Setting Up an Office for Your Business (A Complete Checklist)
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Setting Up an Office for Your Business (A Complete Checklist)

|Feb 10, 2022

Have you ever wondered how to set up an office space? When creating the right physical office space for your business, you need to keep a few things in mind. You must create a professional office space that helps you and your team be productive, so all work is completed on time. Also, it’s essential to purchase the right items for your team that are also cost-effective while maintaining a high standard for quality. 

Many people bulk buy their items, but they end up purchasing products made of cheap materials and they end up breaking them often. Afterward, the business is going to need to replace these cheap items. That is why it is better to spend the money on good quality items now. 

This post is going to break down everything you need to know to set up an office space for your business. 

The New Office Checklist

The New Office Checklist

There are many things that you need to buy to have everything you need in your professional office setup. This checklist was made to help you remember what you need. 

  • Comfortable desks
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Desk accessories that are unique and available to your team
  • Accessories that are essential and should be given to every member of your team 

It’s essential to check out the new office checklist post because it breaks everything down for you when furnishing your new physical office setup. Also, you can see the difference between certain items like a regular desk vs. a standing desk

Make sure to do your research before making bulk purchases because it is a lot of money to furnish your new space. It is better to take your time and weigh up all of your options. Also, take time out and ask the team what they would like to see. This is a great way to show them that you are setting up an office space that is made for everyone. 


Therefore, take time out and make a list of everything you need. Even check out the new office setup plan as a reference guide. Afterward, see what is available and get some pictures of the item. Send an email or have a team meeting and go through everything together. Then, allow your team to vote on which items they would like. 

You can use this to figure out how much money you are going to end up spending and what exactly you are going to buy. However, make sure to explain to your team that some items may not be purchased because of budget. Be transparent with them because they will appreciate that transparency more than you lying about what you are going to buy. 

Ergonomic Chairs for Your Office Space

Ergonomic Chairs for Your Office Space

Ergonomic chairs are an excellent purchase for your physical office setup because they can increase productivity and help keep your employees safe from injury. Many employees sit at their desks and end up having bad neck, back, and shoulder pain because of their posture and chair. 

When you are sitting in a chair that does not support your back properly, you end up with many problems. Also, people are less productive when they are not comfortable while working. The team members are working hard to help the business and keep up with their work, so the best reward is to provide them with a chair that moves with them. 

Autonomous does sell its bulk office chairs for those that want to buy them for their office setup. The reason why this is done is that Autonomous understands that providing people with ergonomic chairs is essential. Also, an entire post talks about what you need to keep in mind before purchasing your wholesale chairs. 

Desk for Your Office Space

Desk for Your Office Space

Desks are essential when you want to set up an office because everyone places their computer, laptop, papers, and belongings. There are many desks to choose from, so it can be daunting to figure out which desk to buy. Also, you need to consider that the people who work in the physical office are all different, so purchasing the same desk might not be the right option. 

However, buying multiple desks might not be the most cost-effective route either. Instead, check out the wholesale office desks from Autonomous. The reason why you should look at these desks is that they are perfect for a professional office space since they are customizable. 

Standing desks are the best desks to have in an office space because you can change the height of the desk. Most desks from Autonomous can accommodate everyone, no matter how tall they are. Also, you are promoting a healthy lifestyle when you buy standing desks. 

You are promoting the team to take time out of their day to stand at their desk while they’re working if you buy one of these standing desks. By standing at your desk, you are helping to increase blood circulation in your body, which promotes a healthy lifestyle. It is unhealthy to sit at your desk all day, but many employees can’t stand at their desks because the desk does not move with them. 

However, these ergonomic standing desks can. Watch as your team appreciates that you have taken time to think about their needs and what is best for them. More people will use and enjoy a standing desk because it is different and can accommodate them. 

Essential Desk Accessories

Essential Desk Accessories to set up an office

Some office desk accessories are for you and your team. This new office setup checklist is great for finding out what essential accessories you need. Moreover, that is why it is crucial that you have the right accessories, so people enjoy their time at work. One of the useful accessories is a desk lamp. Lamps are significant purchases because even though there is lighting in the physical office space, sometimes, people need just a little bit extra for themselves. 

Another great accessory is a monitor arm. If your team uses monitors, having an arm attached to it allows them to move it to best suit them easily. This is ideal for allowing people to place the monitor at the right height. In order for your team to sit at their desk correctly, they need the ability to move their monitor, so the top of the screen is level with their eyes. 

Also, giving your team added storage is essential because they can create an organized space. The last thing anyone wants is to sit in a cluttered and unorganized area. Additionally, if you promote the organization in the office, you are more likely to see your team organized with their work. 

A stress ball or any kind of fidget toy is perfect for the office. The reason for this is that many people have their personal stresses or emotions that they need to get out of. When this happens, you want to give them the tools they need to release some stress or tension so they can concentrate on their work 

Overall, there are many essential accessories for your desks in your office. These are all important, so having multiple of each is great because it allows employees to pick which ones they want. Make sure to add some of these options to your new office setup checklist. 

Unique Desk Accessories

Unique Desk Accessories to set up an office

When you set up an office, it is good to have many different cool accessories for desks, you will notice the team finding ones they would have never thought about buying themselves. You do not need to buy every unique desk accessory for every member of your team because that is excessive. However, you can purchase a few of each item instead and have them available for people to try. 

There are some accessories that you can guess will be more popular than others, like the magnetic desk organizer. This accessory is one that many people would enjoy using because it allows your team to place their belongings in a chic way on their desk, so you might end up buying a few of these. 

However, items like the flow board may not be one you buy many of. It is helpful for those that like to stand at their desk, but you do not know how many people will be doing that. Instead, buy a couple of flow boards and see how the team likes it. If you see that many people are sharing the flow boards, then look into purchasing a few more. 

Overall, the best part about buying some unique accessories for the desks is that your team can personalize their desk space even more. Also, it will create a professional office setup that is right for your team. 

Autonomous Employee Purchase Program

Autonomous Employee Purchase Program

At Autonomous, there is the Employee Purchase Program that many people enjoy. There are many benefits of the employee purchase program, which is very useful for businesses. One of the benefits of this program is that you can buy wholesale office furniture at a reduced price for your physical office setup. This allows many businesses to buy what they need. However, you need to use your own money before billing the company itself. 

When the company is given the bill, your supervisor is then notified and checks the agreement of the program to ensure that you get your money back. However, some company’s may take longer to pay their employees back, so it’s essential to keep that in mind before making a purchase.  

Therefore, this program is excellent for those that want to bulk buy for their business. It gives them the flexibility and choices they need to set up an office space that is right for them. You can also check out the new office setup checklist to help with planning out what you want to buy. 

Make the List & Check It Twice

Make the List & Check It Twice to set up an office

After reading this entire post, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with how much you are going to need to buy for a physical office setup. However, do not feel overwhelmed. Take this time to think about everything you have read and create the perfect office equipment checklist for yourself. 

There are some key points you may want to remember when it comes to how to set up an office before you start bulk buying. 

  • Desks: Pick a desk that is great for you and your team. The standing desk is recommended because it promotes blood circulation, and it can easily be adjusted for every member of the team.
  • Chairs: Having the right office chair is important because you all are sitting in them for hours. Make sure to pick the right one that can support your back, neck, and shoulders. This will prevent injury in the future.
  • Essential Desk Accessories: There are some accessories that are essential to have, like a lamp, stress balls, and filing cabinets. Make sure to have these essential accessories for your team so they know that you have been thinking about them.
  • Unique Desk Accessories: After purchasing all of the essential items, you may start going for other items that may not be as necessary but you may still want to make your office more enjoyable. This can include a flow board, a desk organizer, and much more, so do not be afraid to have a look.
  • Employee Purchase Program: Autonomous is here to help with the employee purchase program. You can bulk buy the items that you need and then can charge them to the company. However, like with any program, make sure to check the fine print before joining. 



Buying furniture to set up an office space can be challenging and daunting. However, it is a perfect way to start fresh and make sure that you and your team are in a space that you all enjoy. Have a conversation with your team and ask what kind of pieces of furniture they would like. By making them feel included in the creation of the new space, they will have more pride when it comes to keeping it clean and organized. 

Remember, this space is for your business, so create the best space to increase productivity while keeping people happy. Having a happy workforce is the best way to have a healthy business.

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