10 Best Black and White Office Chairs You Should Get
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10 Best Black and White Office Chairs You Should Get

|Nov 19, 2020

Having a good office chair is more important than ever. We’re actively spending more hours in the office, and many of us have been tasked with building our own offices following a move to remote work.  

One surprisingly important piece of the home office puzzle is style and color. People like having an aesthetically pleasing office. It’s not just for vanity, either. Having a visually pleasing working environment has been proven to actively increase your productivity.  

One particularly popular style is black and white. It bounces off of the minimalist and sleek designs that have become massively popular in modern homes, recently. The contrast of two matte colors makes the office look clean and modern, even if it’s not.  

That brings us to the topic of office chairs. Finding a black and white ergonomic chair that also happens to be an actual good chair can be difficult. Often, you don’t get the best of both worlds. We don’t like that, so we’ve collected ten of the best black and white office chairs that you can buy right now.  

Before that, though, we need to have a little bit of a chat about office chairs in general.  

Tips for Choosing a Good Ergonomic Chair

We’ve ranked our chairs based on several criteria. You might not like any of the chairs on this list, so we want to give you the ability to seek out a good black and white ergonomic chair for yourself. 

1. Ergonomic Feature

The first thing we consider is ergonomics itself. Office chairs can vary wildly in this regard. Often, the price difference between office chairs is solely based on ergonomic design.  

If you’re going to be using this chair for work, then you’re going to need one that has good ergonomics. This is going to save you from a ton of issues, later on down the line, concerning your health.  

The difference in ergonomic quality between some of the chairs on our list is staggering, but every single one has enough integrated into the design to get the job done. 

Ergonomic Feature

2. Price Range 

After ergonomics, the next thing we looked at was the price. The price of a chair should reflect the level of ergonomic integration. If a chair was too highly-priced for what was on offer, it got tossed off the list. If a chair was underpriced for what was on offer, it bumped up a few positions.  

The chairs on this list cost anywhere from $80 all the way into the high hundreds. This kind of coverage means that there should be a chair in your budget bracket somewhere here.

3. Chair Design

Lastly, we also considered the design. Not just in terms of color but how the chair actually looks.  

The difference in the appearance of office chairs from different manufacturers is surprising. Some look like the chair’s been taken out of a spaceship; others look like it was found at the back of a barn.  

We looked for the middle ground with these chairs. Nothing here is going to be too flamboyant, but none of the chairs are horrible looking, either.  

With those three criteria out of the way, let’s jump into our top 10 black and white office chairs.  

Best Black and White Ergonomic Chair for Minimalist Setup

None of these chairs have to be used in minimalist setups. Thus, long as your office follows a black and white color scheme, then these chairs are going to fit into the environment just fine. However, this list works particularly well with minimalist offices. 

1. The MyoChair

The first four chairs on the list are all from Autonomous. For our money, Autonomous makes the most affordable ergonomic chairs on the market bar none. The entire company comes from humble beginnings as a Kick Starter project, which is a testament to the quality on offer.  

Of the four, the MyoChair is at the bottom of the list. It’s also the most affordable, coming in at around $200.  

Like all Autonomous chairs, it has an abundance of adjustability options, including a customizable lumbar system.  

There’s also the option of adding on an optional head and leg rest, which is a great choice to have when you’re looking for a black and white office chair.  

The MyoChair from Autonomous

2. The AvoChair

The AvoChair is one of the more unique looking chairs on the list but in a good way. It looks like a mix between a traditional office chair and a modern lounge armchair.  

It comes with all of the usual adjustability that you get in Autonomous chairs, all for around $200.  

It’s neck and neck with the MyoChair in terms of quality, but the interesting design gives it a slight edge on the list.  

the AvoChair

3. The Kinn Chair

These next two are the best of black and white ergonomic office chairs. 

What makes the Kinn Chair so spectacular is the unique fishbone ergonomic lumbar system.  

It steers clear of traditional ergonomic designs in favor of something that’s more personalized than you typically see. The back actively changes, molds to your back, and sitting position. This feature alone puts the KinnChair way above almost every other ergonomic chair in existence.

Kinn Chair also has the black and white option for you to choose.

The Kinn Chair

4. The ErgoChair 2

The ErgoChair 2 sits at a similar price point to the Kinn Chair, but instead of the fishbone design, you get a more typical lumbar system from this black ergonomic office chair.  

This changes the look of the chair dramatically, meaning which one of the two you opt for largely comes down to preference in style.  

For a chair that costs you nearly half the price of the I00 Eurotech, the ErgoChair 2 comes with a ludicrous amount of adjustable features.  

It’s a sleek chair that is also the pinnacle of ergonomic design, hence the reason it gets the crowning spot on our list.

The black & white office chair  is one of the best sellers.

The ErgoChair 2

5. IntimaTe WM Heart

We’re kicking off with one of the lower-priced chairs on the list as well as starting a bit of a trend. Gaming chairs tend to make for fantastic office chairs. These kinds of chairs are moderately priced and are designed for excessive use.  

The IntimaTe WM Heart is going to run you less than $100, which is great considering just how well built this chair is. 

It’s a full back chair, meaning it runs all the way up to your neck/head. Getting a chair with this support for less than $100 instantly makes this chair worth checking out.  

It comes with an adjustable headrest cushion, meaning you can relax back into it on days that you don’t have the energy to keep yourself at attention for eight hours. The design is sleek, although a bit dark. If you plan to splash a bit of grey into your office, this chair might be the color combination that you’re looking for.  

Where this chair lacks is in its overall lumbar support. You’re not getting any sort of adjustable system; all you’re getting is that lower back cushion. For less than $100, though, you can’t really expect anything else. 

Initimate WM heart

6. GT Omega Sidemen Pro Edition

The GT Omega series is designed for professional gamers. This career often involves 13-16 hour days stuck in a chair, so you know you’re getting optimized comfort.  

The GT Omega Sidemen Pro Edition is going to run you around $250 dollars. The quality of the chair more than justifies a higher price tag, but we feel like $250 dollars is a little too steep for this model.  

The black and white chair suffers massively from being branded. Whether you like the Sidemen or not, the name being stuck on official merchandise means that the price tag is going to be bumped up.  

That being said, the material that the chair is made from is phenomenal, and the ergonomic design is both simple and effective.  

The chair looks spectacular, although if you’re not a fan of the typical racing chair design, then you’re not going to like this one.  

It’s a mid-priced gaming chair that is more than capable of getting the job done, regardless. It’s just a shame that the Sidemen name is attached to it.  

GT Omega Sidemen Pro Edition

7. I00 Eurotech Ergonomic Office Chair

We’re jumping straight to the top of our price range with this entry. 

Clocking in at $672, the I00 Eurotech is one of the most optimized and ergonomically efficient chairs you’re going to find. The price reflects this, and while justified, it is a large sum to pay without any sort of financing options.  

It’s not a full back chair and looks more like a traditional office chair than a lot of the options on this list, but don’t let that fool you.  

The I00 Eurotech Chair comes with a phenomenal number of adjustability options, and more importantly, it has a three-dimensional lumbar support system.  

While it might not be as comfortable as a cushion, it is going to be noticeably better for your back.  

8. Flex Task Operator Office Chair

This white office mesh chair is one of the less pretty ones we’re including. While aesthetics are subjective, you’re going to need some peculiar tastes to prefer this over one of the gaming options we’ve already listed.  

It has a moderate price tag of around $300, which we consider a bit steep for a chair that looks sloppy in design.  

That being said, it is a full back and comes with a head cushion. The bottom cushion of the seat is also incredibly dense and comfortable. If you’re looking for an office chair that is both ergonomically built and comfy enough to sleep in, this is going to be one of your top picks.  

It’s got a handful more adjustable options than the other chairs we’ve talked about, including the I00 Eurotech, which is impressive for a chair that costs half the price.  

Flex Task Operator Office Chair

9. Zure Executive Office Chair

This black and white mesh office chair is another one of those half-back designs that look more at home in a cubicle than in front of a gaming PC. 

It’s slightly cheaper than the I00, but not so much that it makes too much of a difference. If your budget reaches the price point of the Zure, then you can stretch it to reach the I00’s price tag.  

You don’t need to do that, though. The Zure is a phenomenal chair that more than deserves the number six spot.  

It has a number of systems supporting the lumbar system, which is always a bonus. It hasn’t got anything too exceptional to point out. It’s just one of the best built ergonomic chairs that you can get your hands on today.  

Zure Executive office chair

10. GT Racing Pro-Series White

The racing series is one of the most publicly accessible GT ranges. That isn’t inherently a bad thing, though, as is evident by coming in at number five on the list.  

You’re getting a market-standard price tag with the looks and quality of a professional gaming chair.  

The GT Racing Pro-Series White is essentially the Omega Sidemen model with $100 shaved off of the price tag.  

You are losing a handful of features, of course, but nothing remotely concerning. You still have the lumbar support cushion, the head cushion, and a black and white color scheme that we think actually looks better than the professional model.  

GT Racing pro-series White

Pros and Cons of a Black & White Ergonomic Office Chair

  • icon checkThe chairs look incredibly sleek and clean
  • icon checkIt’s relatively easy to clean them
  • icon checkYour back is getting a level of support that regular office chairs can’t offer
  • icon checkThere are a variety of different price points for every budget
  • icon checkYou’re going to be getting more work done and feel better for it
  • icon timesSome of these chairs can be very expensive
  • icon timesIt’s specialized hardware that requires a bit of knowledge to fully utilize
  • icon timesMost of these chairs can’t be bought in stores; you have to buy them online
  • icon timesThese chairs only work if the rest of your office matches the style

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