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MyKronoz Body Scale: App Control

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Body Composition Scale:
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Body Composition Scale by MyKronoz is a powerful fitness tracking device with multi-user support and fine-tuned app controls. Recipient of a 2021 Red Dot Design Award.

• Large LED color display

• Accurate body composition analysis

• Heart rate monitor

• Wi-Fi synchronization

• Multi-user friendly

• Up to 12 months of battery life

Core Features

• 1-year warranty
MyKronoz Body Scale: App Control
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MyKronoz MyScale Wi-Fi Scale – Get Accurate Body Measurements

The MyKronoz MyScale Wi-Fi Scale has a polished, attractive design that has caught the eye of many people. Besides looking good, this scale is also pretty accurate. Smart scales have been going trendy for quite a while thanks to the many measurements they display. This device MyKronoz is actually one of the most accurate and appropriate items for your home gym equipment. This Wi-FI body scale by MyKronoz has won a Red Dot Design Award winner in 2021. Therefore, it can be the perfect tool for you to measure your progress and keep track of your body as you continue working on yourself.

MyKronoz MyScale Wi-Fi Scale – What will you get?

This Wi-Fi body scale is the first approach to this market by MyKronoz, a company that mostly sells smartwatches and earbuds. Smart scales come with different benefits besides common ones. It displays more information than just your weight, and you can also link them with your favorite fitness apps or accessories for more convenience. Now, the MyKronoz MyScale measures the following information about your body: Overall weight - Body fat - Muscle mass - Bone mass - Body water percentage - Heart rate - BMI. Yes, that’s a pretty long list of information, but all of it is essential if you’re into the fitness lifestyle. What’s best is that you can connect this Wi-Fi smart scale with Google Fit and Apple Health.

Reasons why wireless scale is convenient for any gym lover

So, considering all these features, this device seems like a good addition to your desk exercise equipment. However, you should know that there’s more to this device than what meets the eye. Here you have some of the features that you’ll enjoy by adding this Wi-Fi smart scale to your list of gym complements.

1. MyKronoz MyScale Wi-Fi scale’s compatible with Google Fit and Apple Health. Once you get the MyKronoz MyScale, the first thing to do is to download the respective app for the device you use. You'll need iOS 9.0 or beyond for Apple users, while Android users need at least Android 6.0. The app gives you detailed information about what you need to do to set up the scale and get it to work. It's possible to create eight different profiles. It can also be used occasionally by people who aren't necessarily registered on the app without affecting your own measurements.

2. MyKronoz MyScale Wi-Fi scale displays accurate and multiple body measurements. This Wi-Fi smart scale allows you to see all the information you need regarding the recent changes in your body, which range from overall weight to heart rate. Thanks to its intuitive UI, the app makes it quite simple to get all the information you need. It is also a good option if you don’t like recharging your devices that often. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, each charge lasts for a year, more or less, due to the 3,000 mAh battery. You’ll utilize a USB-C cable to charge it.

An Accurate Wi-Fi Weight Scale for All Gym Lovers

Wi-Fi scales are everywhere within the market these days. However, not all of them are equipped with the same technology or are capable of displaying such accurate measurements regarding the state of your body. Therefore, the MyKronoz MyScale Wi-Fi scale continues to be one of the best options you can choose for this purpose. It is compact and you can bring it anywhere with you if you’re constantly moving from a place to another. As long as you keep it connected to a Wi-Fi connection, it will do wonders for you and will continue to be useful throughout the years. Smart scales for body composition are the best addition to any gym lover’s equipment. If you want to start in the healthy lifestyle, then this will become an essential part of your complements. It is the perfect solution if you’d like to get accurate measurements. The health and fitness world is continually changing. There are tons of technological advances that will make your life easier, and the MyKronoz MyScale Wi-Fi is the perfect example of convenience, as provides you with all the information you need regarding the state of your body.