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X8 Purifier by Airdog


The Airdog X8 is suitable for large indoor spaces. It kills 99.99% of airborne bacteria, and destroys particles as small as 14.6 nanometers.

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• Patented TPA technology

• Superior filtration performance

• Reusable filters

• Low noise

• Auto-adjust performance

• Aerodynamic design

• Convenient app control (iOS + Android)

• Suitable for office space

• 1-year warranty

• Payer au fil du temps avec Affirm : $112/mo


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When and where do I buy filter replacements for the X8 home air purifier?
No filter replacements needed. The removable plates are completely hand washable and reusable.
Why is it important to filter ultra fine particles?
The human body alone can only protect itself against particles > 10µm; smaller particles can easily enter the body. The Airdog X8 home air purifier effectively protects against ultra-fine airborne particles and purifies the air quality of your room by killing bacteria and viruses.
Does the Airdog X8 home air purifier remove volatile gases, such as formaldehyde, benzene, etc?
Yes, Airdog X8 can decompose many volatile gases into natural air ingredients such as CO2 and H2O. This is achieved via two principles: a high voltage electrical field generates strong plasma and hydro-radical cells, which acts as strong oxidation agents to decompose the carbon bond of volatile gases.
I’m concerned about the product safety, could you provide details of what safety controls and testing have been carried out?
Airdog X8 was developed to provide “SAFETY FIRST” always! We’ve implemented the following safety features: Smart control; Anti-fire; Child lock; International reputable third-party verification.
Airdog X8 uses high voltage inside, is it safe for home use?
Airdog X8 uses an advanced electronic design built around safety. The power consumption of Airdog is equivalent to a small light bulb. It has high voltage inside but very low current in the order of micro-amps. The high voltage runs on direct current to avoid any possible electronic perturbation.
Is the Airdog X8 home air purifier energy-saving and eco-friendly?
We designed and manufactured Airdog X8 to comply with Energy Star Rating. The unit uses non-consumable collecting plates instead of producing fiberglass waste.
How do I know that my air purifier is cleaning the air?
The best part of the Airdog X8 air purifier is that you can see the immediate effects with your own eyes! You’ll notice the Air Quality Index number drop over time when the air purifier is on.
What is the number displayed on Airdog X8 and what does it mean?
The number displayed is called the Air Quality Index (AQI). It was developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to report air quality. The AQI is divided into six categories, indicating increasing levels of health concern.
Why is the AQI display abnormal on the LCD screen? It displays, “-c-” or “9XX” instead of digits?
Display of “-C-” means it is time to clean your home air purifier. The “9XX” is an electronics abnormal signal. Please unplug the unit and do a full clean cycle and restart. If the “9XX” still exists, please contact customer service for further instructions.
Why isn’t the AQI display changing numbers?
Dust accumulated on the sensor may cause sensors to become inactive. Please clean the sensor with a dry cloth or a cotton swab with alcohol.
I heard a “cracking” or “zapping” noise inside the unit - is that normal?
The occasional “crack” or “zap” is normal whenever bigger particles enter the air purifier. Being zapped by the high voltage sounds similar to when a bug zapper traps a bug. However, if the noise is constant, you should clean the unit and make sure that all parts within the unit are fully dried.
When should I do a full cleaning cycle?
A. When you see “-C-” on the display screen
B. If you see “9XX” on the display screen, even after cleaning
C. If you hear cracking sounds, even after cleaning
D. If the unit shuts down and restarts automatically
Note: Please refer to the Cleaning guides section in the user manual for details.
Does the Airdog X8 home air purifier produce ozone?
Since its collecting plates are washable and reusable, the X8 can potentially save you money in the long run. The X8 has been tested and certified to give off only trace amounts of ozone, but I find it emits a noticeable odor.