• Height-adjustable stool perfect for standing or sitting desks.
  • Sloping edges keep pressure from hindering circulation in the legs.
  • Stable weighted base allows a wide range of motion to improve core and back strength.
  • Make standing more comfortable with an easy option for quick breaks.
  • Improve posture while sitting on a backless stool

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Be active, sit active

Build strength in your back and core by sitting up straight without the support of a chair and “wobbling” gently while you sit. Dynamic sitting emulates the frequent posture changes we make while standing which naturally tone our muscles. The weighted base provides great traction on various surfaces for a wide range of motion while seated.

Take a healthy break from standing

Without lowering your desk, perch on the ErgoStool for a low-impact break from standing. Giving yourself the option to take quick breaks with no hassle encourages you to stand for longer.

Sit Healthier

With a 10-inch height-range, the ErgoStool can also be used at a regular desk. It enables you to sit comfortably without putting pressure on healthy circulation in the legs.

The Power of Posture

As you acclimate to sitting on a backless chair and build strength in your core and back through active sitting, your posture improves naturally, not only while using the ErgoStool, but while sitting in a regular office chair and standing. Poor posture is a leading cause of back pain and degenerative disc diseases.


  • Exterior main shell of Polypropylene in black
  • Gas lift tested to 298 lbs
  • High-pressure pneumatic 250mm range height-adjustable gas spring
  • Upholstered seat pad in fabric on Polyurethane foam

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