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Airthereal provides highly-rated HEPA air purifiers to improve the air and water quality in your home.

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Companies are paying more attention to the quality of their offices, with the goal of boosting productivity and morale. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, most of these workplace quality enhancements have been adopted in tandem with infection prevention. The marketplace is full of home office essentials that would cater to your needs. We recommend you go for the Airthereal air purifier. Just like investing in office furniture is essential, investing in an air purifier is necessary too. Why not make the sensible choice and invest in a product that both increases productivity and safeguards against airborne pathogens? Office air quality may be quickly and affordably improved by installing Airthereal air purifier products.

Benefits Of Having an Air Purifier in the Workplace

An air purifier is an essential piece of equipment for every business. Air purifiers are a common upgrade to the regular ventilation and air cleaning systems found in most modern workplaces. Miniature and large air purifiers alike only need to be plugged in and turned on to begin cleaning the air.

Prevents Mold & Reduces Bacterial Transmission

A mold-free workplace is possible with the help of an air purifier, like an Airthereal filter. Mold spores are simply another sort of particulate matter that may be eliminated with the help of an air purifier. Mold spores in the air will be captured by the air purifier as they drift by. Mold spores will be trapped by the air purifier's filter, preventing them from dispersing. A purifier may reduce the likelihood of illness in the workplace. After being set up, it will lessen the spread of disease-causing germs. Pollutants in the air might include bacteria and viruses. An air purifier may get rid of these, as well as other airborne contaminants.

Improves Productivity & Removes Bad Odors

It may come as a surprise to find that installing an air filter in the office might increase output. Having a healthy body can only increase your productivity. Workers that are healthy tend to be more productive on the job. By reducing airborne toxins, an air purifier may help keep employees healthy. The elimination of offensive scents is yet another advantage of employing an air purifier in the office. Air pollution is a common culprit in creating unpleasant scents. Some chemicals and gasses, for example, give off unpleasant scents. Thankfully, an air purifier provides relief. It will filter out the particles that contribute to unpleasant scents, making the office environment more pleasant. With this importance for your health, why don‘t you go to the nearest home furniture store and take one?

Diffuser Vs. Air purifier Vs. Humidifier

We’ll try to address this crucial question “what is the difference between dehumidifier and air purifier?”, as briefly as possible. With the use of air purifiers, the environment may be made safe for breathing again. The result is cleaner air, free of germs and other contaminants, which makes it easier to breathe. Moistening the air using a humidifier, Humidifiers are designed for usage in dry environments, such as those that are air-conditioned or often chilly. Scented air is made possible by diffusers. Essential oils are diffused into the air using special diffusers, making them ideal for use in aromatherapy.

Features Of Airthereal APH260

A particle measuring 0.3 microns in size is too tiny for this Airthereal filter to miss. Turn on the UV light to eliminate mold and germs floating through the air and trapped by your filter. If you have a 335-square-foot room, APH260 will be able to totally clean the air and recirculate it. The 0.3-micron particles in the air are too tiny to pass through the third step of filtration of this Airthereal air purifier filter. Airthereal's intelligent control may be activated to do instantaneous air quality checks. Depending on the conditions, the device will automatically determine the optimal purifying setting.

Features Of Airthereal AGH550

The circular, 360-degree system allows for five air changes each hour in the family area. The Glory Days AGH550 solves your air quality issues with its efficient energy-saving design and high-powered filtration capability. Airborne particles bigger than 0.3 microns are effectively filtered out by its real HEPA filters, which are 99.97% effective. The diameter of a human hair is 50 microns, making the airborne particles cleaned by the Airthereal air purifier filter 166 times smaller than that.