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What is the Ideal Desk Height in CM?
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What is the Ideal Desk Height in CM?

|May 21, 2021

Your desk needs to be at a certain height. This might not sound important, but it’s good for ergonomics and is often overlooked. Many people don't give this much thought or focus more on the chair, monitor, etc. But, maintaining the ideal surface desk height in cm lets you get greater safety, comfort and boosts productivity.

Desk height affects posture and productivity

Always ensure that you know the desk height in cm, as it can affect your health in a good way. How we’re seated at our desks can profoundly affect our bodies in the long run. By determining how high a desk should be in cm and getting the right chair for your workspace, you can prevent health issues.  

Desk height affects posture and productivity.

If you are unsure how the ideal desk height in cm can prevent back injuries, joint pain, and more, start measuring. The correct height of your desk can protect you from these problems.

What is the standard desk height?

Non-adjustable or built-in computer desk height is standard. Most offices usually find it easier to keep a standard-sized desk for all employees, regardless of height. But if you can change the height, then make sure it fits your body and comfort level.

What is the standard desk height?

The average desk height in mm is 730 to 800. It is set as an average measurement because the ideal height varies depending on the person's height. Taller people need to raise the height of the chair so that their feet stay flat on the floor. Then, their legs need to be at a right angle to their back.  

However, when the seat is raised, the desk legs will need to get taller with desk height in cm. This will ensure that the person's legs have more free space. It’s for this reason that the standing desk for tall people has become popular. 

Standing desk height measurement

There are opposing opinions on the ideal height of the standing desk. A seated desk has a fixed height, but you can adjust how high a standing desk could be.

1. What is your height?

The ideal height of an office standing desk depends on how tall you are. It should be at the same desk height in cm as your elbow when it’s at a 90-degree angle. Adjust the height till it reaches this level. 

If you have a sit-stand desk like the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard), then check for the lowest setting. If you are under six feet, and the desk doesn’t get lower than 73 cm, it might be a bit too high when you’re seated down. To figure out what height the desk needs to be set at, try this equation: (your height, inches preferably) + 1= optimal desk height.

Smartdesk core

If you want an easier way, try the Omni Calculator site: this is an online desk height calculator in cm. You have different filters like your height, the desk position, and you can work out the right measurement in a single click.

The maximum highest desk height in cm for a standing desk should be at your elbow height. This keeps your elbows bent and upper forearms perpendicular. If you are six feet, the right standing desk height should be 109 cm. 

2. What is the work surface like?

You need a steady, smooth work surface to hold monitors correctly and reduce injury. Some people leaned on one side of their standing desk, only to have all the contents topple off.

Before getting one for yourself, ensure it can extend to the required heights. The top surface has to be big, sturdy enough to hold everything that’s on it.

Seated desk height measurement

A seated desk required more effort when planning out the work ergonomics. This is because you can’t make a lot of changes to it.

Standing desk height measurement

1. Positioning your feet

Your feet have to be flat on the floor without much effort. If your chair height can't be fixed anymore, and your height is shorter, you need to use a footrest. This prevents your feet from dangling on the floor.

If you can adjust the office chair and desk, then you can sit with your feet relaxed on the floor. Check that your knees are lower than your hips or in line with them.

2. Positioning your arms

When your arms lie comfortably at a right-angle position, then your desk is at the optimal height. Try not to make a habit of resting your hands on the keyboard. 

3. Positioning your elbows

The elbows must be in a right-angle position too. Using armrests makes this position more comfortable. If you don’t have them, then try avoiding raising them too high. Raising them pushes your shoulders into a shrugged position that damages neck muscles. 

4. Positioning yourself

Seat yourself towards the back of the chair. If you’re too forward, then you could end up slouching over. Sitting on a reclining office chair is best, as the reclining function lets you sit with your entire back supported. Place all of the items that you often use within reach on the corners of your desk.

Chair height measurement

The way you work and your body type determines how high or low your chair will be. When raised to the optimal level, your chair lets you sit with your elbows in the right way. Even your feet get positioned on the floor correctly. It even keeps you comfortable all day, reducing fatigue and the pain of injury.

Chair height measurement

To get this part right, use your height and position your chair till your knees are at a 125-degree angle. This position distributes your weight evenly, keeps thighs parallel to the floor and feet supported.

Using an adjustable chair with lumbar support will ensure this positioning every time and support your spinal curve. Replace your regular chair with a computer chair designed for extensive sitting, quality design, excellent materials, and ergonomic settings.

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