Why Exercise Can Boost Your Immune System? 8 Ways to Go
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Why Exercise Can Boost Your Immune System? 8 Ways to Go

|Mar 26, 2023

If you fall sick often, then who is to be blamed? The germs and pathogens around you affect you regularly, or is your poor lifestyle responsible for a weak immune system? A healthy immune system is essential to protect your body from bacteria, viruses, and other germs that can cause mild to severe illness. And as we speak about the importance of a robust immune system for a healthy body, thinking about ways to boost your immune system is inevitable so you don't fall sick as often.

Thankfully there are several ways to boost the immune system and make your body strong enough to fight all the bacteria and viruses coming your way. And one of those is to have a healthy exercise routine. Exercising regularly is a fool-proof hack to have a healthy immune system. Below are some ways exercise boosts the immune system and some helpful exercises for a healthy immune system.

How to Boost the Immune System?

To understand the link between exercise and the immune system, let's look at the body functions affected by exercise. Here are some ways in which exercise helps with immunity.

Exercise Encourages Cellular Activity

Moderate to intensive exercise helps with faster cell movement by increasing blood flow. As the cellular activity increases, the White Blood Cells (cells responsible for immunity) circulate faster. This helps in the detection of early illnesses or any pathogen that is entering the body.

How to Boost the Immune System?

Rise in Temperature

Do you love sweating during workouts? Other than indicating a good workout, sweating has several other benefits. As you work out, your body temperature rises. This temperature rise prevents bacteria from growing, and sweating allows bacteria and toxins to flush away from the body. So the glow you see after exercise? That's all the pathogens leaving your body.

Minimized Stress

Exercise significantly lowers the release of stress hormones in the body, which minimizes the chances of catching an illness. People who are often stressed are more likely to be affected by a more significant number of germs than someone who is mentally relaxed.

Minimized Stress to boost immune system

Exercise Improves Sleep Quality

Regular physical activity improves the quality of sleep to a considerable extent. Since our bodies need proper rest to function to their total capacity, quality sleep will help the immune system to reach its maximum working potential.

Exercise Minimizes Heart Diseases

Exercise can lower the resting heart rate, raise HDL cholesterol, minimize the risk of type 2 diabetes, or prevent it altogether. With regular exercise, our heart muscles become vital as the blood flow during workouts increases than usual.

How Much Should I Exercise for a Healthy Immune System?

It is proven that physical activity and fitness equipment helps boost immunity, but how often should one exercise to ensure a properly functioning body? According to the department of health, an adult should have a physical activity of a minimum of 150 minutes each week. This figure applies if you work with mild to moderate exercises such as aerobics, treadmill, and walking. In the case of vigorous physical activity such as boating, tennis, or football, working out 75 minutes each week is sufficient. These minutes should be divided according to your lifestyle and fitness level.

8 Ways to Boost Immune System with Exercise

Having realized that regular exercise is crucial for a healthy immune system, knowing what exercises are best for a healthy immune system is essential.


Have you encountered a doctor suggesting walking to treat every disease? Well, listen to them. A short walk regularly is a simple and intelligent way to boost immunity. People who walk daily have a 40% lesser chance of catching seasonal flu or allergy. Schedule a 30-minute walk outside at least five times a week, or walk on a treadmill to reach the ballpark.


Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises are best for a healthy heart; as a bonus, they also help maintain a healthy weight. Aerobic exercises are gentle and increase body temperature, which is a way to inhibit bacterial growth in the body. Another benefit of aerobic exercise is that it is suitable for people with joint pain. So, for your workout room ideas, leave enough space for aerobic exercise as a regular part of your workout routine.


A healthy mind makes a healthy body. And yoga is a way to do that. Yoga focuses on relaxing the mind, and this helps lower stress levels, thus strengthening immunity in return. For office workers, yoga should be an essential part of their routine to de-stress and remain calm.

Yoga - boost immune system

Desk Exercises

We know office workers are the ones with the most demanding schedules. And if you cannot find the right time to fit in an exercise routine, there are ways to practice desk exercises and office workout right in your workplace. Desk exercises such as desk stretches and using an anti-fatigue mat or a balance ball are ways to keep the muscles active while working. Moreover, you can take several portable fitness equipment along to your office, such as hand weights and resistance bands.


Squats aren't just for the thighs and booty building; they bring several health benefits when done regularly. People who do squats regularly have toned legs, solid glutes, and strengthened cores. Squats also improve blood circulation by engaging and shifting all the upper body weight to the lower body.


Enjoy increased flexibility and strength as you work out in a pilate class. This low-impact workout is exceptionally useful in building a healthy immune system. This is because of the rhythmic movement of pilates, which engages the respiratory and lymphatic systems of the body, hence stimulating increased blood flow. And if you prefer working out at home, you can try several at-home pilates exercise room ideas.

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Breathing Exercises

Incorporate breathing exercises and regular meditation to make the most of your workout. Even just for a few minutes, sit quietly and focus on your breathing. This simple act can help fight off stress and strengthen immunity and the nervous system.

Go Outside

There are several ways to make the most of your workout, and working out in the open air in the presence of sunlight is one of those. One of the most significant benefits of breaking a sweat outdoors is the abundance of vitamin D, which significantly contributes to building strong immunity.

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