9 Tips to Use Autonomous Desk Eurekaperly and How to Fix Problems
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9 Tips to Use Autonomous Desk Eurekaperly and How to Fix Problems

|Sep 21, 2020

Your workplace setup is crucial in determining your productivity throughout the day. If you are not comfortable at work, it will show in your output. Investing in a smart desk is an excellent choice for any workplace. Whether you are working from home or office, a sit-stand smart desk can make a big difference in your comfort and overall productivity. Smart sit-stand desks eliminate the risks of sitting down for eight hours straight for five days a week. By avoiding common smart desk problems, you will find investing in a height-adjustable smart desk worth it.

A smart desk is one of the best investments you can make. Today, most smart desks also come with sit-stand capabilities, making them the perfect solution for a health-oriented worker seeking to make the best of both worlds.

Autonomous Desk 2However, nothing is more irritating than smart desk problems. 

How to use your Autonomous Desk properly?

A smart desk is a major investment that should not have to give you any inconveniences. Hereby, you will want to know the following 9 practices to keep in mind while using your smart sit-stand desk and avoid ruining it or hurting yourself as you use it.

1. Don’t DIY your smart desk repairs without proper guidance

You will agree that a smart desk not working can be inconveniencing and unnerving, which may make you want to grab a wrench and fix the problem yourself.

However, using force and tools on a smart desk can cause permanent damage that may fall outside your mechanical warranty’s specifications. Here are some common issues and solutions to help you troubleshoot a height-adjustable smart desk without damaging it.

2. Don’t use the wrong desk height

Using your desk at the wrong height while standing is a recipe for posture problems, back and neck pain, and serious eye strain. Your desk's height determines that of your monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and if it is too low, you are probably hunching your back.

Ergo StoolTo determine the best height for using your smart desk at standing position, ensure you can position your elbows at least 90 degrees while close to your body. The desk should be at elbow height and monitor at eye level.

3. Don’t stand for too long

Standing may have its benefits, but all these will be negated when you stand for too long. You might find that standing all day has the same negative effect as sitting all day.  To take full advantage of your height-adjustable smart desk, be sure to transition adequately between sitting and standing. Beginners are advised to start by standing only two hours a day, then gradually move to four hours.

4. Don’t sit the whole day

The first few days attempting to stand for two hours may be tough, but you should not give up. Standing during the day as you work is beneficial, and just like any other 'workout,' you will get used.

Ergonomic workoutThe main benefit of owning this kind of desk is getting to switch between the two, which you should aim to do every day.

5. Don’t substitute your use of a sit-stand smart desk for regular exercise and diet

Replacing your daily routine of sitting eight hours a day with a sit-stand desk is not sufficient exercise. Your standing routine is one of the many things that will guide you towards overall wellness and good health. You must also eat healthy to discover the full benefits of being more active.

6. Be mindful of balance issues

Your height-adjustable smart desk offers a weight capacity between 150-200 pounds, but you might find that your smart desk will still wobble at the slightest provocation. To avoid this problem, avoid cluttering the desk with unnecessary items and keep drinks off the desk to avoid destroying your computer.

Balance issuesYou might overload the desk with too many items subconsciously as you are not weighing the items you place on it, causing the motors to strain or the desk to collapse. 

7. Do invest in additional items to optimize your comfort

Your comfort at work will not be provided solely by your height-adjustable smart desk. You must invest in an equally comfortable chair with adequate lumbar support, a backrest, and armrests for when you sit down. To evade the floor's hardness when you stand, purchase a floor mat for shock absorption and cushion your feet, plus an ergonomic keyboard to ease the strain on your wrists.

8. Do move around

One major issue for workers at a standing desk is how hard the floor is, and with time, you might start to feel the strain in your heels and calves.

Remember to move aroundStanding in a static position will make this discomfort worse, so consider subconsciously shifting positions or rocking back and forth.

9. Do keep the right posture both while sitting and standing

While standing, ensure you are fully erect. Do not slouch your shoulders or bend over in any way. To help you keep the right posture, get the right height as mentioned earlier and wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Standing, just like sitting, should feel comfortable. While sitting, ensure that your feet are fully resting on the floor and keep your knees at the same height as your hips. As you get up to stand, use your thighs for support.

2 most common Autonomous Desk problems and how to troubleshoot it 

1. Your standing desk will not go up

One of the most common mechanical failure complaints from sit-stand smart desk owners is the failure to go up so that you are stuck with sitting the whole day. At times, you will find that the smart desk won't go up halfway along, such that you can neither sit nor stand. This issue can be quite frustrating as the main purpose of a sit-stand desk is to let you work while standing at some point. Your power source or cable could be the problem, and it can be fixed with a simple replacement.

StandingDesk 2 problemsIf the power source is not the issue, attempt to reset the desk by unplugging it for 20 seconds. Power it up, press the up and down buttons until 20 seconds pass, then release both buttons. Press the down buttons again until the desk beeps or until 20 seconds pass and your desk should be reset.

2. Loud motors

As you transition between standing and sitting, your desk may make a loud, screeching noise that will distract everyone in the office. If your smart desk has this issue, consider resetting your desk as highlighted above.

Autonomous Desk 2 loud motorsIf it does not work, contact its manufacturer’s customer support desk for assistance.


Height adjustable smart desks are excellent for boosting cardiovascular health and boosting calorie burn, which is great for your body, mind, and engagement with others. With these few pointers, you will know how best to take advantage of your sit-stand smart desk.

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