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10 Amazing Things That You Should Wait To Buy On Black Friday

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 20, 2018

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If you are looking for things for your personal use, you should wait until Black Friday to buy them. You are guaranteed there will be a discount of some sort on the items and you will save money. Any big or small discount for an item that you would have bought anyway is very welcome. It is a means to save some money after all.

Black Friday

Discounts are not hype – they are real!

Now, most shoppers are a bit skeptical about the so called discounts. They do not know whether they can really save money or whether it is just hype. After all, who is this naïve to make such expensive products and then offer them for sale at throwaway prices? Well, you had better believe the hype because after all, it is not hype. Black Friday serves more purposes other than just make sales.

Many shoppers have asked themselves just what is the economic sense behind the Black Friday sales. Do stores make or lose money on this day? Well, the simplest answer would be … the stores are still in business, so they are definitely not making loses.

But many shoppers do not worry about that. Discount time is discount time. It is not a time to worry about how retailers do their math. Smart shoppers wait for deals and grab them as soon as they are on offer. If by September you still have not bought that item that you have been yearning to buy, just wait for fall. Many retailers start offering deals in fall.  

What Black Friday shopping holiday means for retailers and brands

Essentially, by selling a product at a lower price than it should be sold for, the store makes a loss, on that particular item. However, by offering a doorbuster deal, it means that the shoppers who are at the doors at 4.00AM, or any scheduled time, will get the opportunity to try their luck at getting this item.

Because of the emotions behind the shopping spree, retailers hope that they will sell the discounted item, as well as many other items. For example, a smart TV may be sold at a low price, but without its power cable, HDMI cable and other accessories. These could fetch the retailer good money since it will be hard to use the TV without them.

One of the reasons why retailers participate in the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other shopping events is to increase sales. Definitely, the more people that you can get into your store, or onto the store’s website, the more sales you will make. More sales translates to more revenue. While that may not always be the case, human beings are easy to sway. For example, when many shoppers find the item on offer finished, they will opt for another item.

The best reason why retailers and online marketplaces take part in the Black Friday shopping holiday is so that they can introduce new products to their customers. For example, consumer electronics giants Apple and Samsung always introduce new products in fall. Therefore, if you are a really deal-savvy, Black Friday which comes on the 23rd of November 2018 will carry many deals, and you may just find what you need.

Black Friday also offers an opportunity for retailers and brands to reward their loyal customers. Since it is impossible to reward every customer, the best thing to do is offer discounts on limited number of items so that the first people to get to the store can be served first. You can look at Black Friday as a good ending to a great year, when retailers show their customers just how much they care for them.

What types of discounts on Black Friday

There are different types of discounts.

Cash discount

This is a straight cash discount. This means that if a tablet costs $700 but it is being offered on a discount of 15%, you will pay $595. It is one of the most popular types of discounts with many shoppers. If you find an ad for an item that you need being offered on Black Friday, cut the ad and take it with you to the store just in case the retailer wants to bail out on you.

Cashback discount

Another popular discount type to look for is the cashback discount. This is almost the same as the cash discount, but you pay the full amount first and then the seller will credit the discount into your account. Cashback discount is usually credited back to the buyer’s account in a couple of days.

Coupon and coupon codes

Coupon discounts are very popular on Black Friday. They also come in the form of coupon codes mostly. This is a short string of numbers that you are supposed to copy, and paste at check out if you are shopping online. Since the process is automated, you earn the discount on the qualifying item. The coupon code’s worth will be deducted from the amount that you should pay, earning you a discount straight away.

Gift card/gift voucher

The other type of discount that loyal customers get is a prepaid gift card from the retailer or the manufacturer. This is a voucher that is worth a certain amount of money. It can only be spent on the qualifying items. For example, in 2017 Black Friday, Apple offered  gift cards worth $150 to be spent on items like iPhone, Apple watches and other things.

To win a gift card, usually, you have to do something. The requirement to win a gift card could be as easy as subscribing newsletter. It could be a random quiz and so on. As soon as October sets in, it is the right time to start looking for gift card offers on different websites.

Different stores offer all manner of discounts, be it gift cards, cash  and cashback, even coupons and coupon codes. Just make sure that the discount you are aiming for is applicable on the items that you need.

It should not be too hard to get a discounted item that you need so much. If you need a TV on Black Friday, just search on Google for something like TV deals Black Friday 2018. That makes the search a bit narrower for you.


10 things to wait to buy on Black Friday


Holiday time means resting time and since it will be winter, it means spending a lot of time indoors. Now, that calls for coffee, tea or wine and some fire to keep warm. There is no better way to pass the time indoors than by watching some of those fantastic family movies that are released in fall for just that purpose – family entertainment. You can buy such movies at discounted prices on Black Friday. If you would like to give your friends a movie as a gift, look for one on Black Friday. It will make a good impression. Remember Home Alone?

Discounted Vacations

Travel to  warmer destination this holiday season but you find it too costly? Well, travel companies always offer deals on Black Friday. However, note that these deals are limited and therefore you want to be among the first people to know of them and go cash in on them. It does not have to be a December vacation. You can get specials for trips for February and even March. It would be quite delightful to get a discounted skiing vacation.

Running shoes and sneakers

This is another of the most discounted items that you can buy on Black Friday. There are some reasons for this. First, many people do not like to run on the trails or anywhere in winter. Thus, sneakers are offered at good discounts to encourage people to buy them.

Secondly, many people will buy an item to keep it for future use if they see just how much the price has been discounted. Do not buy your spring and summer hiking shoes before Black Friday. Wait for the best money saving deals. Look around for deals on children’s as well as grownup’s sneakers so that you can outfit the whole family.


What better time can there be than Black Friday to buy your favorite books at throwaway prices? In 2017, there were awesome book deals on some of the most popular genres like fantasy, self help and others.

You should check for book deals on places like and other places. Some of the books were being offered for less than half the usual price, and after Black Friday, they reverted back to the regular price. Whatever book you are looking for, do not buy it just yet unless it is urgent. Wait for Black Friday and you might just save money.

You may also want to try Barnes & Noble, Audible and Book Outlet among other places. This is the time to fill your Kindle with cheap thrillers.

Office and Home furniture

Many people do not buy furniture on Black Friday. However, this does not mean that there are no deals going down on office furniture. If you have been planning to buy a new ergonomic office chair, you might want to wait for Black Friday and see what is on offer. You can be sure that if there are any furniture discounts, there will not be too many people going after them. In the spirit of Christmas and Black Friday, some furniture may even save you more than $100 on the price. That would be a good deal indeed.

Beauty Products

People gather for holidays at home. You can be sure you want to look your best when everyone in the neighborhood, including that man who dumped you, is around. Besides, looking nice makes you feel confident and good about yourself. You can look for beauty product discounts on various marketplaces, starting with Amazon. Even if you are just going to get sample boxes from the biggest brands, Black Friday is a good time to shop for beauty products to see you through February.

Samsung Products

In 2017, Samsung was offering some of the best discounts on select consumer electronics. These were not just electronics, but some gadgets and appliances that you have to save for almost a year to buy. This year, the same is going to happen. There will be discounts on both new and old generation items. If you have been yearning for that Galaxy Tab, just wait for Black Friday and there will be a model on offer.

Again, going by what happened in 2017, some items had their prices slashed by tens of dollars while others, like the Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV had their prices slashed by up to $400. Now, that must have been one big save, actually more than enough to buy another old generation TV. Most of these Samsung discounts were being offered on, and on other retailers as well.

Galaxy smartphones, Samsung fridges and other appliances might be available on offer. Start hunting for deals as soon as October sets in. Many people concentrate only on the big day of Black Friday, not knowing that deals go on offer even earlier by a month. On the largest online marketplaces, it is hard to miss a Samsung discount being offered on discount.

Apple products

Apple consumer electronics are without doubt the best in the world. However, they are also the costliest. That is why you should look for a deals whenever possible so that you save some money. If you have been desiring to upgrade your iPhone, this is the time to look for an old generation iPhone. You can also get a Mac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iPad and Apple Watches  from all Series. Look for gift cards on select items and save money.

Apple Black Friday

Outdoor gear

Winter is a good time to buy outdoor gear, especially for use in the warmer seasons. Many big brands offer good discounts on warm winter hiking boots, 4-season tents, clothing and many more on Black Friday. You may want to check different outdoor gear outlets for things that you have been yearning.

Video gaming consoles and bundles

Look for video gaming consoles but better yet, look for bundles, that is, gaming consoles with games and accessories for playing. While there may not be new consoles released lately, you will get offers on the old generation video game consoles.


These are just ten items that you should not buy before Black Friday because they are sure to be on offer. There are many more, but remember, you have to look for the deals. Create a good shopping plan and start your shopping online to save time.

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