider on this page before choosing one.

Regardless of that, we still consider Autonomous a safe option for people looking for office furniture. Check out its website to read its blog posts and see the deals and promotions available. There, you will find the best office ergonomic chair and a huge stock of other ergonomic products.

Autonomous Chair Ultra - First 3D-Printed Chair

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