A Full Guide on How To Maximize Personal Productivity

A Full Guide on How To Maximize Personal Productivity

|Oct 6, 2020

YouTube is full of endless possibilities regarding videos, yet the single most aspect to a growing channel is through maximizing productivity. If videos are rarely uploaded, then the channel’s retention rate is bound to go down. Several reasons a video may not get uploaded ties to the owner’s productivity.

The personal productivity definition is essentially the ratio between the effort a content creator puts into their videos and how many videos are put out as a result. Key points to discuss include distractions that can limit efficiency and what tools a person can use to get back on track. Everything is about time management, so how can one’s own videos be made in a limited schedule?

1. Time Management for Productivity Boost

The number one thing that throws a content creator’s schedule off is distractions. A minor interruption can cost a person several minutes. Considering there can be multiple instances of outside interference interrupting a video’s creation, these distractions can cost a person hours of productivity.

Time management

Hence, it is crucial for a content creator to try to eliminate distractions. Simple actions such as being aware of one’s surroundings and turning off notifications can do wonders for increasing efficiency. If working on a computer, it’s best to focus strictly on the work and not on side activities like Discord or Twitter. It’s better to research various topics related to the video than it is to waste time on something a person is bound to forget later.

If a person limits digital distractions, then they can focus more on time management skills. These skills include:

  • Setting up goals
  • Organization
  • Prioritizing on what to do first

Time management is a crucial skill to have regarding productivity characteristics. With time management skills, a person can create more videos efficiently, thus having significantly higher productivity levels. Of course, this skill set is useful outside of making content for YouTube and Twitch!

2. Productivity Characteristics

Several characteristics associated with productivity are vital to improving the quality of any creation, including videos. A trait such as determination can be extremely beneficial, as a person must never give up when they hit an obstacle. For example, a content creator shouldn’t abandon a video just because they don’t know how to fix audio. Instead, they should use another crucial skill known as adaptation.

YouTube creators need to adapt to the situation. Trends come and go, but consistency is always welcome on a channel. If something gets copyrighted, it’s better to change the content of the video as opposed to abandoning the concept entirely. If a content creator is both adaptable and determined, then they should be willing to learn various skills associated with productivity and efficiency!

Productivity characteristics

Creativity is another valuable characteristic to have regarding productivity. As efficient content creators tend to have an organized schedule, one has to be creative in order to stand out from the rest of one’s competition. Organizational skills alone cannot make a successful YouTube channel. Hence, a YouTuber must aspire to learn various skills and be willing to obtain various equipment to stand out among the rubble.

3. Personal Productivity Tools

Like any field of work, content creation has some tools designed to make work more efficient. These tools can range from capture cards to sound mufflers to easier-to-type keyboards. Also, other equipment can assist in personal productivity, such as chairs and desks. A top-notch chair can make a content creator feel comfortable, and comfort is essential to eliminating stress. Less stress means fewer distractions. In turn, fewer distractions equal more work!

Personal productivity

Likewise, an excellent desk, such as the L-Shaped Standing Desk, can significantly improve productivity levels. Standing desks are surprisingly healthy to use, so any additional health benefits while using it is a bonus to further efficiency. As a person stands, blood flows throughout their body more naturally. Increased health benefits also mean less stress, and this article already discussed how that benefits productivity. Personal productivity tips involve:

  • Only put essential items on the desk (i.e., no potential interruptions)
  • Elevate the desk to an ideal level to maximize the health benefits associated with it
  • Organize items in relevant and easy-to-access locations

Also, a person is allowed to use a chair alongside a standing desk. Standing all day isn’t healthy, so it’s crucial to alternate between sitting and standing when working on content. Doing too much of either category can be bad for long-term health.

Speaking of chairs, the Autonomous Chair 2 is an ergonomic chair designed to make its user feel comfortable. With various adjustable settings, a content creator can move about more easily while sitting in the Autonomous Chair 2. If height needs to be adjusted to be at an ideal level towards the microphone, the Autonomous Chair 2 can handle that effortlessly! Likewise, it’s adjustability makes it perfect for any desk!

4. More Personal Productivity Tips

In today’s climate, YouTube thrives off of channels with multiple people at the wheel. This statement can best be summed up as “YouTubers don’t have to work alone.” A Youtube team can include various roles. Before dwelling on the topic of roles, it’s important to understand how a team can improve video productivity.

Personal productivity tips

Video productivity focuses on several essential aspects. One is how much time a person can devote to it. Another is what the content the creator concentrates on? Unfortunately, a YouTuber can’t do everything on their own on top of working another job. Smaller YouTubers don’t earn enough to quit working, so their time is more limited compared to prominent YouTubers.

One way to earn more time for oneself is by hiring an editor or scriptwriter. This method is more recommended for YouTubers with potential within a massive market. However, this can significantly improve the quality of a person’s videos, as well as allow them more free time. More free time allows a YouTuber to live stream, and live streaming enables them to gain additional fans.

5. Visualization

To increase productivity, one should visualize how the process works. In the case of channels where it’s not just one person who runs it, the following example should suffice. Imagine working in a factory near a conveyor belt. Perhaps one person can handle the items on the belt fine, but what about delivery? Who is handling the finances of the factory? Who is obtaining the goods? All of these questions can be assigned to various roles within a YouTube team.


With an editor, one can imagine the editor as the person who does quality assurance and can handle the delivery of the product (upload the video). The owner of the channel can manage finances or can be the person on the conveyor belt. More cogs can be added to the machine to make it run smoothly. On a similar note, there are alternate ways to have a team operate on YouTube.

6. Teams and How They Affect Productivity

It may seem counterintuitive at first to organize a team regarding how to maximize personal productivity, yet it’s surprisingly genius. A famous adage goes like “Work smart, not hard.” Working with a team can allow an individual to excel at their own expertise. If it’s most productive to record killer gameplay or organize a cooking tutorial, then the owner should focus on that instead of editing. However, a team can expand beyond mere scriptwriters and editors.

For instance, a team of six or so individuals can create various content for the collective channel. They can individually hire an editor or do it themselves without worrying about tie constraints, considering there may be five other individuals who can upload a video. Time management is a critical skill to learn regarding improving productivity and efficiency, and a team can greatly influence one’s skills.

7. Additional Personal Productivity Tips

Creating videos, whether as an individual or as a member of a team, requires a similar mindset to working a job at home. Therefore, relevant tips for working at home can be applied to creating videos for YouTube. One place content creators often struggle with is where they work. If a home office isn’t available, then the content creator needs to adjust their living space to accommodate their needs. One such accommodation is the elimination of outside distractions.

Additional productivity tips

Interrupting work can often limit a person’s potential pay, and it’s no different when it involves creating content for YouTube. Aside from the location, adjusting to a schedule is another extremely important element to maintaining consistent productivity. Typically, subscribers expect to get content at regular intervals around the same time. Whether or not this aspect means a content creator uploads once every week on Sunday or once every three days is up to the creator. However, continually changing the schedule is not productive and is bound to lose potential profit.

Of course, a person shouldn’t work themselves like a slave to a job. While they shouldn’t take constant breaks, a short break every hour or so can boost efficiency, especially when it allows a person to recharge and rethink their content. Efficient breaks can allow ample rest, which prevents a person from experiencing too much stress. Although it’s been said several times already: a person needs to minimize stress to work at their maximum efficiency. 

8. De-Stress

There may come a time when even the most productive people need a lengthy break. That is why some YouTubers make announcement videos on how long their break might be. Alternatively, some YouTubers work extra hard to cram in as many videos as possible so they can release it over the vacationing period.


Negative influences ruin the quality of a video and how much time is invested in making one. As a result, the best personal productivity tips include tricks to relax before work, as well as minimizing stress during it. Something like the death of a loved one can significantly reduce one’s willingness to work, so a content creator shouldn’t focus too much on their work. Instead, use social media to announce possible breaks and when the fans should expect the creator to return.

9. Additional Ways to be Productive

Peak productivity is hard to achieve, even when somebody follows all of the tips they may read online. Instead, a person should aspire to gradually get better at productivity. In the case of creating videos for YouTube, a content creator shouldn’t work themselves to death in hopes that their small channel grows to great lengths overnight. Everything takes time, so it’s valuable to be realistic in one’s own expectations.

Of course, fewer interruptions are valuable for improving work. However, YouTube is full of silly little activities, so it’s always possible to incorporate somebody walking in or whatever else is causing the distraction to fill up time in a video. Distractions don’t need to prevent a worker from doing their job. Likewise, it’s possible to completely zone it out as a content creator focuses on their work.

More ways to be productive

If a person is ever unsure as to if their schedule is working for them, one can always change the time when they start producing a video. It’s entirely possible that a video creator is too tired when working at night without realizing how it affects their productivity. Similarly, working too early without breakfast may not give them the energy they need to hone their craft.

Schedules and timing are among the most valuable traits to have regarding efficiency. If a content creator masters both of these characteristics, they should be able to churn out YouTube videos regularly. Ideally, this increased efficiency leads to ad revenue, which in turn could lead to a reliable source of income.

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