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Throughout the pandemic, office workers have adjusted to working remotely or partially in the office as lockdown restrictions are lifted and enforced depending on the severity of the outbreak in different areas. Now, employers and offices around the world are adjusting to a “new normal” which means investing in offices that are smart, ergonomic, and future-proof. Wholesale office desks are a great investment, especially for large offices that need to place furniture bulk orders. While it’s good to upgrade your wholesale standing desks every few years, it’s even more important to make sure you get the best value for your investment with gear that is priced appropriately for bulk orders. Plus, you want to make sure the equipment you invest in lasts for years to come, while offering your employees the best in ergonomics and productivity boosting features. Smart, ergonomic furniture from Autonomous is a great way to upgrade your hybrid office in a way that benefits your employees for the long term, and gives them added incentive to work in the office. With more and more employees given the option to work from home or in the office, it’s best to ensure they’ll have a great working experience when they do come to work on-site.

Benefits of buying wholesale office desk

Wholesale office desks are a great way to save on bulk purchases for your office. And when it comes to bulk buy office desks, you’ll want to make sure you’re buying desks that are ergonomic, robust, and sturdy for a long-lasting investment. Buying wholesale computer desks with ergonomic sit-stand features is a great way to boost your employees’ health and productivity, while encouraging them to stay focused and creative. Standing desks are a great way to stave off the negative impacts of a sedentary lifestyle, and they give your employees more flexibility with the way they work at heights customized to their stance and seated posture.

When it comes to mental health and productivity, which is another reason why employers need to ensure that each member of the team has access to comfortable spaces at the workplace. Investing in wholesale office desks might be a great place to start! Any business with an office that’s not equipped with the correct furniture may find themselves in a predicament, as uncomfortable workers find it complicated to be productive throughout their day. Whether you would like to invest in regular desks or provide your workers with a more dynamic option, such as standing desks, wholesale office desk offers may offer you an excellent way to invest in work surfaces for the entire workforce at a reasonable price.

How to Buy Wholesale Office Desk Offers: Aspects to Consider

Buying wholesale is a great option for those who want to bulk buy office desks. However, it is important to take into account certain aspects before going for any offer that may catch your eye. Let’s explore some of the aspects that you may want to take into account when you come across a good wholesale standing desk promotion.

Business scale

The first aspect to think about is the size of your business. How many people do you have in the premises that utilize a desk to work? Keep in mind the exact number of pieces you think you may need, as when it is time to bulk-buy office desks; the company may require you to purchase a minimum quantity. The number can be lower or higher depending on the seller.

Features needed

Since you're trying to buy new desks for your workforce, you need to think of the features your workers may need to be comfortable. You can conduct surveys for this purpose and then keep those suggestions in mind when shopping for wholesale computer desks. Some people may need storage space to keep documents around, while others may prefer to alternate between sitting and standing while at the office. If possible, some workers may also benefit from having an L-shaped standing desk around, as it provides them with twice the space and the best from height-adjustable desks.


Next up, it's crucial to take into account the price. Some sellers reduce the price based on the number of items that are included in your purchase. Bear in mind that furniture may be relatively expensive, but that's because they are meant to be long-term purchases. It would help if you were prepared to invest a substantial amount of money, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing – you might be able to see the results of improving the conditions of your workspace within a few months.

Brand name

It's possible to find tons of brands on the web that offer wholesale office furniture promotions. However, not all of them are reliable. We highly recommend you research a bit about the brands that have caught your eye and take into account your findings when it's time to purchase. Try to take a look at their reviews and prices, among other aspects that you think may be useful to know more about the company. This way, you can ensure that you'll be making an informed decision for buying wholesale office desk.


Durability is an essential aspect to consider when purchasing office furniture. Again, this is meant to be a long-term purchase, which means that it should be durable enough for it to withstand a few years before you have to invest in desks again. Standing L-desks tend to have improved durability and more surface space available, as they're typically made from resistant materials. We recommend you read the components of the desk and find out what it is made from to find out more about its quality and durability. Reading user reviews may also help you find out more about this aspect.

How to Layout Your Office Space with Wholesale Standing Desk

There are different ways in which you can layout your office space with wholesale standing desks or any other wholesale office desk types you may have acquired during your purchase. It all comes down to the way you work and the overall productivity style of the team, but here’s we have a few ideas you may want to take into account for this purpose:

1. Open-Plan Office

Open offices allow people to save space and costs and make it easier for people to foster relationships and communicate with each other. All the furniture remains in the same area, and depending on the circumstances, you may need to add a way of separating one space from the other to provide people with a bit more privacy in their space.

2. Private Offices

A private office may seem like a good option for some businesses, especially those who tend to work on confidential projects and have critical discussions now and then. It provides workers with more privacy, allowing them to concentrate more easily on their work. It may be the best choice for those who need to work on ventures that need focus and planning.

3. Cubicles

Another great wholesale office desk arrangement option you have is cubicles, which may work similarly to open-plan offices but provide people with a more private approach to their workspace. While it may be complicated to fit certain pieces of furniture, especially taking into account the standing desk height, it can still work wonders for certain businesses that do not require as much supervision.

Improving employee’s mental and physical health with standing desk

Wholesale standing desks help your employees mix up their routine by working in sitting and standing positions. This is a great way to keep moving and avoid the negative health effects of staying in one static position for too long. Autonomous SmartDesks adjust automatically with four memory settings that remember each users’ preferences. So not only are they physically healthy, they remember your exact preferences like an office sidekick. When it comes to wholesale office furniture, mental health is a factor to consider as well. Not only can alternating between sitting and standing be good for your physical health, but the activity can actually boost your focus and alertness and give you a more positive mentality at work. Active work is a great way to boost creativity and reinvigorate your mind during that midday slump. You can bulk buy office desks with standing features from Autonomous to make sure your employees get maximum physical and mental health benefits from their office gear.

Best Autonomous standing desks

Whether you plan on opening a business or would like to improve the premises at your already-existent workplace, you may want to explore wholesale office desk offers to find better deals, especially if you have a large company with several workers to provide furniture. In addition to buying desks and other office furniture, it's also recommendable to think of the most effective layout based on what you think works best for your company based on your style of collaboration and productivity.

SmartDesk Core and SmartDesk Pro

The SmartDesk Core is a wholesale office desk suitable for most office workers of average height. It features a whisper quiet dual electric motor that won’t disturb other people working in the office when adjustments are made. Plus, it features a minimalist design and is available in a variety of finishes and colors that match your office aesthetic perfectly. The SmartDesk Pro is everything you get in the SmartDesk Core and more. With the SmartDesk Pro, you’ll have the same rock solid construction, the same high quality finish, and the same electric motor with an easy control pad featuring four memory settings. You’ll also get an added height range for even more flexibility.

SmartDesk Corner

The SmartDesk Corner is a wholesale standing desk that helps you take advantage of every square inch of your space. It’s a great executive desk and fits perfectly in any open corner of the office. The same high quality electric motor powers this workstation and gives you even more surface area to work with. If you keep a lot of peripherals and accessories on your desk, the SmartDesk Corner is perfectly suited to keep everything you need right at your fingertips at all times. Best of all, it’s available in a variety of colors and finishes that will suit your office aesthetic and blend right in.

Bulk pricing on wholesale standing desks built to last

Take advantage of special wholesale office desk bulk pricing from Autonomous and get your company office upgraded for the future of work. Now’s a great time to prepare for getting your employees back to the office with improved tools and furniture that will ensure they can do their best work and boost morale, health, and productivity. Shop Autonomous today and see all the great products you can choose from to give your office that extra bit of smart, ergonomic functionality that will last for years to come.