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Group BOW has been a big brand operating in the sports gadgets and desk accessories market for a long time. So, if you don’t know much about it, it will be better if you dig out its details with us. Group BOW specializes in fitness accessories such as desk exercise equipment and wearables such as smartwatches. But do you think Group BOW produces equipment under its own name? No, it has two consumer brands, Lexon and MyKronoz, that you may find in the market. Although Group BOW has its offices in only four countries, you can find their products like Lexon speakers or MyKronoz smartwatches everywhere. People admire their ability to bring such fitness equipment that revolutionizes lifestyle. What you may find more exciting is that the Group BOW has recently introduced its luxury concept-store chain Legacy as well. But their efforts in the fitness wearables and desk accessories market are Group BOW’s biggest hit. So let’s get to know more about what they offer by reading on!

About Lexon

We mentioned Lexon earlier, but quite briefly, so we know that you must be interested in knowing the details. This consumer brand is not a new name, as it has been in the market for the past 30 years. You would be amazed to know that Lexon has an international presence, and you can find it in more than 90 countries now. Lexon designs some of the unique desk accessories that you would consider your workspace’s must-haves. Their Tykho Radio and waterproof Bluetooth speakers have been a great addition to the desk accessories market. The brand offers a wide range of desk accessories, from wireless desk chargers to desk lamps and from Bluetooth speakers to alarm clocks. Their desk lamps are quite famous, especially the Lexon Mina lamp.

Lexon Accessories Collection

Lexon has some of the most iconic desk accessories collections that make your life easier. What’s good about them is their affordability. Every customer is looking for affordable desk accessories that acquire good quality. Lexon offers you what you are looking for. You can consult Lexon’s accessories collection to find a suitable corporate gift. Since Lexon's design is quite stylish, you can pick a gift quite easily. Lexon clock, Lexon lamp, and Lexon speaker are the common collections that you may find in the store. Most of the users love the Lexon Mina Lamp due to its unique design. Some of them even go for Lexon alarm clocks to keep track of their time easily. If you have any such plans, the Lexon flip alarm clock collection is quite famous in the market, so you may try it. Apart from that, Lexon Oblio is useful for charging devices. You may get one of them to become more productive and functional on your desk.

About MyKronoz

If shopping for the right desk accessories is not enough for you and you are looking for more fitness wearables, it will be better if you try MyKronoz. MyKronoz has its origins in Switzerland and is a famous consumer brand by Group BOW. Whether you are looking for a watch, smartwatch, or even a weighing scale, MyKronoz has got you covered. But what can you expect from their products? The answer is simple; it positively impacts your productivity and health.

MyKronoz Smartwatch Collection

You will find selected products in the MyKronoz store, which include smartwatches, earbuds, hybrid smartwatches, body scales, and activity trackers. MyKronoz ZeTime is their famous hybrid watch which combines a mechanical and a smartwatch. You will get both a touchscreen monitor and a touchscreen display. What's good is that the MyKronoz watch collection is fully equipped with all those features which make it desirable. The company has worked hard to design smart fitness trackers that feature modern technology and allow you to monitor your real-time body temperature. If you evaluate MyKronoz watch models, you will realize that the company has worked hard to provide smart wearables. The situation is the same for their earbuds, too, where the company strives to achieve style and quality. It won't be wrong to say that they have certainly attained that too.

MyKronoz Scale

MyKronoz Scale is as great as its fitness wearables. You must be aware that you must keep track of your weight if you plan to lose weight or maintain a good physique. MyKronoz scale is a digital scale that lets you check that quite easily. It not only checks your body weight, but it can also run a body composition analysis, heart rate, and weather forecast. Like other MyKronoz wearables and accessories, MyKronoz Scale features wireless Bluetooth connectivity and can be synced with their dedicated app as well.