Lumicharge LED Lamp with Wireless Charger -
Lumicharge LED Lamp with Wireless Charger -
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Lumicharge LED Lamp with Wireless Charger

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The LumiCharge II is an LED desk lamp with wireless charging. Power up and illuminate your space with this wireless charging lamp.

• 03 light colors and 10 levels of brightness

• Built-in up to 03 chargers

• Automatic night light mode

• Built-in LED smart display

• 6-month warranty

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The All-New LumiCharge II: A Wireless Charging Lamp

Office workers and college students who are concerned about their workplace ergonomics are aware of how important it is to have a reliable light source in their workspace. We know that you are among such people as well; that's why you're here to learn what we have for you in-store. A wireless charging lamp has always been in demand when it comes to buying a reliable LED light for your workspace. That’s why we have designed the all-new LumiCharge II exclusively for you. You might be wondering why we focused on LED lights specifically and not some incandescent or common fluorescent light. Well, there is a reason behind that. Some of you might be in favor of getting a desk lamp with a charging station but do not know how vital it is to have an LED light. This is usually due to a lack of knowledge regarding the LED lights. However, if you know what LED lights are and what pros you can expect from them, you will have a vivid idea of why we have designed LumiCharge II. So, let's have a glance at these details.

Why Should You Choose Wireless Charging Lamps?

Different Brightness Levels to Illuminate Your Workspace While Providing a Safe Charging Port

You would have noticed in the beginning that we told you LumiCharge II is a wireless charging lamp that has LED lights as the light source. We discussed the part that why we added LED. The next question that might pop up in your mind is why we thought of making LumiCharge II a desk lamp with a charging station. Or, let's say more precisely, why should you choose our LumiCharge II above all other options available in the market? Well, there are few reasons for that too. So, let's explore them together! LumiCharge is a wireless charging lamp known to illuminate your workspace while providing a safe charging port. This lamp is carefully designed to provide you a wireless charging port for your mobile phone. So, for those of you who like the modern desk light ideas but wish to stay clutter-free, LumiCharge II would be a great choice. Our wireless charging lamp is installed with three different brightness adjustments, so you can have a wholesome experience round the clock. Out of the three, the warm white light or yellow light is best for late-night reading, while the cool white light comes in handy during the day, especially in the office environment.

Small Space Solution - Adjustability

Every office worker or college student is not blessed with a large space, so buying a wireless phone charging lamp helps you have a brighter work experience in the smallest of spaces. If you think of our LumiCharge II, a wireless phone charging lamp, this light has a very sleek design that tends to take up minimal space on your work desk, providing you more space for putting other accessories. The wireless charging desk lamp has a very flexible design, which means you can adjust its angle as per your requirement. The built-in pivots of the LumiCharge II come in handy here.

Back-To-School Season & Work From Home Office

If you think of this situation from a perspective of a college student who is currently awaiting the back-to-school season, you would realize that you need a durable light source to light up your college desk setup. Our LumiCharge II is exactly what you need. Moreover, considering the benefits of a wireless charging desk lamp that is as efficient as our LumiCharge II, choosing it for your college desk won’t be a bad decision at all. Considering the second possible situation, you might be an office worker who is working from their home office as most companies have gone hybrid, you will need a reliable desk lamp LED to light up your workspace and stay ergonomic. Well, why choose any common LED lamp when you have the option of buying LumiCharge II, which is itself a durable charging lamp that is useful in many ways? So, go ahead and shop for LumiCharge II!


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Which accessories are going along with Lumicharge II?
In addition to lighting up your space and charging up your phones, the LumiCharge II also includes a built-in cup holder, headphone clip, and a watch charging clip. That’s some next-level versatility.
Can I charge any type of phone with Lumicharge?
Yes, Lumicharge Patented Universal phone dock is populated with all the connectors for various phones. Just turn the dial, choose the connector that matches your phone and dock to charge.
Can I charge my Phone with a case or cover on it?
Most thin phone cases and covers will be able to charge on the Lumicharge Dock either wired or wirelessly, however thicker cases may not be able to charge.
Do you ship worldwide?
We currently ship anywhere in the USA. International delivery is on the way, we’ll be sure to keep you updated!
Do I have to pay shipping when returning it per your free 30 day trial? How does return shipping work?
We are happy to cover the cost of shipping if you request a return before the end of your 30 day trial period.
Is the clock display dimmable?
Yes, the Clock display has 3 dimmable settings to adjust to your liking.
Does the lamp have memory functions?
Absolutely! No need to reset the mode or brightness level every time you turn it on. The LumiCharge II remembers your most recent light settings.