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Dropship Product Terms Of Use (“Dropship Product TOU”)

Last Updated: AUGUST 2021

This Dropship Product Terms of Use (the “Dropship TOU” or the “TOU”) is incorporated into Autonomous’ Terms of Service by reference, as if set forth fully therein. By using our Website, our products and Services, you are deemed to have reviewed, fully understood and accepted Autonomous’ Terms of Service and this specific TOU. This TOU is an integral part of Autonomous’ Terms of Service and should be read in conjunction with Autonomous’ Terms of Service.

If you have any questions about this TOU, please contact us at [email protected]

1. Dropship Products offered by Third Party Vendors on Autonomous’ Site

Autonomous may list products from other Third Party Vendors that are not Autonomous’ own products for sale under the dropship model (the “Dropship Products”). In a dropship model, we send the customer order to the Third Party Vendors’ warehouses, then the Third Party Vendors shall pack, and prepare to send the product directly to you as the end customer. Autonomous is not involved with inventory storage, order processing and fulfillment nor quality control of such products.

Autonomous shall clearly identify the Dropship Products listed on the Sites at all times. Autonomous reserves the right to discontinue, suspend or change the offer of certain Dropship Products including pricing at Autonomous’ discretion anytime.

Autonomous may offer Dropship Products that are fitness equipment or office wellness products. Such Dropship Products may have specific and detailed user manual, safety guidelines that you must follow to ensure proper use of the products. Autonomous does not take any responsibility for such product usage or the accuracy and completeness of such materials. The product liability of Dropship Products are solely the Third Party Vendor’s responsibilities. Any questions regarding product liability, product safety or user manual should be directed directly to the Third Party Vendors’ Customer Service to ensure adequate response. Autonomous does not verify, certify or in any manner endorse the potential health or wellness outcomes of such Dropship Products.

2. Policies For Dropship Products

Product Information, Product Quality and Product Liability

While Autonomous makes all reasonable and best efforts to conduct due diligence on Third Party Vendors as well as the Dropship Product quality, a listing on our Sites does not imply Autonomous’ endorsement and certification of the Third Party Vendors and their products in any manner. In terms of providing information on the Dropship Product, while Autonomous makes every efforts to present accurate and reliable information about the Dropship Products and the Third Party Vendor, we do not endorse, approve or certify such information nor does it guarantee the accuracy, completeness, efficacy or timeliness of such information. It shall be the sole responsibility of the Third Party Vendors to deal with any matters related to Product Liability, Product Warranty and the Customer purchasing Dropship Products must contact the Third Party Vendors directly to ensure adequate and complete information.

Product Warranty

Customers who purchase products directly from Autonomous and provide order information will be covered under warranty according to each vendor's policy.

Autonomous does not provide warranty for Dropship Products. Such Products shall have their own Product warranty policy as provided and stated by the Third Party Vendors. It is the Customer’s responsibility and is in the Customer’s interest to read carefully the warranty term and conditions of the Dropship Products prior to making any purchase.

Autonomous’ Customer Service team shall be a single point of contact for Product Return and any questions related to all products listed on our Sites including Dropship Products. However, you should be aware that for Dropship Products, we rely on our Third Party Vendors to answer information or responses and thus the response time to your enquiry might be longer. For faster response, a direct enquiry with the relevant Third Party Vendor is encouraged. We do not sell replacement parts for Dropship Products. In case of need, please contact the Third Party Vendor’s customer service directly for enquiry and service. All contact information of our Third Party Vendor shall be posted on our Sites. In the case of inquiries related to any manufacturer warranty under which a purchased product is covered, after the Free Trial and Return Period, our policy is to defer to the Third Party Vendor to handle product warranty related issues directly with the customers.

Return and Refund Process

The Return and Refund process for Dropship Products is different from Autonomous’ Products, please carefully check the trial period on the product detail page before deciding to purchase. Return and Refund Policy of individual Dropship Products is differ from Autonomous’ own Products. Autonomous shall make sure all details regarding individual Dropship Product policy be listed fully and clearly on our Sites. It is the Customer’s responsibility to read through all the available information prior to placing an Order. By Placing an order, the Customer shall be deemed to have read and fully accepted all terms and conditions of offerings of each product. In addition, as it is the Third Party Vendor that shall handle all order processing, return pick up, there might be longer processing time for a Dropship Product return. A typical Dropship Product return process shall involve an additional step of Autonomous reaching to the Third Party Vendor for a RMA prior to further processing.

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